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Review: Welcome Waggin’ Homemade Dog Treats

It seems like a new dog treat recall pops up in the news a few times every month. Between these recalls and all the treats that have been linked to canine health issues in the past few years, dog owners are constantly searching for healthier options. It doesn't get much healthier than homemade dog treats, but who has the time for that?

Since homemade treats don't use the preservatives that traditional commercial dog treats do, they don't last as long. If you don't have the time to make your dog a new batch of treats every week there are still options. Many small businesses make homemade dog treats for pet parents looking for a healthier alternative.

One such business is Welcome Waggin'. They specialize in making a wide variety of all-natural, organic dog treats. Based in Newburgh, Indiana, the company ships their treats nationwide, and I was lucky enough to receive three different products to sample in exchange for my honest review.

Welcome Waggin' Homemade Dog Treats Review

Welcome Waggin' Homemade Dog Treats Review

Since the treats are made with local ingredients, the menu changes depending on which ingredients are available at the time. You can see a full treat menu on the company's website or you can follow them on Facebook to stay up-to-date with any new releases. I received three different products to test with my girls.

As a disclaimer, I want to mention that our 9-month chocolate will eat ANYTHING that comes her way. I hear that's pretty typical for a Labrador. However, we also have a 5-year-old boxer, Chloe. Chloe is a rescue dog and she only has a few teeth.

For this reason, Chloe is very choosy about the texture of her dog food and treats. On top of this, she's also a very picky eater. I have found that homemade treats work best for her. The aroma of the fresh ingredients are certainly more appealing to her than the artificial ingredients found in most treats.

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I would say that's true for most dogs, but again our lab will eat anything that you put in front of her muzzle. I wasn't surprised that our lab enjoyed all three of the homemade dog treats that I received, but I was shocked that Chloe enjoyed all three. I was expecting her to enjoy one or two of them, but she gobbled up all of them.

The first treat flavor that I received is called Hunka, Hunka burnin love. These are the heart-shaped treats you see in the photo above. For those of you who are Elvis fans, you know that The King was a fan of peanut butter and banana sandwiches. The ingredients include bacon, honey, homemade unsalted peanut butter. bananas, banana chip and whole wheat flour.

These treats about 2.5 inches wide across the top of the heart and about a half an inch thick. Although they are a biscuit-type treat, they are also very moist. You can easily break small pieces off and use one of these homemade dog treats to reward your dog 5 or more times.

Welcome Waggin' Homemade Dog Treats Review

I also received Ben's Grilled Cheese n Bacon Sammiches. They are the triangle-shaped treats that you can see in the pictures. The ingredients in these treats are bacon, organic cheddar cheese, oats and brown rice flower. You can smell the bacon as soon as you take them out of the wrapper.

Although my girls enjoyed all three treats, these were definitely their favorite. I think it was the aroma of bacon that enticed them and they both really liked the flavor.

The last homemade dog treats that I received from Welcome Waggin' are called Tummy Troubles. They are the little orange balls that you can see pictured above. These treats are made with pumpkin, because the fiber in pumpkin is gentle and effective in aiding in your dog's digestive health.

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Welcome Waggin' Homemade Dog Treats Review
Photo: Samantha Randall

These treats would be beneficial for pet's with an upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea or excessive gas. I only had a few of these treats to sample, so I can't speak personally on their ability to aid in digestive health, but the research on pumpkin is clear – it's an excellent digestive aid for dogs and cats!

Tummy Trouble homemade dog treats from Welcome Waggin' are made with organic pumpkin, cinnamon, oats and brown rice flower. The company also offers treats made with cranberries for urinary tract health, Flea Fighter treats, Breath Buster's and many other varieties that are specifically made to treat certain health conditions.

Ordering treats is easy. You can send Welcome Waggin' a Facebook message or contact them through their website. Treat prices are 2 for $3.50 or you can get a variety pack for $20.00. Tack on 7% for tax and $6.00 for shipping. Tummy Troubles are the only exception. They are 4 for 2.00. You can also order Pupcakes for $2.00 each.

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Summary of Welcome Waggin' Homemade Dog Treats Review

PROSThese dog treats are homemade with natural, fresh, organic ingredients. They are healthy and safe for your dog. The wide variety of treats offered by Welcome Waggin' will give your dog a taste of many fresh vegetables and fruits. They also offer many varieties that are formulated to help your pet manage health issues like digestive trouble, bad breath and even fleas.

CONS: These treats are more expensive than traditional commercial treats, but you're getting a much healthier product. Since these treats are homemade and all-natural, they don't have preservatives. This means they need to be refrigerated and won't last nearly as long as store bought treats.

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welcome-waggin-homemade-dog-treats-reviewThese homemade treats from Welcome Waggin' come in many flavors and some are formulated to help with health issues such as gas and digestive problems. They're made with natural, organic ingredients, so the shelf life is less than traditional commercial treats, but they're well worth it!