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Review: Petmate Two Door Pet Carrier


Taking your pet along while traveling certainly adds a bit of adventure to the trip. Whether you're heading to the vet's office for a checkup or taking Fefe along while you're visiting family in another state, a comfortable pet carrier is a must. The Petmate Two Door Pet Carrier is a hard sided carrier for small breeds.

When you're shopping for a potential pet carrier, size is definitely your first priority. However, you need to look at the measurements of the interior of the kennel as well as the weight restrictions noted by the manufacturer.

What if you find a pet carrier that is suitable for dogs weighing up to 30 pounds. Your dog weighs 25 pounds, so she should fit inside, right? Maybe not. Some 25-pound dogs are tall and slim, while others are short and stocky.

Petmate Two Door Pet CarrierBefore you begin shopping for the right dog carrier you have to take your dog's measurements. Measure the width of the widest part of her body. Then, measure her height from the top of her head to the floor. Finally, measure her length from the tip of her nose to the base of her tail.

Add 2″ to each of these measurements, and that's the size of the carrier that you'll need to purchase. Your dog needs enough room inside the carrier to stand up, lie down and turn around comfortably. Remember, just because she meets the weight requirement does not mean she'll fit in the carrier comfortably.

If you have a dog that isn't cooperative when being placed inside a carrier, finding a top loading option is the best bet. The Petmate Two Door Pet Carrier is a good option for small breeds. It's only available in 19″ and 24″ sizes, but it has a lot of great features that make it easy to use and comfortable for pups.

Petmate Two Door Pet Carrier Review

Petmate Two Door Pet CarrierAs I mentioned, this carrier from Petmate is only for small dogs. It's available in a 19″ length and 24″ length. The 19″ carrier can hold dogs weighing up to 10 pounds and the 24″ crate can hold dogs weighing up to 20 pounds.

My video review features the 19″ model. The outside dimensions are 19.4″L x 12.8″W x 10″H. The interior dimensions are 16.5″L x 10.5″W x 9″H.

It is recommended for dogs no more than 7 ” Tall and 15″  long.

Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet KennelThe top and bottom of the crate come apart for easy storage, and as you can see in my video review, it's very easy to assemble. The top and bottom pieces are made of 95% pre-consumer recycled plastic. The bars on the front door are made of steel.

My favorite thing about this carrier is that it has 2 doors. The door on the top allows you to pick your pup up and place her gently inside. This is much easier than forcing your dog through the front door of the carrier.

Petmate Two Door Top Load Pet KennelThe Petmate Two Door Pet Carrier also features an ergonomically designed handle that makes it easy to carry around. I also like the extra ventilation added on all sides and the top of the carrier. No matter where or how you'll be traveling, your pup won't get overheated while riding in here.

The 24″ carrier measures 21″L x 14.75″W x 13.25″H on the inside. The Petmate Two Door Pet Carrier is available in Pearl White, Pearl Honey Rose (the color featured in my review), Metallic Pearl Ash Blue and Metallic Pearl Tan.

You can purchase the Petmate Two Door Pet Carrier for $32.95-$39.95 on Amazon, depending on the size you need. Compared to other similar products, that's a very affordable price. While it's limited when it comes to sizing options, this is definitely a good option for pet owners with small pups.

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