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Review: Pawsitive FX All-Natural Balms and Wax for Dogs

For the uninitiated, Pawsitive FX is a Canadian company that makes high-quality, safe products for dogs that are all-natural and made without preservatives or chemicals. Their line includes dog balms to heal dry, cracked paws and noses and a protective wax to keep the pads of your pet’s feet in good condition.

I was lucky enough to get samples of Pawsitive FX products to try with my dogs in exchange for my honest review.

Pawsitive FX All-Natural Balms and Wax for Dogs Review

Video Review: Pawsitive FX All-Natural Balms and Wax for Dogs
Photo: Samantha Randall

Happy Paws and Happy Snouts are moisturizing and healing balms that will soothe dry, cracked, chapped and rough noses and paws. When used regularly, these balms also help moisturize the pads and maintain their natural health.

Both blends are made with all-natural ingredients. They are organic and vegan as well. The Happy Snouts balm is also unscented so it won’t overwhelm your Fido’s sense of smell.

Strong Paws is a wax that can be applied to your dog’s pads to protect them from the elements. Hot asphalt, rocks, snow, ice and salt can all be damaging to the pads of your pet’s feet. If you maintain your dog’s pads with Happy Paws and then apply Strong Paws on the days that your pet’s pads will be exposed to harsh elements, his feet will be strong and healthy all year long.

Video Review: Pawsitive FX All-Natural Balms and Wax for Dogs
Photo: Samantha Randall

I love these products. They work great for both of our dogs, but they are especially great to have for our boxer. She is a brachial breed, meaning she has a pushed in muzzle, and her nose gets really dry and chapped.

We live in Maine, so in the dry winter months it is the worst. In the summer the edges of her nose get dry right where they meet her muzzle, and the .25 ounce tube of Happy Snouts works really great to get into those little spaces.

We have harsh winters here, and we heat our home with a woodstove, which makes the air inside even drier than the cold air outdoors. If we didn’t treat our dog’s noses in the winter they would be so cracked and dry that they would split open and cause a lot of pain.

We tried treating our pet’s feet and noses with different products, but they either healed the skin or protected it – we couldn’t find a product that did both.

All these products are extremely easy to use, especially the small tubes. They roll up like Chap Stick and you can easily rub them on your dog’s nose or paws. The tins are great too, and they are really beneficial when you need to apply the balm or wax to a large area.

Another great benefit to these products is that they are all-natural, so they’ll moisturize and repair your skin too! I hate using greasy creams that feel gross on your skin, but these products are great, and they smell nice too.

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review-pawsitive-fx-all-natural-balms-and-wax-for-dogsThese balms and waxes are all-natural and safe for your pet. They heal dry, cracked and chapped noses and paws and protect these sensitive areas from the elements