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Review: Tylee’s Dehydrated & Freeze Dried Dog Treats


Pet owners are paying more attention than ever to the food they are feeding their pets. They are looking for natural products made with high quality ingredients. Dehydrated and freeze dried products are becoming more popular, as they naturally preserve the food without the need for chemicals or artificial ingredients. I tested Tylee's dehydrated and freeze dried dog treats to see if my pack would enjoy them.

Freeze drying and dehydrating are ways of preserving food by removing about 98% of its water content. These processes preserve the food while still maintaining its nutritional content, flavor and color.

My dogs eat a homemade diet. Their treats are usually fresh, whole food snacks like carrots and fresh meat. They eat a very healthy diet, but it has made them quite picky when it comes to commercial foods. I pleased to see that they thoroughly enjoyed these dog treats from Tylee's.

Tylee's Dehydrated & Freeze Dried Dog Treats Review

Tylee's dog treats reviewFreeze Dried Dog Treats

These dog treats are available in two flavors – salmon and beef. The salmon variety is featured in my video review above. Both recipes are human-grade and grain-free. In fact, they are made with just one ingredient – the protein source.

Each treat only has 4 calories, so they are ideal for use as training rewards. You can serve them as they are or crush them up and use them as a healthy food topper. You could also rehydrate the treats with warm water.

All Tylee's products are made in the USA.

As you can see in the photo above, these treats are fairly small. The average treat is just a bit bigger than a sugar cube. Our dogs absolutely love them. I can smell the salmon aroma as soon as I open the package, and they can too!

Dehydrated Dog Treats

Tylee's makes their dehydrated dog treats in chicken, turkey and pork varieties. I tested the chicken treats, and my dogs loved them just as much as the freeze dried dog treats. These are also single ingredient treats, with the protein source being the only ingredient.

The chicken treats pack a whopping 76% protein! As with the freeze dried treats, I can smell the chicken scent as soon as I open the package. Our dogs really enjoy these treats, as you can see in my video review above. Even my pickiest eater will munch on these.

Each treat is quite large, but they are easy to break into smaller pieces. They can be used as training treats or as a daily protein-packed snack for your pup.

Tylee's dehydrated dog treats reviewTylee's products are only available through Chewy. You can purchase a 3.5-ounce bag of the freeze dried dog treats for $10.99 or $9.89 if you sign up for the autoship option. You can purchase an 8-ounce bag of the dehydrated dog treats for $15.49 or $13.94 if you sign up for the autoship option.

While this is quite a bit more expensive than the cheap biscuit treat options that you can find on the shelves of big box stores, these treats are also much healthier for your pet. In fact, most of those cheap biscuit treats provide very little nutritional value.

In my opinion, these dog treats from Tylee's are a good value for the money. They provide a nutritional benefit to your dog without any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. I would rather pay a little bit more to provide a healthier option for my pack.

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