It may cross your mind about other animals that aren't as lucky as your beloved pet as a pet owner. Knowing about the pet companies that give back is one way you can help those in need.

In general, the number of animal cruelty and neglect has been a problem in rural and urban areas.

One animal suffers from abuse per minute. Data shows that 65% of those harmed animals are dogs.

In addition, statistics show that reports for most pet cruelty issues rarely happen. Can you imagine how high the actual numbers of victims are if fully proven?

Animal cruelty not only hurts animals but also affects our whole society.

Luckily, animal control and authorities act when made aware of the abuse. Also, animal charities play a vital role in saving dogs in need of recovery.

Animals seized by law enforcement in cruelty cases find safety, comfort, and protection in charity organizations until made available for adoption.

While you ensure the welfare of your furry friend and buy his essentials, you might as well give back to pets in need at the same time.

Support this goal and mission by buying from trusted pet brands that give back to society and have charitable efforts.

You are not only helping your pet, but also you are helping make the world a better place by supporting charities for animals. Learn more about the top pet brands that give back.

Our Top Picks of Pet Companies that Give Back

Dogs bring so much joy and genuine love to pet owners who share their lives. They make us laugh and are always there for us when needed the most.

Considering the benefits that you would get from the pleasure of snuggling up to a furry companion, you might as well think about those deprived animals.

No matter what the breed is, our dogs deserve the best possible life that we can provide.

It would be rewarding to buy from companies that put a portion of their purchase prices into helping animals in need.

Many pet companies give back by using their revenue from feeding hungry animals to help shelters worldwide.

Let us keep moving on so you can find which brands donate to animal rescues.

This review will cover the top and trusted businesses that take pride in supporting dog charities and animal protection foundations.


online pet companies that give back

Pet Companies that Give Back: Online Pet Supply Retailer

Launched in 2011, Chewy offers service at the convenience of your home. Commercial transactions are done electronically on the internet.

It is an online pet supply store that offers a variety of foods, treats, supplies, and medicines.

Chewy's growth showed a threat in the online pet retail segment. As trends changed online, PetSmart bought the company in May 2017.

This company is a family of trusted brands that aim to offer the best pet products with the best service for pet owners and the industry. Chewy claims to have everything you need for your pet at great prices with the best option possible.

Committed to providing an exceptional customer experience, customer service opens 24/7 to assist inquiries and help you find the perfect items for your pets.

Chewy Mission

Chewy helps animal rescue foundations to find homes for every pet with the help of donations through their Wish List. In November 2021, they had a campaign to support shelters in partnership with customers during the season of giving.

The Chewy Gives Back program allowed pet parents to give their dogs food and make a difference in thousands of homeless pets' lives and those who care for them.

Chewy's dog donations have brought pet sustenance, healthcare supplies, and other essentials to pets in need nationwide.

Presently, they have a new brand campaign called Chatty Pets. This concept came to life in partnership with the advertising agency 72andSunny.

Chatty Pets offer a platform for a pet owner to express their thoughts when a Chewy box comes.

As a result, this marketing delivers fantastic customer experiences, supporting pets and pet parents through every step of their shared journeys.

Chewy Review

Chewy is a reliable online destination for fur parents when shopping for pet supplies to save time and avoid effort.

You get to purchase with the auto-ship feature and do not have to worry about placing an order each month. Who wants to pass up that convenience? I don't. Do you?

Despite the issues with the delivery and damaged pet food cans, customer service representatives take care of concerns with no problem.

They know how to build a relationship with their buyers because Chewy finds time for human compassion.

The staff goes above and beyond to be caring and compassionate to those who lost their beloved dogs.

Customers receive a refund and are told to donate unused food to animal shelters where it could be of good use.

They send lovely cards and flowers in memory of the dogs. Now, isn't that thoughtful?

An excellent company and a star of the web indeed.


dog food provider

Pet Companies that Give Back: Nutritious Dog Food Provider

Founded in 1894, Purina promotes responsible pet care and supports animal organizations. It has donated millions towards associations that keep everyone together and help communities thrive.

Purina is a part of Nestlé, a global leader in nutrition, health, and wellness. It has helped pets live long, healthy lives through scientific nutritional changes because they commit to quality and nourishment.

Purina produces and sells pet food and treats. They aim to develop products that bring complete nutrition to help ensure and boost the lives of pets.

Purina Mission

In December 2021, Purina donated $25,000 to Greater Good Charities to support the organization's rescue and relief efforts. They helped pets and people hit by the destructive storms that swept the country.

In February 2022, Greater Good Charities, a national nonprofit organization, raised cash donations during the 7th Annual Shelter Bowl to help deliver food for shelter pets in the nation.

Purina generously matched donations to provide an extra contribution to its healthy, nutritious, science-based pet food.

Each year, Purina matches cash donations in support of the Shelter Bowl. Greater Good Charities has joined forces with Purina for the annual Shelter Bowl to raise donations shared as food grants to animals nationwide for the past seven years.

