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Tracking Your Dog’s Diet Has Never Been This Easy

Tracking Your Dog's Diet Has Never Been This Easy
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Some dogs can easily be free-fed. He’ll eat when he’s hungry and stop eating when he’s had his fill. Dogs like this are few and far between, however. Usually a dog owner needs to feed their pet their proper amount of dog food based on the pet’s weight, age, activity level and dietary needs.

If you’re unsure of how much food to feed your pet each day, speak with your veterinarian. Tell her the type of food you feed your dog and she will be able to come up with a proper feeding plan that will provide your pet with the calories and nourishment that he needs without overfeeding him.

If you want to make the task of feeding your dog a whole lot easier, you can invest in a Canhe-Fit. The system consists of a pendant that attaches to your pet’s collar and sends information to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology. The device can calculate the correct amount of food that you should be feeding your dog by tracking his activity throughout the day.

Tracking Your Dog's Diet Has Never Been This Easy
Photo: canhegat

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Activity monitors for dogs are nothing new. We’ve seen many before this, but no other similar product monitors the dog’s caloric needs along with his activity level. The company’s website states that the connected pendant will record your pup’s activity throughout the day and automatically update the correct portion of food that you should provide for him based on the amount of calories that he will need.

It’s unclear exactly how the device makes this distinction, but I’m guessing that you’ll have to add some information into the Canhe-Fit system via the free app that pairs with the device. More than likely you’ll need to input your pet’s breed, weight, age and the type of food that you feed him. Otherwise, how would the system know the number of calories that your pet would require on an ordinary day?

It may not tell you exactly how much food to feed your pet and rather just give you a caloric number. You’ll need to read the feeding the instructions on the pet food package to figure out the correct portion. Still, this would make it much easier to control your dog’s weight. Instead of having to put him on a strict diet or switch him to a weight management dog food blend, you can simply adjust his food intake day to day depending on the amount of calories that he burns.

Tracking Your Dog's Diet Has Never Been This Easy
Photo: canhegat

The Canhe-Fit pendant is compatible with any type of collar. It’s small and lightweight, so it’s appropriate for all dogs as well. The battery will last about 8 months and the device is also waterproof, so no worries about your dog wearing it outside.

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The app also allows your veterinarian access to your dog’s data. You dog will have his own profile through a dedicated interface and your vet will have the ability to visit it at any time. Before or during your visit, the veterinarian can take a look at your dog’s food intake and activity level patterns. She’ll be up to speed and you won’t have to worry about remembering everything.

There isn’t a whole lot of information available on the product yet, as it has just launched, but I’ll be sure to keep this post updated with anything new. Do you use an activity monitor with your pet? Do you track your dog’s caloric intake on a daily basis? Share your experience in the comments below and let us know. Has it made a positive change in your dog’s overall health and well-being?

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