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Review: RV PetSafety Nimble Temperature Monitor

Every year there seem to be more cases of pets being seriously injured or killed when left in a locked vehicle. The heat in a vehicle during the summer months can become extreme in a matter of minutes. The winter cold can also take its toll on a pet that is locked inside a vehicle. The new Nimble Temperature Monitor was designed to prevent these types of accidents from harming pets.

A study performed by the Louisiana Office of Public Health tracked the temperature inside a light gray minivan as well as a dark sedan parked on a hot, but partly cloudy day. The research found that the temperature in both vehicles exceeded 125oF within 20 minutes!

Nimble Temperature MonitorSome pet owners believe that if they crack the windows in the vehicle it will allow for a breeze and keep the temperature down. However, the study noted above tested this theory and found that cracking all the windows had very little effect on the temperature inside the vehicle or the time it took the temperature to rise.

At such high temperatures, heat stroke can set in after just a few minutes. Worse yet, sitting in extreme heat for just 20 minutes could kill your dog!

While you should NEVER leave your pet in a vehicle by themselves (no matter what the weather), the Nimble Temperature Monitor has been created to help pet owners track the temperature in their RV, car or other vehicle when their dog is left inside. The company's goal is to prevent temperature related injuries and deaths in pets.

RV PetSafety Nimble Temperature Monitor Review

RV PetSafety Nimble Temperature Monitor ReviewAs you will see in my video review above, the Nimble Temperature Monitor device is quite small. It is a 6″ square and is about 1″ wide. It makes it very easy to place in any vehicle without taking up a lot of space.

The device also comes with a mount that sticks to the wall, making it simple to attach the device anywhere you'd like. The Nimble Temperature Monitor connects to a free app for Android and iOS devices. It monitors the temperature inside your vehicle in real-time and notifies you when necessary.

You can add up to 5 family members to the app, so everyone can use the same device to care for your pooch.

Nimble Temperature MonitorYou can see how user-friendly the app is in my video review above. It's very simple to use. You can set the temperature limits, both high and low. When the temperature in your vehicle gets too hot or too cold, you'll get a notification on your smartphone or tablet to let you know your pet needs immediate attention.

The monitor has a rechargeable battery and a GPS. If your pet is riding with someone else, you can see exactly where they are and monitor the temperature inside the vehicle at all times. Hopefully you'll never need it, but this could also be a great tool if your vehicle is ever stolen!

The Nimble Pet Monitor device runs off cellular signal, so you don't need WiFi to get temperature notifications. While it's great that you don't need WiFi, you also won't get notifications if you're in an area that does not get cell service.

All new technological devices come with a steep price tag, and this temperature monitor is no exception. The device itself sells for $199 on Amazon right now, and there is a 6 month subscription included in that price. Plus, you'll have to pay a month subscription fee of $10 to keep the service activated.

Nimble Temperature MonitorThankfully, our friends at RV PetSaftey have sent us these coupon codes for our readers. To get $60 off with a yearly subscription, use code tdt60 at checkout. To get $40 off with a monthly subscription, use code tdt40.

You can stop the subscription at anytime without penalty, but it costs $5 to shut it off and another $5 to start it up again. This is the cellular network start/stop fee, so it's not set by RV PetSafety. So, the question becomes can you put a price on your dog's safety?

If you travel with your pet in an RV or other vehicle on a regular basis, the Nimble Temperature Monitor would certainly be a good value for you. If you spend all summer in your RV or you're retired and travel around in a motorhome frequently, this device is the perfect accessory to ensure your dog's safety at all times.

However, if you only take your dog on car rides once in a while, I don't think you'll get your money's worth out of this product. As with most products, the value of the Nimble Temperature Monitor comes down to how often you use it.

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nimble-temperature-monitor-reviewThe new Nimble Temperature Monitor was designed to prevent dogs from getting injured (or killed) in vehicles that get extremely hot or cold. It's easy to use and communicates with an app that is free to download on Android or iOS devices. If you travel an RV, motorhome or vehicle with your dog on a regular basis, this monitor could be a life saver for your pooch - literally!