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Review: PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy (2018)

I love customized dog products. We've gotten many different customized items for our pets from friends and family. They make the perfect gift for the pet owner who has everything, like me. I thought the PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy was adorable, but would it be worth the cost?

It's frustrating to spend money on dog toys just to have your dog tear them to shreds a few days (or hours) later. It's also annoying when you buy a toy and your dog decides that he doesn't want to play with it.

While this dog toy definitely catches your eye, it's also more expensive than other traditional doggy Frisbees. So, is it worth the added expense? Did our girls enjoy playing with it? I'll give you all of the details in this review of the PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy for Dogs and how to choose and pick one for your pooch.

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PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy Review

PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy Review

Ordering a custom product from PrideBites was pretty easy. As with other online retailers, you can browse the site until you find the product you want. When you add it to your virtual shopping cart, you'll have the opportunity to personalize it.

Depending on the product, you'll be able to provide his name and sizing information. If you're ordering a product that can be personalized with a picture of your pooch, all you have to do is upload the photo of your choosing right to the PrideBite's website.

We've had this toy for about 3 weeks, and our girls use it everyday. So far, they haven't torn it open!

There are many different customizable toys to choose from on the PrideBites website. Saddie loves to fetch, so I thought this Frisbee toy would be perfect for her. It flies through the air, floats on water and has a squeaker. Those are 3 of Saddie's favorite things!

Our Beagle, Molly, enjoys playing with toys too, and she's a little more rough on playthings than Saddie. I was worried that the PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy wouldn't hold up to our dogs roughhousing, but I've been pleasantly surprised so far.

The outer layer is made of soft durabite™ fleece. This is the layer that your pup's picture is on. I thought that the picture may peal off after a few days, but as you can see in the photo above ours still looks great! Our dogs take this toy outside in the snow every day, and even though the PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy gets really wet, the picture still looks great!

PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy ReviewThe inside of the fleece layer is made of tough rip stop material, and the stuffing is a lightweight foam. The squeaker inside is inside a safety pouch, so if your pup is able to get it out they won't be able to swallow it quickly.

This toy is available in 8 colors, including blue, green, navy, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow. It has a 7-inch diameter and is about 1-inch thick. One of my favorite things about this toy is that it is machine washable.

PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy ReviewNot only was I surprised at how well this toy held up with our dogs, I was also surprised at the price. One of these customized Frisbees will cost you $24.99! I know a lot of pet owners can't afford to spend that kind of money on just one toy. Also, it takes about 4 weeks to receive the PrideBites Custom Frisbee Toy due to the time needed to personalize it.

However, if you can afford it, this is a high quality toy that will catch a lot of attention at the dog park. I wouldn't recommend it for aggressive chewers, but if your pooch just enjoys a good game of fetch this is a unique option.

Customized PrideBites toys (or other pet products) would also make a great gift for the dog or dog owner that has everything. I know a lot of owners that would be happily surprised to get a custom product with their pet's picture on it.

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pridebites-custom-frisbee-toy-reviewYou can customize this frisbee toy with a picture of your dog's face. These toys squeak and float, but will they hold up to your dog's strong jaws? You'll find out in this review.