Petnation Indoor Outdoor Pet Home
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There are a lot of benefits to using a soft-sided crate for your pet. Most notably, soft crates make traveling easy because they are lightweight and most models fold up quickly. Soft crates are also great to use in your home for crate training or giving your dog his own place to relax. The Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home is one of the top choices for pet parents considering a soft-sided crate.

Many pet owners choose soft crates over metal or wooden crates for aesthetic purposes. The look of a soft-sided crate is much more mellow than that of a metal or wooden crate with slats or bars that your dog looks through. Many pet owners feel that those types of crates look more like a doggy jail, and they prefer the softer look of a crate like the Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home.

One thing to note is that soft-sided crates are not suitable for every dog. If your dog likes to chew, scratch, or try to escape his crate, he will likely be able to easily rip through the sides, floor, or mesh windows of a soft-sided crate.

Petnation Indoor Outdoor Pet Home
Photo: Petnation

Rambunctious dogs can tip a soft crate over easily as well, and they are not recommended for young puppies.

If your dog doesn't have bad habits like scratching or chewing and they don't seem to mind being confined in a crate, he will probably enjoy a soft-sided option. If you believe that your Fido is a good fit for a soft-sided crate, this review will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home and why it would be an excellent choice.

Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home Review

Other pet owners have given the Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home great reviews on Amazon and other online retailers’ sites as well. We decided to see for ourselves exactly what pet parents liked about this particular dog crate and some of the challenges they found with it. The following is an overview of the product, pros and cons of this dog crate, and what all consumers should know before purchasing a Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home.

First Impressions

PROS of the Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home

This soft crate is a great option if you do not like crating your dog in a plastic or metal crate and prefer a softer option. It's also an excellent choice for pet owners that travel with their pet often and are looking for a crate that is lightweight and easy to transport. As its name suggests, this crate is also perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

If your dog likes his privacy while crated, this soft crate is a wonderful because it doesn't offer as many windows as some similar options. However, it still provides excellent ventilation and enough window space that your dog can look out to see his surroundings.

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Like most soft sided crates, this one is easy to clean. It has a strong steel frame to keep your dog protected and secure, but it also sets up and folds down in just seconds with no tools required.

CONS of the Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home

Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home comes in six sizes, but the largest size is only made for dogs up to 70 pounds. Again, if your dog has a tendency to chew or dig, it would be a good idea, as with any soft crate, to keep an eye on him when crating and you may need to select a sturdier crate. Either way, make sure that you do not leave your dog unattended in a crate for long periods of time until he has a better handle on his chewing and digging needs.

A good trick when using soft crates with dogs that have a tendency to chew is to make sure that they have other things in the crate to chew on to keep them occupied. One dog owner suggests putting an old shirt with your scent in the crate along with your pet so he feels safer when being crated, which may help alleviate the possibility of your dog chewing his way out of the crate.

Bottom Line

The Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home is a great choice if you have a small or medium breed.

This sturdy crate is lightweight and made of high-quality durable fabric. It is easy to set up and take down when not in use. This crate also provides great ventilation for your dog while offering privacy and security at the same time. It is also equipped with two doors for easy access.

Like most soft crates, this is a good choice for pet parent who travel often with their dogs. It can be used both indoors and out, making it a great option to take camping, hiking, or on other outdoor adventures. It's simple to set up and take down and the industrial strength zippers and door latches will keep your dog safe and secure.


The price of Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home depends on the size your dog requires. You can purchase the 16-inch crate on Amazon for about $27, the 20-inch for about $30, the 24-inch for about $30, the 28-inch for about $55, the 32-inch for about $63, and the 36-inch for about $86. The prices vary in that range across other retailers as well.

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That makes this product fall in the lower-level price range for soft-sided dog crates, and they are also on the lower-level for dog crates in general. Typically, crates made from wood, plastic, or metal will be much more expensive. Although the Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home is on the cheaper level, it is also a quality product. Don't assume that just because something costs less it is cheaply made.

