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Review: Wiggleless Back Brace for Dogs

This week I was given the opportunity to review the Wiggleless Dog Back Brace. I was sent the brace for free in exchange for an honest review. I used the brace on my 5-year-old boxer Chloe. Although Chloe doesn’t have the need for a back brace, I was able to fit it on her correctly and test it to see if it actually would keep her back straight.

I’m pleased to say that the Wiggleless Back Brace worked exactly as the company said that it would.

This brace is made with a durable, lightweight construction so it’s comfortable for your pet. The Wiggleless brace is designed with double mesh for durability and stability.

This dog back brace is also breathable, so you won’t have to worry about the brace making your pet too hot in warm weather. The built in boning provides firm support, back stability and stress relief for your dog.

Wiggleless Back Brace for Dogs Review

Review: Wiggleless Back Brace for Dogs
Photo: Samantha Randall

As you can see in the video, this brace is very easy to put on your dog. You simply wrap it around her abdomen and Velcro it snuggly in place. Then all you have to do is secure the chest strap to keep it from sliding around, and you’re done! There are refined cuts under the front legs and around the torso to give the Wiggleless a unisex fit, and each size has its own unique pattern and specifications so it will fit your pet comfortably no matter what size she is.

Wiggleless Back Brace
Photo: Samantha Randall

There is additional boning provided on the medium and large sizes, and the Wiggleless definitely does what it claims to. Our boxer, Chloe, does the trademark “boxer wiggle” anytime she gets excited. While wearing the Wiggleless brace she is prevented from bending her waist to wiggle.

I was very impressed. I thought that the Velcro may come loose after she squirmed around in the brace for a bit, but it didn’t budge.

I eased Chloe into wearing the brace for an entire day, and I would suggest that you do the same. Chloe isn’t used to wearing clothes, so she wasn’t very impressed with the brace in the beginning, but we worked up from wearing it for 20 minutes at a time to wearing it for the entire day, and she doesn’t mind it at all anymore.

If you know that your dog is going to need to wear this brace after surgery, I would recommend beginning to get her used to it at least a few weeks in advance.

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Some canine back braces are difficult to fit and put on your pet. I don’t have a problem with that because Chloe will let me do anything to her, but most dogs aren’t like that. If you’ve got a squirmy dog that doesn’t like you to put any type of attire on her, the Wiggleless is perfect. You can put it on and fit it in seconds…unless your dog has a deep chest and very tapered waist.

As I explained in the video, the Wiggleless does come with simple instructions to form fit the brace if your dog falls into this category. It will still only take a few minutes to mark the brace and then a few minutes of very basic sewing and you’ll have a custom fit back brace that will keep your dog’s spine straight and give her the support that she needs.

Wiggleless Back Brace
Photo: Samantha Randall

If you’re interested in a Wiggleless brace be sure to visit their website first and check out the “Measuring” section under” the “How to Use” tab. It has detailed instructions for measuring your pet so you get the best fit possible.

I should also mention that the O-Ring attached to the Wiggleless is held on by a thin ribbon. It would probably be fine to attach a leash for a very small dog that doesn’t pull, but it won’t support a lot of weight, so you’ll still need to use a separate collar or harness for your dog.

In my opinion, the Wiggleless Dog Back Brace is an excellent product. It runs between $65 and $140 depending on your pet’s size. I know that may sound like a lot, but think about the cost of treating your dog for more serious problems if she needs a brace and doesn’t wear one.

Or worse, if you spend money of a lesser quality brace and it doesn’t work. If your dog opens a wound that is trying to heal or puts unnecessary pain and stress on her already ailing back, you’ll be spending a lot more in the long run.

I would highly recommend the Wiggleless back brace to anyone with a dog that needs back support for any reason or for any owner who has a dog that is not allowed to bend her abdomen for one reason or another. This would even be great for pets that have been spayed or neutered and continue to lick their incision. Instead of using a cone, a back brace would prevent them from accessing the area.

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review-wiggleless-back-brace-for-dogsThis brace is made with a durable, lightweight construction so it’s comfortable for your pet. It's easy to put on your pet, and the Wiggleless will give your pet the support, back stability and stress relief that he needs.