Home Dog Supplies Reviews Review: Poochables To Go Dog Food and Water Travel System (2018)

Review: Poochables To Go Dog Food and Water Travel System (2018)

Many dog owners enjoy traveling with their pets. Whether your Fido accompanies you on car rides or you and your pup are frequent hikers, it's important that you have an easy way to bring food and water along on the adventure. The Poochables To Go dog food and water travel system was created for just this purpose.

While it's important to have the right supplies for your dog, it's also important that your gear be travel-sized. You won't want to lug bulky dog bowls and jugs of water around with you everywhere you travel with your canine companion. For this reason, having a compact solution to your dog-traveling needs is a necessity.


According to the American Kennel Club, adult dogs need about one ounce of water for every pound of body weight each day. When you're hiking, walking long distances or traveling, your dog will need even more water than normal.

I'm an avid hiker and enjoy bringing my dogs along with me. I usually bring a collapsible bowl, small plastic baggy of food and a water bottle on our trips. While this works, it isn't very convenient.

The Poochables To Go System offers an easy way to bring food and water along in one convenient container. It's affordable and made of BPA-free plastic, but does it work as well as the company claims?

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Poochables To Go Dog Food and Water Travel System Review

Poochables To Go ReviewThis 2-in-1 travel system has a water bottle that holds 15 ounces and a small food cup that can hold 1.2 cups of kibble. As you'll see in my video review, the water dispenser is equipped with a leak-proof valve that auto seals when not in use and opens when the bottle is squeezed.

The food bowl screws onto the bottom of the water bottle holder. It does take a bit of force to lock the bowl in place, so I don't the Poochables To Go system would be a good choice if you don't have a lot of hand strength or suffer from a condition like arthritis.

The bowl and water bottle holder are easy to clean with warm water and a mild detergent.

It's a little difficult to clean inside the water bottle though. I use a bottle brush, but if you don't have one it may be a little tricky. However, there is a removable washer that makes it easy to clean the valve.

Poochables To Go ReviewIn my video review you will notice that the contoured handle is easy to grip and comfortable in your hand. I use a carabiner clip to attach the Poochables To Go system to my hiking pack, but it would be easy to carry along on a walk. It's also small and compact, making it ideal for long trips in the car.

This product is available in 3 colors:

  • light blue (which you can see in my video review)
  • pink
  • gray

Poochables To Go ReviewYou can purchase the Poochables To Go Dog Food and Water Travel System for just $19.99 on Amazon. The plastic isn't extremely thick, but I still think this product will hold up well over time as long as you aren't extremely rough with it.

It is made with safe plastic, features a leak-proof design and is easy to take along while traveling with your dog. However, with just 15 ounces of water and 1.2 cups of food, the Poochables To Go won't hold enough for multiple pets or a large dog (especially if you'll be out and about for most of the day).

Overall, I think it is a good value for the money. But, it may not be worth it if you have a large breed. Just consider how you'll be using it before deciding if the Poochables To Go is right for your needs.

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poochables-to-go-reviewThis 2-in-1 dog food and water dispenser holds 15 ounces of water and 1.2 cups of food. The dog bowl has a locking seal, and the leak-proof design of the water dispenser ensures that no liquid leaks out. The bottle and bowl are 100% BPA free. How well does it work? Find out in this detailed review.