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Review: Pet Treater Dog Subscription Box (2018)

Have you been shopping for the right subscription box for your dog? Are you surprised at how many options are actually available? I was too! These boxes have become very popular with pet owners interested in the convenience of receiving pet supplies delivered right their front door. How does the Pet Treater dog subscription box stack up to its competition?

When you're shopping for a subscription box for your pet you need to evaluate it based on the value that you're getting, how relevant the products are to your needs, the price and whether or not the products are safe and healthy.

I evaluated the Pet Treater dog subscription on all of these features, and I was really impressed with how it compared to other similar products. If you want all the details, keep reading. You can also check out some of the other dog subscription boxes that I've reviewed to see for yourself just how this option compares to the others:

Pet Treater Dog Subscription Box Review

Pet Treater dog subscription box reviewEvery month you can expect to find 7-9 items in your Pet Treater dog subscription box. These products will include dog toys, treats, pet accessories and maybe even something for you!

There are Pet Treater boxes for dogs and cats, which is nice for multi-pet families. You can also get a dog/cat box or add multiple pets to your subscription to get additional items for all of your furry family members.

All the treats are made in the USA or Canada, so no worries about treats that come from China. They do strive to include durable, well-made dog toys, but you do have to know that these boxes are not suitable for aggressive chewers. If you have a power chewer, you'll be better off subscribing to a box that is made specifically for these types of dogs.

In my opinion, the Pet Treater dog subscription box is the best value for your money compared to other similar products.

Pet Treater dog subscription boxUnfortunately, the lower price also comes with a couple of drawbacks. I already mentioned that the toys aren't suitable for power chewers, and these boxes are also only customized according to the size of your dog. You can note your pet's allergies, but there are no options to customize the box based on your dog's coat type, chewing type, age, etc…

Now, as I mentioned this box offers a great value for the money. You can subscribe to this monthly box for just $24.99 per month, and shipping is FREE! That's an average of about $2.75-$3.50 per item depending on how many products you receive.

Whether we're talking about high-quality healthy treats, durable toys, grooming products or other pet accessories, that's pretty cheap. I've received 4 Pet Treater dog subscription boxes so far, and I've always felt that I got WAY more than $24.99 worth of products.

For a closer look at the products that I received in my Pet Treater dog subscription box, check out my unboxing video:

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