Is your dog in pain? If your answer is yes, you are probably looking for some help. You may be wondering whether vets recommend CBD oil for dogs.

CBD for dogs could be confusing to you, but don't worry because we are here to help you find the answers.

In this article, we will discover why some vets recommend CBD oil and why some don't.

You will also learn some of the factors that affect the decision of most veterinary experts.

And lastly, we'll introduce you to some recommended CBD oil products and tips on choosing the best.

So let's dive right in!

Do Vets Recommend CBD oil for Your Canines?

Do Vets Recommend CBD oil for Your Canines?

Based on studies, CBD has no severe side effects on dogs. It can have a few risks when taking them. So, it is OK to give CBD to your dogs.

Bear in mind that every new medication or supplement for your dog has potential side effects.

Vets know that our dogs are like family to us. They are precious. In turn, vets also look out for their safety.

Your vet will recommend any medications or supplements that could make our canines feel better, which makes us feel better too.

As CBD has gained popularity in the market, it now plays a significant role in society. This popularity impacts veterinary experts, who receive many questions about CBD products for dogs.

Because the result of various studies about CBD has limited evidence, the opinions of veterinarians are primarily anecdotal. Some might recommend using CBD or cannabis, while others would not.

why do some vets support CBD oil for dogs

Why do Some Vets Support CBD

Vets who heartfully support using CBD for medical purposes have their reasons before recommending it. Here are the two things that they consider:

1. They Have Observed Positive Effects on Their Patients

Though they may not regularly receive patients who use CBD on their pets, vets still observed the effect of CBD on them and those of their colleagues.

Veterinarians have started to see more and more benefits of using these products for medical purposes.

According to Dr. Katherine Kramer, the number of positive results from using CBD for dogs outweighs the negative ones.

2. They Have Already Tried It on Their Pets

Vets not only love animals but also have their pets. Probably the number one reason why they pursue their profession.

Those vets who support and recommend CBD most likely have already tried it on their pets. And, they've seen the positive response of their pets to the CBD as medication.

For example, Dr. Verdino uses CBD for his senior dog to help it relax and reduce anxiety symptoms. Dr. Powers tried CBD to help his dog endure his arthritis and storm anxiety.

75% of vets have personally used CBD for their pets and reported that CBD products are good in reducing anxiety and the frequency of seizures.

CBD for Dogs

Why Don't Some Vets Recommend CBD?

On the other hand, other vets might not recommend this CBD. Here may be some reasons why that is.

1. The Lack of Knowledge About CBD for Dogs

Though popularity and curiosity about CBD are rising, scientific data have not kept up. For now, it's not entirely clear yet what CBD products are most effective for.

Because of that, there can be misunderstandings with the proper dosage and interaction with other drugs a pet might be taking.

The good news is that a recent study at Cornell University has determined the correct dosage of CBD.

Even though studies show the practical benefits of CBD in pain management, some vets still feel uncomfortable recommending it.

Some vets want to learn more and have more evidence collected before they are comfortable.

2. Legality of CBD for Dogs

Recommending CBD products for dogs is more complicated because of the Local Federal Law.

Like the United States, some countries are still not allowing CBD to be prescribed by a vet. They may even feel restricted to recommending it to their patients.

Dog owners located in countries where it is legally acceptable to prescribe CBD can easily buy it at the pharmacy or any market with a valid prescription from a vet.

can vet legally recommend CBD oil?

Can Veterinarians Legally Recommend CBD oil to their Clients?

Based on the information above, vets can legally recommend CBD if the government accepts it. And if the products were also legally tested by experts.

That was also the thought of Dr. Klien in his interview about this question. However, he added that federal laws might change over time.

When more studies are done and show excellent results, then vets could promote CBD for dogs legally.

How to Talk to Your vet about CBD for Your dog

Talk to your vet regularly about any changes in your dogs' health or about the new medications. Even if your vet has not recommended CBD for your pet, they may have seen evidence or read a study that changed their minds.

As a pet owner, you should feel free to talk to a vet regarding the use of CBD products as a medication. Respect their opinions and their guidance. We recommend doing your research too.

Here are some tips you can do when planning to talk to your vet about CBD oil:

  • Be comfortable with them
  • Find a vet who has a background in CBD
  • Slowly introduce the things you want to talk about
  • Be honest about your purpose or goals
  • Ask for their opinion or understanding
  • Be a good listener to their recommendations
  • If you are already using CBD, take note of the patterns, symptoms, and effects you have seen
  • Bring the product you are using. So they can examine its properties and ingredients.

By communicating freely with your vet and being open and honest, you'll have a good conversation, and you both may learn something new.

Recommending CBD for Dogs Vets Will Consider:

Here are a couple of things that can affect the decision of your veterinarian before recommending CBD oil for your dogs:

1. The Law

As mentioned above, this is the one that affects your vet's decision. And is an essential thing to consider.

