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Review: Purina Pro Plan Calming Care


Dogs can exhibit hyperactive behavior for a number of reasons. Some may just be hyperactive, while others may suffer from stress and/or anxiety issues. It's important to note that some breeds are naturally more energetic than others. If you feel that your dog needs a little help settling down, Purina Pro Plan Calming Care may be worth a try.

Anxiety triggers could be anything from another dog to loud noises or any number of other stimuli. Purina understands that behavior issues are becoming a growing issues with pets, and they decided to formulate a new product to help. They even combined their calming supplement with a beneficial probiotic.

According to some studies, anxiety in dogs becomes a serious issue and it can manifest itself in many different ways. You may not even be aware that your pet suffers from an anxiety disorder until you must seek help from a canine behaviorist or veterinarian.

If your dog has severe anxiety issues or behavior problems, Purina Pro Plan Calming Care probably won't fix the issue. However, if your dog just needs a little help balancing his behavior, this product could be just what you need.

Purina Pro Plan Calming Care Review

Purina Pro Plan Calming CareAs you will see in my video review above, this supplement is in powder form. It comes in single serving packets. No matter what size your dog is, he gets 1 packet sprinkled on his food each day. It has a tempting liver flavor, which all of our dogs seem to really enjoy.

This calming probiotic supplement contains a specific strain of probiotic bacteria that supports balanced behavior. Purina states that it can help anxious dogs, pups with separation anxiety, dogs that bark excessively, dogs that jump and pace, etc…

Purina also says that this supplement helps dogs maintain positive cardiac activity during stressful times.

Like other traditional dog probiotic supplements, Calming Care promotes immune and digestive health. It is made with the probiotic strain, liver flavoring and maltodextrin.

While maltodextrin is made from plants, it is highly processed. It is a white powder derived from corn, rice, potato starch or wheat. Its only purpose is to be used as a filler and a preservative to increase the shelf life of a product.

Saddie eating foodI have noticed a difference in our Labrador, Saddie, since starting her on this supplement about 2 months ago. One of the drawbacks to Purina Pro Plan Calming Care is that it may take up to 6 weeks to notice any results. With Saddie, it took about 10 days before I noticed any behavior changes.

Saddie has a hard time transitioning when things in her environment changes. She's also anxious when there are loud noises, like thunderstorms, and has some anxiety when her people are not home. Calming Care hasn't completely removed the symptoms, but there has definitely been some noticeable changes for the better.

High-quality, safe canine supplements are not cheap. Calming Care comes in a box with 45 packets. You can purchase 1 box on Amazon for $69.99 right now, but you can also get it a little cheaper on Purina's website.

I know this supplement isn't going to fit into everyone's budget, but it's a healthy way to calm behaviors without the use of prescription medications. To me, the additional cost is worth the peace of mind. You won't need to worry about the harmful ingredients and side effects of over-the-counter or prescription medications.

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