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Review: PocoPet Small Pet Carrier Sling


If you're looking for an easy way to tote a small pet around, a carrier sling is a great option to look into. Whether you're going to the dog park, the mall or a taking a trip to the vet, a carrier sling allows you to keep your pet safe and comfortable while walking to your destination. The PocoPet small pet carrier sling is designed to fit into a pocket or clip to a leash.

Carrier slings are similar to the baby carriers that new mothers use to hold their infants close to their body. Most pets feel more comfortable when they're in close proximity to their owner. Carrier slings are designed to be safe and comfortable for pets and the person toting them.

I liked the design of the PocoPet small pet carrier sling. It piqued my interest right away, so I wanted to test it out with my pack to see if it was as functional and easy to use as the company claims it is.

PocoPet Small Pet Carrier Sling Review

Small Pet Carrier Sling This pet carrier holds animals weighing less than 15 pounds. The pet should also measure less than 12″ from his chest to the base of his tail. It's ideal for cats and small breed dogs. As you can see, my cat, Stitch, fits perfectly in the carrier and is quite content riding inside it.

In my video review I demonstrate how easy it is to fold the carrier into the attached pouch. It folds easily and can be stowed away in a pocket or clipped to your pet's leash in seconds. When closed, it measures just 4″W x 4.5″L x 2″H.

The PocoPet Small Pet Carrier Sling is made of ripstop nylon. You can see the white mesh ventilation strip in the photo above. This keeps your pet comfortable and prevents overheating.

When open, the sling measures 9.5″H x 13″W x 4″D. The strap is adjustable from 24″-48″. It is comfortable to wear, and my animals seem to enjoy riding in the carrier.

This carrier sling for small pets is available in blue or black. It sells for $32 on Amazon,  which is very comparable to other carrier slings of the same quality. This price fits in any budget, and the sling seems to be very well made. I believe it will last for many years, making it a great value for money spent.

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