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Review: The Fifth Paw – Handsfree, Doody Free!

Do you walk your dog often? That means you probably end up picking up a lot of dog poop. Kudos on that – it's certainly the responsible thing to do. But isn't hanging onto those bags of dog poop gross? The Fifth Paw is here to fix that!


Yes, that is every dog owner's pet peeve, and I'm one of those dog parents! We all hate walking around slinging a bag of dog fecal matter on our mile long walk, but now we don't have to.

But I've been lucky enough to discover a great solution to this.

The Fifth Paw Review – Handsfree, Doody Free!

The Fifth Paw was created as a way for pet parents to clean up after their dog and keep their hands free to control the leash afterwards.

The Fifth Paw ReviewsThis innovative product is designed to make doing the right thing easy, sanitary and stress-free.

This cool leash attachment works with most flat style .5 –1 inch wide leashes. It works with woven, leather, printed and velvet leashes. The Fifth Paw is also made in the United States.

Even though I know that all dog owners have to walk around with full poop bags in their possession every now and then, I still feel embarrassed every time it happens.

Review of The Fifth PawWe do a lot of hiking with our dogs, and the worst thing is when I have to hold onto a bag of doo-doo for multiple miles on a trail. I don't want to put it in my pocket or in my pack, as it will make everything else smell too.

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And yes, I've tried the multi-layer bags that are supposedly “smell proof.” It doesn't matter what bag you use or how tight you tie it, if you leave it sealed in a hiking pack for hours it will make your bag stink. Now that I've found The Fifth Paw, I don't have to worry about that anymore.

This is also an excellent product for owners of multiple dogs. The Fifth Paw has three clips and can support the weight of at least three bags of waste. While I was testing it, I clipped two bags on each clip (for a total of six bags of waste) and it held up just fine.

The Fifth Paw ReviewThe weight didn't cause the product to slide down the leash at all. The Fifth Paw would also make a great gift for any dog lover in your life that frequently walks their dog.

Fifth Paw Dog Leash ReviewThe device itself consists of three pieces. The main piece slides over the dog leash, the swiveling clip middle piece slides over the end of the leash, and it's all secured with the screw-on end.

The Fifth Paw attaches easily in less than a minute, as you can see in my video, and is securely fixed so it doesn't slide around on the leash while you're walking your dog.

The Fifth Paw also allows you to be hands free while walking your pet. You can hold the leash tightly in one hand and you'll have the other hand free in case you need it.


I certainly wouldn't say that The Fifth Paw is a necessity for every dog owner, but it's a great product to have if you frequently take your pet for long walks or hikes.

Let me know what you think of this dog poop tool for your doggy leash, whether you've tried it or not. I'd be curious to know your thoughts and experience with this product!

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the-fifth-paw-reviewDesigned to make doing the right thing easy and stress-free, The Fifth Paw allows you to be hands-free with your doggy poop bags and thus 100% doody free while taking your dog for a walk.