Detailed Review

Petnation Indoor Outdoor Pet Home
Photo: Petnation via Amazon

This product works great with not only dog owners but also professionals who work with dogs. Especially with dogs that are skittish, shy, or have a lot of anxiety during travelling or experiencing new situations. The Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home is a comfortable, safe place for any dog who needs an environment to call their own. It's a perfect crate for dogs that are easily overstimulated while traveling.

The first plus for many dog owners who purchased this crate, is that it provides excellent ventilation, but unlike other fabric type crates, it also provides a lot of privacy. There are two doors to get in and out. One at the top of the crate and one in the front. Then there are little bone shaped windows on the other sides.

It gives dogs a very den like environment which allows them to feel safe and protected. Dog owners noticed that once they used the crate on their furry friends, their anxiety levels dropped. Some dog owners added a few rawhide bones or a familiar blanket and their dogs were happy little pooches for however long they needed to be crated. They even noticed that their dogs seemed more adventurous when they did take them out, as they felt secure in the crate.

Consumers also noticed how easy Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home crate was to clean if their dogs had any accidents. In addition, when they used the crate for other dogs, if necessary, they were able to have the crate smelling fresh and not have any odor of the previous dog. It is simple to remove the cover from the steel frame and it can be thrown in the machine with the rest of the laundry. It will be good as new for the next ‘tenant’.

Petnation Indoor Outdoor Pet Home
Photo: Petnation via Amazon

The rounded corners on the crate make it safe to use in vehicles or homes without damaging any décor or the interior of vehicles. This is unlike metal and plastic crates that can snag on things or scratch up wooden floors.

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Another aspect of the Petnation soft crate that buyers enjoyed is that there is access from the top of the crate. Dog owners found that this made it so much easier to give their dog treats, fill their water bowl, or give them a reassuring pat on the head without worrying about the chance of escape. In addition, with smaller dogs, they can be put in the crate much easier through the top.

One thing that was noticed by many pet parents who purchased this crate was that dogs who had a tendency to try and chew their way out of the crate needed to be kept occupied or the crate was easily destroyed. What many people did was give their dog enough distractions to give their chewers an opportunity to get their teeth onto other things, and then chewing the crate did not become an issue.

Both dog owners and dog professionals had plenty of positive things to say about the this Petnation dog crate. One person who used the crate for transporting her pets to the vet, praised how well designed the crate was. She loved the fact that it came with easy to follow instructions that came protected in a plastic sleeve. She also really appreciated the safety clip that was included to make sure that the flap in the front of the crate stayed zipped while it was being transported.

Buyers of Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Home also liked how well the crate looks in their homes. It actually matches a variety of home décors and does not seem out of place. It also fits well in most vehicles. These crates are comfortable for dogs and convenient for pet owners.


Petnation Indoor-Outdoor Pet Homes come in six sizes depending on the size your dog requires:

  • 16-Inch: 16″ L x 11″ W x 11″ H
  • 20-Inch: 20″ L x 13″ W x 13″ H
  • 24-Inch: 24″ L x 16″ W x 16″ H
  • 28-Inch: 28″ L x 20″ W x 20″ H
  • 32-Inch: 32″ L x 23″ W x 23″ H
  • 36-Inch: 36″ L x 25″ W x 25″ H

Overview of Features:

1. Comes in six different sizes.
2. Can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
3. Water resistant material that makes cleaning easy and comes with a cover that can be taken off to be laundered if need be.
4. Lightweight and durable to be transported with no challenges.
5. Easy to set up and take down. Contains sturdy buckles to keep folded.
6. Provides excellent ventilation for dogs with two easy access zippered doors and three windows.
7. Offers a den like feel for dogs respecting their privacy.
8. Perfect for dog owners who prefer a softer version than metal or plastic crates.

Petnation Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home, 32-Inch, for Pets up to 50 Pounds

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