Virtually every dog loves to play with toys, but they all play differently.

Some dogs like to fetch and tug, while others like to chew.

Still, some pups just like to have a soft toy to carry around with them.

West Paw Rowdies dog toys are quite versatile, but they are plush toys, so they're not suitable for aggressive or destructive chewers.

It's important to offer your dog a variety of toys that appeal to him.

For example, if your dog likes to fetch, soft plush toys that cannot be thrown very far would not be a good choice for him.

You need to select toys based on your pet's interests.

Along the same lines, it's important to choose toys that will be entertaining for your pooch.

If you buy an aggressive chewer a plush toy that is easily destroyed, it's not going to keep his attention very long.

As you can see in my video review above, our dogs enjoy playing with West Paw Rowdies dog toys.

Neither of our girls are power chewers, but sometimes, they get in the mood to shred things while they're playing.

How have West Paw Rowdies' toys held up? Let me tell you!

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West Paw Rowdies Dog Toys Review

West Paw Rowdies Dog ToysFirst of all, how funny are these dog toys? They all even have their own names.

The ones I'm featuring in this review are Custer, Fergus, and Sanders.

We've had a lot of compliments on them when people visit our home, and I think they'd make a really fun gift for any dog or dog owner you may need to shop for.

West Paw Rowdies dog toysOnce you get past their adorable appearance, you'll also see that they are very well made.

These West Paw Rowdies dog toys are made with HardyTex reinforced fabric that has a strong mesh backing.

Can you see the little nubs that are used to make the “hands” and “feet” of these toys?

They are made from West Paw's unique Zogoflex material (which is a soft plastic blend).

It feels similar to rubber and is extremely durable to gnawing jaws.

My dogs love these little nubs, and they haven't been able to chew them off yet.

As I mentioned, even though these are made to be more durable than traditional plush toys, West Paw Rowdies dog toys are NOT made for aggressive or destructive chewers.

West Paw Rowdies dog toysWest Paw is a very reputable company, which is something that is extremely important to me as a pet owner and as a consumer.

Their toys are made in the USA, which makes me happy. They also offer a one-time replacement or refund guarantee.

This is important to me, and it should be important to you, too, if you don't want to waste your money on dog products that won't stand up to your pet's chewing.

One thing I did notice is that the fuzzy hair that covers these toys is very appealing to our little Beagle.

She loves to pull things apart into little pieces, and she's taken a liking to pulling the hair off of these toys.

Although she gives them small “haircuts” from time to time, it hasn't seemed to do any noticeable damage to the toy's construction.

When things are made with higher quality materials to be more durable than similar products, they're almost always more expensive.

That's the case with West Paw Rowdies dog toys.

WEST PAW Rowdies Durable Plush Dog Toy with HardyTex and Zogoflex Chew Zones, Custer, Lemon Custer, the long orange toy in my review, is currently selling for $22.95 on Amazon.

Fergus and Sanders are, unfortunately, not available as of this update.

However, you can check out their other friends, Darby and Geraldine (both for $20.95) and Froid ($19.96.)

Obviously, these toys are quite a bit more expensive than other traditional plush dog toys.

When you take into consideration the durability and safety of the materials used to make them, you can see why they cost more.

If you have a dog that likes to play with toys and isn't a destructive power chewer, you'll get your money's worth out of West Paw Rowdies dog toys.

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