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Review: SleekSide Dog Lift Sling

A rear leg sling for dogs may be a necessary part of caring for your pet sometime in the future. Whether your aging senior needs a little help standing up after a nap or your young dog has had surgery requiring you to help him up stairs, a sling makes it much easier to help Fido get around. The SleekSide dog lift sling is safe to use and comfortable for your pet.

Using a dog sling helps you to support and stabilize your pet's hind end. Some dogs need the extra support due to degenerative conditions or weakness in the hips. Others may need the help for a brief period during recovery from an injury.

SleekSide LiftWhen you're shopping for a sling like the SleekSide Lift, you should be focused on quality, size and comfort for your pet. It should be the right size for your dog and made from materials that are sturdy enough to hold his weight. Of course, the sling also needs to be comfortable for your dog.

I evaluated the SleekSide dog lift sling on all of these factors. I'll share all of the details in this review. Plus, I'll let you know if I think this product is a good value for the money spent.

SleekSide Dog Lift Sling Review

SleekSide Dog Lift Sling ReviewThe outer shell of this sling is a durable canvas-type material. The interior is soft, and there is padding between the layers. As I demonstrate in my video review above, the sling wraps around your dog easily and secures with a strong Velcro strip.

My Labrador, Saddie, weighs about 75 pounds. This sling holds her comfortably and is strong enough to allow me to lift her without any problems. It's very easy to put on and take off in just a few seconds. Saddie doesn't seem to mind wearing it at all.

There are two adjustable straps making it suitable for virtually any pet owner, no matter your height. The SleekSide is available in two sizes:

  • Large – 34″L x 8″W and suitable for dogs weighing 55-77 pounds
  • X-Large – 38″L x 9.5″W and suitable for dogs weighing 77-99 pounds

I have the large size for Saddie. I think this product would be ideal for any pet owner that needs assistance lifting their pet up stairs or helping them around while recovering from an injury.

You can purchase this rear leg sling for $22.49 on Amazon. It's comparable in price to other similar products and affordable on any budget. This would be a great product to keep in your pet first-aid kit or to have on-hand to assist a pet with arthritis or other bone and joint issues.

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