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Review: Rabbitgoo LED Dog Harness


If you ever have trouble spotting your dog when he's out in the yard at night, the Rabbitgoo LED Dog Harness will definitely keep Fido visible. This harness was designed to keep dogs seen from dusk until dawn. It has 2 attachment points and a traffic handle, which also makes it ideal for leash training and walking dogs that pull.

If you've ever been pulled along by a dog on a leash, then you understand that it is not just annoying, it's also very dangerous. Pulling is a safety issue for both the dog and the handler. Injury to the dog's neck, throat or legs can occur from constant pulling, and it will also take a toll on your arms, shoulders and back.

Rabbitgoo LED Dog HarnessExperts agree that harnesses are a much safer and more comfortable option when leash training a dog. They allow the force to be evenly distributed throughout the dog's chest, unlike collars that place the force around the neck.

No-pull harnesses typically have multiple attachment points and plenty of padding. This makes things easier for the trainer and more comfortable for the pooch. One thing that the Rabbitgoo LED Dog Harness has above similar products is it's waterproof LED light. This ensures your dog can always be seen.

I've also reviewed the Rabbitgoo No-Pull Harness without an LED light, if you're looking for an alternative. You can see that review here.

Rabbitgoo LED Dog Harness Review

Rabbitgoo LED Dog HarnessThis is an over-the-head harness, which is my favorite style. With a step-in harness, you have to get your dog to step through the straps of the harness and pull it up around his chest. As the name suggests, an over-the-head harness just slips right over Fido's head and secures with buckles on either side of his chest.

This dog harness has adjustable sliding straps at 4 different adjustment points. This makes it very easy to get the proper fit, as long as you measure properly and order the right size harness.

Rabbitgoo LED Dog HarnessThere are also two metal leash attachments. One is the standard attachment on the back of the harness between the dog's shoulder blades. The other is in the middle of the chest, which is the attachment you would use when training your dog not to pull on his leash.

A traffic handle is located on the back of the harness between the dog's shoulder blades. This handle allows you to take control of your dog whenever necessary. For example, if you hike with your dog frequently and want to keep him close when you encounter other people/animals on the trail, you'll need a harness with a handle like this.

Unfortunately, this harness is only available in 1 size for large breeds with a chest girth of 27″- 32″ and a weight of 45-80 pounds.

The LED light is waterproof and located at the top of the breast plate. As you can see in my video review at the top of this article, the light easily pops out of the harness. You have to take it out of the harness to charge it. It is USB rechargeable and lasts 8-10 hours when fully charged.

Rabbitgoo LED Dog HarnessThere are 4 light modes:

  • constant bright white
  • constant bright red
  • flashing white
  • flashing red

I am happy to report that this harness is very comfortable for Saddie. She really enjoys wearing it! Some harnesses have minimal padding or none at all – just nylon straps running down the dog's back and chest. If you have a dog with thick fur, this may not be a problem, but thin straps can also chafe a dog's skin (especially on his chest and under his armpits).

I was pleased to see that the Rabbitgoo LED Dog Harness has heavy-duty padding made from soft, breathable material. It is winter here in Maine, so I'm not too worried about Saddie getting too hot. However, it is nice to know that the harness will breathe when we're hiking with her in the summer.

This harness also features reflective straps, which you can see in the photos above. You may not think this is important for a harness that is already equipped with an LED light, but it ensures that your dog will be seen from every angle.

You can purchase the Rabbitgoo LED Dog Harness on Amazon for $39.99. For a quality dog harness with an added LED light, that is a very reasonable price. In fact, many harnesses made with the same materials are more expensive, and they don't even offer a light-up feature.

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