This year, Shelter Bowl has reached 3 million life-changing meals to help feed hungry shelter pets.

Shelter Bowl serves as a platform to raise awareness and funds. Greater Good Charities executes the Shelter Bowl.

Purina Review

Do you go for wet or dry chow for your pet? Whole grain or grain-free? Purina has got your back.

Purina has ranked one of the top dog food brands in providing quality products. It is one of the most pet owner-approved and trusted dog food brands that donate to animals.

Regardless of the food quality and formula disputes, Purina Dog Food has been a beloved healthy dog food brand on the market.

This prestigious dog food brand has different stages for your dog – from puppy to adult, weight management and sensitive stomach, and focus for senior dogs.

Purina is one of the biggest pet food manufacturers in the United States and has the widest variety of product lines in the industry.

Overall, this company has been around for longer than many other dog food brands. We can conclude from the Purina reviews that this producer is a good choice for your pet!

Zesty Paws

pet supplement provider

Pet Companies that Give Back: Pet Supplement Supplier

Started in Orlando, Florida, in 2014, Zesty Paws has supplied healthy and nutritious pet supplements to support our furry friends' wellness. It has ranked as the best-selling pet supplement brand in the country.

In 2021, Health and Happiness (H&H) Group International Holdings Ltd bought this pet supplement brand.

After its outstanding growth under Maxim Partners' leadership, Zesty Paws is now aligned with H&H's mission to make people and pets healthier and happier.

This purchase creates an opportunity for Zesty Paws to bring transformative supplementation to pets worldwide because it has established a strong brand and premium range of high-quality supplements.

Dogs do not get all the nutrients and nourishment they need from their regular food. Zesty Paws offers supplements that support areas of your pet's well-being, such as probiotics for digestive health.

They specialize in giving premium products developed to keep our pets strong, making wellness achievable for your fur baby.

Aside from keeping pets healthy, Zesty Paws is also passionate about helping to make the world a better place by protecting the environment and helping pets in need.

Zesty Paws Mission

In partnership with Pet Sustainability Coalition, Zesty Paws do its part to find answers in reducing wasteful industry practices that harm the environment. They also raise awareness on how to support communities that pet families call home.

Zesty Paws resumes finding the best ways to launch recyclable product packaging. They pledge to help out animal charitable organizations and volunteering services to support our furry friends in need.

Zesty Paws Review

Customers find the Zesty Paws product of good quality.

The brand's #1 priority is pet health. Hence, it uses only the highest quality natural ingredients that are tasty and keep your dog in good shape.

Their vitamins and additives are a good supplement for your pet's life stages. Deemed safe for pets, these will be a foundation for puppies and an aid to elderly ailing dogs later in their lives.

Despite the unwanted side effects, Zesty Paws' natural dog supplements might help with any health issues from joint pain to digestive problems. Its 100% satisfaction guarantee lets its customers return items their pet does not love or issue with any items bought.

Zesty Paws has discounts and promotions to take advantage of. Aside from the free shipping feature, you can also save a few bucks with the auto-ship option if you find something that your pet loves and it seems to benefit their health.

Overall, reviews are positive from pet parents who admire the natural ingredients used, and the pet's health improved after using the brand's supplements.

FAQs about Pet Companies that Give Back

Why do dogs end up in shelters?

Pet owners who lost their jobs or encountered hardships are common reasons dogs end up in shelters.

How many dogs are homeless in the world?

World Health Organization stated there are more than 200 million stray dogs worldwide.

How many dogs are abandoned each year in the US?

Approximately 3.1 million dogs enter shelters nationwide every year.

Pet Companies that Give Back Summary

No pet should be homeless. Hence, let us work as one with brands that give back by helping saved pets to find their homes.

Let us aid pet charities that give food to fur families facing hardship.

As a pet owner, you may be thinking, “Why do companies give back to animals?” The answer is that they seek to do good by raising concern for others.

In other words, people are spending their hearts on a good cause.

However, today's society neglect, harm, and kill animals ruthlessly. For that reason, we must aim to improve the condition of animals by joining animal organizations and involving people who are concerned.

We must know the core values of the companies that donate to animal rescues. Indeed, the brand's vision should be a world in which animals are loved, treated with respect, and provided with their needs.

Are you looking for proven pet brands that are eager and devoted to helping pets in every corner of the country? Chewy, Purina, and Zesty Paws are a few brands we should be honored to purchase from.

After all, they are companies that donate to dog organizations and inspire customers and clients to save lives by raising funds and awareness.

Moreover, purchases from the mentioned companies that help animals are contributions that add up to lifesaving for pet charity organizations.

There is always a way to show our love for our dog. We may as well support companies that give back to animals and businesses whose interests are not only to earn but to gain with a deeper purpose.

Above all, let us help stores that donate to animals and are driven to enhance community benefits by transmitting a portion of their profits to their goal.

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