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Review: Petventures Personalized Children’s Book

The bond between a child and their pet is like no other, and this personalized children's book from Petventures makes a wonderful gift to show off that special love. It's no secret that reading to young children is extremely important for their development, and encouraging older kids to read is equally important. This book will certainly get any child hooked on reading, as it features their absolute favorite character – their pet!

I'm always looking for ways to get our son interested in reading. I was so excited by this book. What could make a child want to read more than seeing his name in a book about his own dogs having a fun adventure?

I couldn't wait to check out this children's book and see our son liked it. What was the verdict? You'll have to read my detailed review to find out!

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Petventures Personalized Children's Book Review

Petventures Personalized Children's BookAs you can see in the photo above, you can write your own personalized dedication for this book. It makes a wonderful gift for any child or dog lover that you may be shopping for.

You also get to choose the of the dog or cat that you'd like included in the story, and note their gender. There is an option to choose two pets (2 dogs, 2 cats or 1 dog and 1 cat) as well. There are more than 60 breeds available to choose from, and multiple color variations and coat types for some of the breeds as well.

Petventures Personalized Children's BookYou can see that I chose a chocolate Labrador and a Beagle. When ordering this book you will have the option of including the owners' name, the pet's name and their hometown to personalize the story.

As you will see in my video review above, the illustrations are very careful and certainly draw your attention. You have the option of choosing a hardcover (like mine) or a softcover book, and the story is 32 pages long.

Because this children's book from Petventures is personalized, it takes longer to print and ship. For buyers in the United States, you should receive your book in about 3-4 weeks after ordering. It could take up to 4-5 weeks to receive it if you're located overseas.

Petventures Personalized Children's BookI was pleasantly surprised at the cost of this book. You can order one through the company's website for just $29.99. Considering that many new, hardcover children's books retail for $15-$20, I expected this personalized book to be more expensive.

In my opinion, this book from Petventures would make an excellent gift for any child with a pet. It's educational, fun and a great keepsake that they could cherish forever. It's affordable on any budget and educational. As a parent, this is exactly the type of gift that I love to find for my children.

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petventures-personalized-childrens-book-reviewThis personalized children's book from Petventures allows you to create a story for your child that includes their name, hometown and their beloved canine (or feline) companion. You have the ability to add up to two pets, and the story will take them away to a special town where pets are in charge. The beautiful illustrations are brightly colored to captivate anyone's imagination.