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Review: Our Pets IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy


Treat dispensing toys are very appealing to dogs that are food motivated. The Our Pets IQ Treat Ball can be filled with dog treats or kibble to provide your pooch with long lasting entertainment. You can adjust the difficulty level to allow for easier access to the food in the beginning and make it more challenging once your dog gets the hang of it.

Many treat dispensing toys can also be used as slow feeders. You can place your dog's kibble inside and watch him work for his dinner. These types of toys provide mental stimulation and physical activity for your dog.

These types of toys are especially great for puppies and hyperactive dogs. Quite often a dog with excessive energy or behavior challenges is just bored from lack of mental stimulation. Providing mentally stimulating dog toys and adequate exercise may be all you need to solve the problem.

The Our Pets IQ Treat Ball has a simple design, but it can provide many hours of dog-friendly fun. It's not suitable for aggressive chewers, and will work best for small and medium breeds. Keep reading to find out how our dogs like this interesting toy.

Our Pets IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

Our Pets IQ Treat BallThe Our Pets IQ Treat Ball is available in two sizes. The one in my review video and photos is the 4″ ball. You can also purchase a 3″ ball if you have a smaller pup. It is made of a hard non-toxic plastic material.

Our Pets IQ Treat BallAs I mentioned, you can fill the toy with kibble or small dog treats. When your dog pushes the ball around with his nose or paws, the food rolls around and occasionally a piece will fall out of the small hole at the top of the ball. If your dog likes to eat, this treat will surely entertain him until all the of the food is gone.

In the video review above I demonstrate how easy it is to adjust the difficulty level of this toy. There is an interior disc that you can easily turn to create a smaller or larger opening. The smaller the opening, the more difficult it will be for your pup to shake a treat loose.

Our Pets IQ Treat BallMy favorite thing about this treat dispensing dog toy from Our Pets is that it comes apart for easy cleaning. It's not dishwasher safe, but you can easily wipe it out with a damp cloth or hand wash it with warm water and dish soap.

The 4″ ball works well for our 30-pound Beagle and our 70-pound Labrador Retriever. This dog toy is not suitable for aggressive chewers, but I think it would work for any breed or size – as long as they are food motivated.

You can purchase the 3″ Our Pets IQ Treat Ball for $9.35 on Amazon right now, and the 4″ ball will only cost you $13.83. This hard plastic toy should last for many years if your dog is a destructive chewer. In my opinion, this dog toy is a very good value for the money.

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