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Review: No More Nose Prints Cleaning Cloths


Pets bring us indescribable joy, but they also bring a lot of mess. From shed hair to muddy paw prints, it can be hard to keep up with cleaning tasks. If washing smudges off windows is one of your most dreaded chores, No More Nose Prints Cleaning Cloths may be a helpful tool to have on hand.

You need to be cautious when selecting cleaning supplies for your home. Many commonly used cleaning products are made with toxic chemicals that can harm your pets. The chemicals in these products – which are strongly formulated to effectively removing bacteria, dirt, and grime – are too strong for pets when smelled or ingested.

It is not always easy to tell if a cleaning product has harmed your dog, since the reaction may vary depending on how the poison was contracted. Some of the signs of cleaning product poisoning in dogs include rashes on the skin, eye irritation, breathing problems, diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, seizures, and even coma and death.

Cleaning with water is the best way to ensure that you won't be using anything that could be harmful to your pets. But, water usually isn't strong enough to clean tough dirt. No More Nose Prints cloths are specifically formulated to remove smudges from hard surfaces just by adding water to the cloth!

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No More Nose Prints Cleaning Cloths Review

No More Nose PrintsIn the photo above, you can see how much dirt was removed from my windows after using a No More Nose Prints cloth. If you'd like to see just how easy they are to use, check out my video review above. You'll see that this much dirt was removed after only a minute of cleaning.

I'm always looking for safe and effective home cleaning products. We have 3 dogs and 6 cats at the moment, so you can imagine how much work it is to keep up with the cleaning chores in our home.

I don't like to use commercial cleaning products that contain chemicals. While they are usually easier to use and more effective, I worry about them poisoning our family members (furry members included).

No More Nost PrintsNo More Nose Print cleaning cloths are chemical-free, and all you have to do is add water to the cloth and wipe your windows. I demonstrate their effectiveness in my video review above. I was skeptical, but these cloths are extremely effective and only require a little elbow grease to remove stuck on dirt.

These cleaning cloths are effective on:

  • household windows
  • vehicle windows
  • appliances
  • stainless steel
  • chrome
  • mirrors

The cloths are also eco-friendly, unlike commercial cleaners and paper towels. No More Nose Print cloths are washable. Because the cloths are not treated with anything, washing them does not diminish their effectiveness. However, the company advises buyers not to put the cloths in the dryer.

No More Nose PrintsYou get 2 cloths in each package. Each cloth measures 16″ x 16″. No More Nose Prints cloths are new to the market, but I am extremely happy with their effectiveness. You probably won't find them in your local pet or big box stores yet, but they are available on Amazon.

You can purchase a 2-pack of No More Nose Prints cleaning cloths on Amazon for $19.99. The cloths are quite thin, so I'm sure they won't last forever. But, so far ours are holding up very well.

I am extremely impressed with their effectiveness, and I've washed our cloths dozens of times already. They are still working just as well as they did when they were brand new, so I would absolutely say that these cleaning cloths are a good value for the money spent.

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