If you enjoy reading and you're a dog lover, chances are you probably love reading books about dogs. And if that's true, then you and I have a lot in common! I was sent the book Ricochet written by Judy Fridono to review, and I was really impressed by the inspirational true story.

Judy wrote this book about a very special puppy prodigy, Ricochet, who she became aware of after a YouTube video of the surfing dog went viral. Although she doesn't do a lot of surfing anymore, fans can follow Ricochet's journey via her Facebook page as she still spends a lot of time giving back to her community and the people she inspires.

W. Bruce Cameron wrote the forward for this book, and I think he summed it up perfectly when he said:

” Ricochet's ability to balance of a surfboard is impressive, but as you read her story, you'll probably find yourself more enthralled with the way she intuits the needs of the people she meets.”

Book Review: Ricochet Written By Judy Fridono

Ricochet written by Judy Fridono
Photo: surfdogricochet.com

Ricochet isn't just a dog who knows how to surf – she's also a therapy dog. She surfs with children with disabilities, veterans with PTSD and people with special needs. Anyone that has followed Ricochet's story knows that she has helped and inspire thousands of people in her short life, but things weren't always so promising.

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I love that this book gives reader's the behind-the scenes view of Ricochet's life. To see things from the outside as they are now, you would never know that there was a time when this dog attention span kept her from completing her initial service dog training. It's stories like this that show us that every dog can do great things as long as someone has the time and patience to work with them.

Judy Fridono began training service puppies hoping to make a difference in the world. Everything went so well with  Ricochet in the beginning, until one day when the pup was about 16 weeks old.

But I soon realized it wasn't just one day – it was every day after that for many, many months. Despite my efforts to motivate her, she had zero interest in anything, including training which was previously fun. – Ricochet written by Judy Fridono

Fifteen months into Ricochet's service dog training Fridono made the decision to release her. She may have had high hopes in the beginning, but the dog just wasn't going to cut it. This is revealed about a quarter of the way through the book and the remainder of Ricochet written by Judy Fridono is about the incredible journey of an amazing dog who took the scenic route to get where she was going.

Ricochet written by Judy Fridono
Photo: SurfDogRicochet.com

This book is wonderfully written! You can hear the author's voice as you read along. If you're interested in an easy-to-read treasure that will be a wonderful read for the entire family, this is it! I read some of it aloud to our 5-year-old son and he really enjoyed it! My 12-year-old niece also read Ricochet written by Judy Fridono and loved it show much she brought it into school to share with her friends.

There are also four small sections throughout the book filled with wonderful photographs of Judy, her dogs and all their adventures.

Plus, quotes from some of the families whose stories are told throughout the book are included in these sections as well. It's a beautiful addition to the writing and really helps readers connect with Judy and her therapy dogs. I enjoyed these sections as much as the kids!

From start to finish, this book shows the unwavering passion that Fridono has for the work that she does with therapy dogs. The stories mentioned in this book explain in a very poetic way the importance and strength of the bond between canine and humansIf you've ever wondered how dogs can help humans in the most prolific way, all you need to do is read this book.

If you're a dog lover, you'll connect with Fridono and Ricochet right away and enjoy every page of this inspirational story. If you're not the biggest canine fan, this book may just change your mind. Of course, Ricochet is a special dog, but all pets have the power to touch lives and open hearts if we let them.

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Ricochet written by Judy Fridono
Photo: SurfDogRicochet.com

I chose to share this story with my children because of it'a inspirational message, and I'm choosing to share it with our readers for the same reason. This book isn't simply about dogs and humans or the extraordinary journey of one pup. It's about inspiring people in a troubling time.

There is so much negativity in the world today, and television and social media seem to mostly add fuel to the fire. Everyone has their own struggles and hardships – some more than others. We all need guidance at times and we certainly all need inspiration when we're feeling low. That's what Ricochet written by Judy Fridono is about.

All of us are on journeys, and we're guided along the way. Sometimes our guides are signs, like synchronicities that often seem like coincidences; sometimes our messengers are human; and sometimes the animal messengers show us the way most clearly. No matter who or what guides us, it is always when we open our hearts and listen that we are better able to hear and hopefully understand the message. – Ricochet written by Judy Fridono

I'd like to take this time to thank Judy Fridono for sending me this book and for writing it. I would highly recommend this book as an easy read for older children or adults. Be sure to check out SurfDogRicochet.com and buy the book on Amazon. You can also follow Ricochet on Facebook to keep up-to-date with all her latest adventures!

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