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Review: NomNomNow Fresh Cooked Dog Food Delivery (2018)

Making homemade dog food has a lot of benefits for both your pooch and you. The most important benefit being that it is healthier for your canine companion, which will make him happier and save you money on veterinary care. If you don't think you have time to prepare every meal for your dog, NomNomNow has an easier way to feed your dog freshly prepared food.

Commercial dog food offers the convenience of being able to measure, scoop and serve. You can buy a large bag of kibble or an entire case of wet food at once, which means you won't have to make as many trips to the pet store.

NomNomNow Fresh Cooked Dog Food DeliveryEven though homemade dog food is much healthier, it's also more time consuming and not nearly as convenient. Not only will you need to take the time to prepare the meals yourself, you also have to do research in advance to understand your dog's nutritional needs.

Did you know that the majority of homemade dog food recipes that you find online or in books aren't nutritionally balanced? In fact, a recent study analyzed 200 homemade dog food recipes (some of which were created by veterinarians).

According to UC Davis University:

“They found that only nine of the 200 recipes —including eight of the nine written by veterinarians — provided all essential nutrients in concentrations that met the minimum standards established for adult dogs by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, while only five recipes — all written by veterinarians — provided essential nutrients in concentrations that met the National Research Council’s Minimum Requirements for adult dogs.”

NomNomNow realizes that most pet owners who want to feed a homemade diet do not have the time to prepare it. They also realize that the pet owners who do cook for their pets are often unknowingly providing their dog with an unbalanced diet. So, they decided to do something about it, and I decided to see what this company has to offer.

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NomNomNow Fresh Cooked Dog Food Delivery Review

NomNomNow Fresh Cooked Dog Food DeliveryNomNomNow is a commercial dog food company that make fresh food for your dog and delivers it right to your door each week. It's also just as convenient as commercial kibble, because it comes pre-portioned to meet your dog's specific nutritional needs.

How do they do it?

All NomNomNow recipes are formulated by Dr. Justin Shmalberg, a board-certified veterinarian. He's also a professor at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine. The food that you receive will be formulated based on your dog's:

  • NomNomNow Fresh Cooked Dog Food Deliverysize
  • weight
  • age
  • activity level
  • breed
  • allergies/health issues

This dog food is made fresh each week from whole-food, restaurant-quality, human-grade ingredients. They never use frozen foods, and it has no filler or artificial preservatives. NomNomNow is also made in California.

There are 5 recipes to choose from:

  • Porkalicious Potluck (I get this recipe for my Beagle)
  • Chicken Chow-Wow (I get this recipe for my Labrador)
  • Heartland Beef Mash
  • Tasty Turkey Fare
  • Egg & Veggie Medley

Our dogs love this food, and I'm sure even the pickiest eater would be enticed by the fresh food ingredients and enticing aroma of NomNomNow meals.

One of the things that really impressed me about this dog food delivery service is that you can order food for more than one pet. They make food for cats and dogs, and each meal will be catered to the specific pet's needs. Unlike buying a bag of kibble, each of your pets will get exactly the right nutrition that they require, plus it will be perfectly portioned so you don't have to worry about overfeeding.

NomNomNow Fresh Cooked Dog Food DeliveryWhile this is easily one of the healthiest foods on the market, you're also going to have to pay more for the high-quality ingredients and convenience. If you purchase NomNomNow dog food, it will come delivered right to your doorstep once a week. So, you'll receive 14 meals for your pet at a time.

The cost of this food will vary depending on the quantity your dog needs, the recipe that you choose and any special dietary considerations that he may have. The company's website states that it will cost about $2.71/meal for an average dog weighing 32 pounds.


They do offer free shipping, and 1% of sales are donated to help dogs with cancer at the KetoPet Sanctuary. NomNomNow also partners with shelters and rescue organizations in their adoption program to offer them discounts on fresh food.

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