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Review: Petzi Treat Cam for Dogs

Our pets are our children. We treat them like family members, and we miss them while we are away. Many pet parents work long hours and would love the opportunity to check in on their pet while they are gone. If you're one of those pet parents, then this Petzi review is for you.

Petzi Review - Petzi Treat Cam for Dogs ReviewMe and my family travels a lot, and it's nice to be able to see our pets, speak to them and give them dog treats when we're not at home. The Petzi Treat Cam lets us do this.

This device is so easy to use. I'm not technologically savvy at all, and I was able to figure this device out in a matter of minutes. As long as your home is equipped with wifi and you have a smartphone or tablet that is compatible with the Petzi app, you won't have any trouble either.

Petzi Review - Petzi Treat Cam for Dogs Review

Petzi Treat Cam for Dogs Review

The Petzi Treat Cam mounts easily on any wall. I mounted mine with just one hook, but there are other ways to mount it with screws or nails as well. The only thing you'll need to keep in mind is that the camera is electronic, so you'll need to mount it in a place that is within 3-4 feet of an electrical outlet.

Petzi Review - Petzi Treat Cam for Dogs ReviewThe sophisticated system is controlled by the free app. Once you download the app, you can easily connect it with your specific camera. You just have to log onto the app while at home so your camera will link itself to your app. It's that simple. No buttons to push or wires to connect.

Once you're connected, you can run the app anywhere that you have signal. Whether you're at the next door neighbors house or you're in another country, the Petzi app will let you see, speak to and treat your dog or cat.

When the app loads, your camera at home will automatically turn on. It plays a sound when it turns on, and my dogs are already familiar with the chimes. They come running every time the treat camera starts up.

Petzi Review - Petzi Treat Cam for Dogs ReviewYou'll receive a live feed from your camera at home. I did notice that the feed has a slight delay, about 5 seconds, but that's no big deal. The camera is equipped with night vision, so you'll be able to contact and see your pets at any time of day.

There are three buttons on the side of the screen when the app opens. One is a microphone. If you hold it down you can record your voice message to your pets. One is a camera, which will take still pictures of your pets, and the third button is shaped like a dog bone. If you push this button it will send a signal to the treat dispenser in your home and 1-3 trips will be ejected for your pet(s).

The number of treats ejected depends on the size – the smaller the treats, the more will be dispensed. My favorite thing about this treat cam is that you don't have to buy specific treats for it, and you don't have to use training treats either.

We treat our dogs with 100% beef jerky treats, and I don't want to change the quality of the treats that I feed my dogs just because they won't fit in the treat dispenser that I have. As long as you can break your chosen treats into pieces smaller than about 1 inch, they'll work in the Petzi Treat Cam.

Review of Petzi Treat Cam for DogsI'll be the first to admit that I was skeptical about the treat camera when it first showed up on my doorstep. I loved the concept, but was doubtful about its ability to work. As you may know, my husband is an active duty soldier in the U.S. Army. We travel a lot to see him and he's not home very often. He uses the treat camera almost daily while he's away, and I use it every time that I'm gone visiting him.

As you can see in my video Petzi review, the sound quality is great and the treat dispenser ejects treats each time you hit the button. One thing I did notice in the beginning is that I was breaking my treats into pieces that were too large and once in a while one would get lodge in the ejector space. Now I break them into .5-inch sections, and we've never had a problem again. Below, you can see what the device looks like when you take the cover off. The larger hole on the top is where the treats are inserted. It's very simple!

Petzi Review - Petzi Treat Cam for Dogs Review

It took about a week of working with my dogs 2-3 times per day before they figured out what the camera was all about. Our boxer, Chloe, was timid around the treat camera at first. She is a rescue that was abused for years before we got her, and she does not like new things. When the treat camera ejected the treats it frightened her at first, but once she realized it was flinging treats, she came around.

Both our girls picked up on the treat camera easily, and now they love it. They look forward to it every night when my husband gets home from work and checks in on them, and they are always happily waiting in front of the camera when I check on them while I'm away.

Petzi Review - Petzi Treat Cam for Dogs ReviewAlthough our family loves this camera and it really helps to foster the bond between our family and our pets, it is quite expensive. Petzi Treat Cams run about $170 on most online retails sites, though I've seen some deals where you can buy them for about $150. It's certainly not a necessity, but if the money is in your budget it's a really great device to have.

I would especially recommend it for families like ours that travel a lot or for pet parents whose dogs have separation anxiety when their owner is gone. I hope you enjoyed this Petzi review, and let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

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petzi-treat-cam-for-dogs-reviewThe Petzi Treat Cam is an easy-to-use device that works via an app on your smartphone or tablet. It allows you to speak to your dog, see him and give him a treat when you're away from home.