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Review: PetComfort High Feeding System for Dogs

If your dog could talk, he'd probably tell you that his favorite part of the day is meal time. He may also want to discuss the quality of those meal times. No, not the food you're feeding, but the way you feed it. An elevated dog food bowl, like the PetComfort High Feeding System, can make your dog's dinnertime more comfortable.

The height of your dog's bowl isn't the only thing that you should be concerned with. You also need to think about what the bowl is made of, the daily use of the bowls (will they be staying in one place or being taken along while traveling), your budget and which bowls will best match your home's décor.

PetComfort High Feeding SystemBefore switching to a raised feeder, do your research. While there have not been a lot of definitive studies done on the topic, there are pros and cons to these feeders that you should be aware of. You can also check out our article on the myths of elevated bowls for more information on the facts behind these products and which ones are true.

Now back to my review, the PetComfort High Feeding System has a patent pending design that is unlike any other raised feeder that I've ever seen. I wanted to try the system for myself to see if it was comfortable for my dogs, easy for me to maintain and as safe and effective as the company claims that it is.

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PetComfort High Feeding System for Dogs Review

PetComfort High Feeding System for DogsIf you think an elevated food bowl is right for your dogs, I definitely recommend the PetComfort High Feeding System for Dogs. I've been using a raised feeder for our pets for years, but this one is unlike any other similar product that I have tried.

I usually buy a raised feeder and a feeding mat, but this system includes the raised stand, a spill mat and 2 stainless steel bowls.

The design of the bowls is patent-pending. They are ergonomically designed to allow comfortable, easy access to food and water. In the photo above you can see the unique design that sticks out just a bit under your dog's chin to make it easier to reach the water or food.

PetComfort High Feeding SystemThe system comes with 2 non-toxic stainless steel bowls, and the company claims they are the only stainless steel pet bowls on the market that are certified by the NSF. NSF International used to be known as the National Sanitation Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that provides safety risk management and public health solutions. Smong these solutions, the organization provides product certification.

The stand and mat are made of FDA approved, human-grade polymer plastic. My favorite part is the plastic mat. It has a slightly raised edge to keep water and drool from spilling over onto your floor. Also, the entire system comes apart for easy cleaning.

Bonus! The bowls, stand and mat are dishwasher safe! I have a larger size, so the mat and stand are too big for my dishwasher, but I do clean the bowls in the dishwasher.

PetComfort High Feeding System for DogsThe stand and mat are BPA, phthalate, lead radium and mercury free. They are also made with an anti-microbial and anti-fungal additive. The additives are non-toxic, safe for human food contact and compliant with FDA standards.

As you can see in my video review above, the mat is made of a soft materials that prevents it from sliding across the floor. It also features positioning ribs that help to keep it in place. This is one of the biggest benefits of raised feeders – your dog won't have to chase his dinner across the floor.

You choose the size of the system you need based on the height of your dog's withers (the measurement from the floor to the top of your dog's shoulder blades). The PetComfort High Feeding Sysytem is available in 8 sizes:

  • 1.5″ high stand with 2 8-ounce bowls (for dogs with 5″ or less withers)
  • 3″ high stand with 2 8-ounce bowls (for dogs with 6″-7″ withers)
  • 4″ high stand with 2 16-ounce bowls (for dogs with 6″-11″ withers)
  • 6″ high stand with 2 32-ounce bowls (for dogs with 12″-15″ withers)
  • 8″ high stand with 2 32-ounce bowls (for dogs with 16″-19″ withers)
  • 10″ high stand with 2 64-ounce bowls (for dogs with 20″-23″ withers)
  • 12″ high stand with 2 64-ounce bowls (for dogs with 24″-27″ withers)
  • 14″ high stand with 2 96-ounce bowls (for dogs with 28″ or more withers)

PetComfort High Feeding System for DogsI have the 10″ high PetComfort High Feeding System in a dark brown color. It's also available in tan, light brown, light grey, dark grey, black, white, hunter green, blue, red and pink.

You can see that both our chocolate Labrador and our Beagle enjoy eating and drinking out of these raised dog bowls. Our cats even drink out of them too! I love how easy they are to clean and the fact that they keep my floor clean.

While I highly recommend the PetComfort High Feeding System, I also know that these bowls won't fit into every budget. They sell for $49.95-$119.95 depending on the size that you need.

However, I do think they are worth the investment. These bowls are very durable and made with high quality materials. I have no doubt that we will be using this dog feeding system for years to come. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted through future family pets as well.

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petcomfort-high-feeding-system-reviewElevated food bowls can be beneficial, especially for large dogs. The PetComfort High Feeding System features a patent pending design that is unlike any other raised feeder on the market. It features a stand that holds 2 stainless steel bowls and a plastic mat to prevent spills from ruining your flooring.