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Videos and articles of the best homemade dog food recipes! Learn how to make dog treats at home and how to make dog food from scratch, quick and easy. All these homemade recipes for dog treats and dog foods are good and healthy for your pet.
Grain Free Apple Ginger Dog Treat Recipevideo

Recipe: Grain-Free Apple Ginger Dog Treats

These grain-free apple ginger dog treats are easy to make and give your dog the many benefits offered by including ginger in his diet.
Sweet Potato Dog Biscuit Recipevideo

Recipe: Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits

These sweet potato dog biscuits are made with just 3 ingredients, so they're ideal for pets with food allergies. They're also soft and easy to chew.
Limited Ingredient Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treat Recipevideo

Recipe: Limited Ingredient Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats

I‘m excited to share this recipe with you all that was sent to me from a reader. As I always say in my video recipes, you can send in recipes anytime to my email. Thank you Brenda Simpson for sending in this easy dog treat recipe!
Apple and Carrot Limited Ingredient Dog Treatsvideo

Recipe: Apple and Carrot Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

These limited ingredient dog treats are made with just four ingredients, and you can even make them in a grain-free variety.
Limited Ingredient Dog Treat Recipevideo

Limited Ingredient Dog Treat Recipe

Dog food allergies are becoming more popular. It may be because of the poor quality ingredients being used in so many commercial pet food...
Healthy Pumpkin Cookie Dog Treat Recipevideo

Healthy Pumpkin Cookie Dog Treat Recipe

This dog treat recipe contains pumpkin and molasses - two supplements that offer a lot of nutritional benefits to dogs. They are soft, which...
sweet potato fries for dogsvideo

Recipe: Sweet Potato Fries for Dogs

The craze of sweet potato fries has been sweeping restaurants everywhere. They're marketed as a healthy alternative to traditional fries made from white potatoes....
Apple Pupcake Dog Treat Recipevideo

Recipe: Apple Pupcake Dog Treats

Apples are an inexpensive and very healthy snack for dogs. They are low in calories, and most dogs love the taste of apples. This...
Ground Turkey and Lentil Dry Dog Food Recipevideo

Recipe: Ground Turkey and Lentil Dry Dog Food

Making your own dry dog food gives your pet the benefits of kibble without the risks associated with commercial pet foods.
Beef and Kidney Bean Crock Pot Dog Food Recipevideo

Recipe: Beef and Kidney Bean Crock Pot Dog Food

I love sharing my recipes with all of you, but I often get responses from readers and viewers who say they don't have the...
Berry Yogurt Dog Treats Recipevideo

Recipe: Soft Berry Yogurt Dog Treats

Making your own dog treats is the best way to avoid toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals. If you keep up with dog news, you've...
Cheesy Yogurt Dog Treatsvideo

Recipe: Cheesy Yogurt Dog Treats

I know some people are sensitive to it, but I just love dairy products. Cheese, yogurt and ice cream are some of my favorites!...