CBD and hemp from the cannabis plant can still be confusing to them. Today, 33 states have made CBD legal, but it is still not legal from a federal perspective.

According to Animal Medical Drug Use Clarification Act (AMDUCA), vets can prescribe certain human drugs to cure pets' health problems. However, CBD could be considered lifesaving. It can't be prescribed.

2. The Culture

Culture also plays a vital role in the medical industry. It is one of the things that a vet considers before recommending any medication or supplement like CBD.

In a study of the National Center for Biotechnology Information about cannabis, they've found the two cultural factors that may influence one's decision about CBD:

  • The willingness of the people to acknowledge the use of cannabis products like CBD
  • Their neutral response on their perception, emotion, and sense of self

That is why some vets incorporate cultural considerations in prescribing CBD products.

choosing the best cbd for dogs

What is the Safest CBD oil for Dogs?

Many CBD oil product brands are available on the market. They have been produced by companies that do SOME research and experiments.

How to Choose the Safest and Best CBD for Dogs

But when choosing the safest and the best CBD oil for your canines, you should consider:

1. The Opinion of Experts

Expert opinions are significant not only in choosing CBD products but also in other medications. That's why I recommend you consult your vet first.

2. Learn From Other Dog Owners Experiences

You can probably talk to those who regularly use CBD with their pets. Your vet can give you references for other patients. Or you can go online and research and follow a forum or group specifically about CBD for dogs.

3. Trusted Brands by Professionals

Find a trusted brand company. One that has good reviews or testimonials. This way, you are sure to choose the safest and best CBD for dogs.

4. Look for Organic CBD

Find CBD that does not contain any solvents, pesticides, or fungicides. It would help if you looked for an organic CBD to ensure the safest and best CBD for your dog.

5. Don't Just Look At Price

The cheaper the products may mean the higher the risk. With a low price comes lower quality. Find an affordable product and of high quality.

6. Certificate of Analysis

We always recommend you choose a product that has an up-to-date COA. The analysis will help you ensure that it does not contain THC or other additives that can be toxic to your pet.

Our Vets Recommendations of CBD for Dogs

Talking with our veterinarians, here are their recommendations for trusted companies and their products. These ten brands provide quality products that you can trust. All have concentrated in their studies and are clinically tested.

A company that is dedicated to providing the best CBD products for all. Not only for humans but for animals too. Their CBD comes in two different flavors, salmon and chicken, which are excellent ways to blend into your pet's food.

Their dog treats are vegan, do not contain THC, a non-GMO, and use organic hemp. 20 treats per pouch (4 mg CBD per treat).

Which gives your pet full benefit from different compounds.

This company also brings the best CBD for your four-legged pets.

They mainly focus on organic matters. They carry both oils and chews.

Their formula has two ingredients, the extract from CBD and the organic olive oil. It contains potent terpenes that support your dog's health.

The CBD from Purekana is made with a full-spectrum hemp seed oil and the natural flavor of bacon. What dog doesn't like bacon flavor?

Their CBD product and produce specifically for pets contain 100% natural ingredients.

They have developed CBD products that veterinarians approve. A CBD for dogs that have the same standards of CBD on humans.

A sister company of Nanocraft CBD. All of their products are made with broad-spectrum hemp formula. Petly also sells powder for your dog's food and CBD oil for cats.

Offers a high-quality but affordable CBD product that initially contains 0% THC. Made with the purest CBD isolate, this CBD Sweet Potato pet treats, 10mg each.

CBDFX CBD for dogsIt might be the last on the list but not the least. CBDFX has been trusted since 2014 and provides high-quality products from all-natural ingredients.

giving cannabidiol oil for dogs

How to Give CBD Oil to Your Pet

You can give CBD oil to your dogs orally. CBD oil products are made with a glass dropper, so you give them directly to your pet's mouth. They can quickly lick on the dropper.

However, if they suffer from muscle pain or skin problem, you can also directly apply the oil to the affected area. So, it's not hard at all.

How Fast Does CBD Work in Dogs?

CBD oils tend to reach the bloodstream faster than biscuits. So, based on observations, it takes 30-45 minutes for CBD oil to work on your dogs. But, it could take two weeks to see the result.

How quickly CBD works can depend on the dosage your canine is given and the brand and type of the product you use.

How Often Can You Give CBD to Your Dog?

If your vet advises you to give CBD to your pets or you have done your research, you can do it daily.

Depending on the severity of the pain they're suffering or health issues they are having, you give CBD several times a day. You can provide CBD every 8-12 hours.

Do Vets Recommend CBD for Dogs: Final Insights

CBD is accepted in some countries, but do vets recommend CBD oil for dogs? The answer depends on your vet because every vet has their own opinions.

If your vet recommends CBD or not, you have the freedom to choose what's best for your dog. It's always important to hear your vet's advice to help guide you, but we recommend that you do your research as well.

Visiting your vet educated on the subject of CBD for dogs can result in a productive open line of communication that can help both you and your vet do what's best for your dog.

CBD for Dogs