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Review: PrideBites Personalized Dog Toy Box (2018)

Dog toys tend to pile up. When you first bring your fur baby home you purchase 3 or 4 toys. You slowly start to accumulate more and more toys, and they end up in a pile on the floor or spread throughout your home. A designated dog toy bin gives you a place to store all of Fido's toys, and if you're up for a challenge you could try training him to pick his toys up and place them back in the toy box.

Some people use milk crates, boxes or even small laundry baskets as a makeshift toy box for their pet. While these things get the job done, they probably won't match your home's décor.

PrideBites Personalized Dog Toy BoxYou can find dog toys bins that are specifically made for this purpose. They usually have a cute pattern or monogramming that make it obvious they are made especially for dogs. These bins are also made to match most décors, so many pet owners prefer them as they are more aesthetically appealing.

While a toy bin isn't a necessity, they're typically very affordable. They also make a great gift for dog owners. If you're looking for a unique dog toy bin, this option from PrideBites allows you to completely personalize it – from the color to a photo of your dog, and even his name!

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PrideBites Personalized Dog Toy Box Review

PrideBites Personalized Dog Toy BoxThis toy basket comes in two sizes. The one shown in my photos and videos is the regular size, which measures 15″L x 9″H x 10″W. As you'll see in my review video, the regular size holds plenty of dog toys! There are 26 toys in ours right now! I know, I know… our dogs are VERY spoiled. You can also get a smaller size that measures 12″L x 7.5″H x 7″W.

On the company's website you can completely personalize this box. They have over 40 color options to choose from. The navy blue and red option I chose is called Regal Beagle. You can also create your own color combination if you're looking for something extra special.

PrideBites Personalized Dog Toy BoxAs I demonstrate in my video review above, this dog toy box can also fold flat. The sides and bottom of the box feel like they are made of a very thin piece of plastic, and they are covered with a very thin cloth material. You can pull up the bottom of the box and fold the sides in for easy storage or transport.

PrideBites offers a unique service with most of their products – they allow you to personalize almost every item they sell! With this dog toy box, you have the option of adding your dog's name and photo. You can upload a photo of your pet(s) and also add their name in a number of different fonts.

The photo and monogramming is not done with vinyl that will come off during cleaning or peel off after time.

PrideBites Personalized Dog Toy BoxIt would be nice if the toy box was a little bit sturdier. Our dogs like to lean over into the box and pick through to find the toy or chew that they want. When they do this, the sides fold in and I worry about their durability over time. Time will tell, and I'll update this review if the toy box doesn't hold up in the future.

Another drawback is that PrideBites products take about 4 weeks to be delivered. This is understandable, as they have to personalize each item before shipping. If you decide to order this dog toy box (or any other personalized item) be sure to allow plenty of time for delivery.

You can purchase the small size toy box for $22.99 and the regular size for $27.99. Personalization is included, which was a surprise to me. I found this price to be very reasonable, as most customized products are pricey. Plus, most companies charge extra for personalization.

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pridebites-dog-toy-box-reviewThe PrideBites Personalized Dog Toy Box is available in two sizes and more than 40 color options. You can also create your own color scheme if you'd like. PrideBites prides themselves on giving pet owners the ability to personalize all sorts of products for their pups. This dog toy box can be personalized with a photo of your dog and her name!