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Review: Woofmat Orthopedic Dog Bed


Most dog owners believe that any soft material will make a comfortable bed for their canine companion. Sadly, substandard bedding material can actually do damage to your dog's bones and joints over time. Some beds, like the Woofmat Orthopedic Dog Bed, are specifically designed to support your pet's body and provide comfort while he sleeps.

An orthopedic dog bed is made with memory foam or a similar material. The purpose of this type of bed is to relieve the stress on pressure points when your dog is lying down. When sleeping on the hard floor, blankets or thin dog beds, your pooch can feel every pressure point.

WoofmatThis discomfort causes him to shift around a lot during his sleep. While you may see your pet “sleeping” for many hours each day, he's actually tossing and turning and not getting the quality rest that his body needs.

Orthopedic beds are designed to take the stress off the bones and joints. This not only allows your pup to sleep better, but it also aids in long term hip, bone and joint health. Not to mention, your dog will be happier and more well-rested.

Unfortunately, most dog owners associate the need for an orthopedic dog bed with senior pets. Yes, it's true that older dogs suffer from joint pain and mobility issues, which means they need a high quality dog bed. But, you should actually be thinking about providing a top quality bed while your pooch is still young in order to help prevent these joint problems for as long as possible.

Woofmat Orthopedic Dog Bed Review

Woofmat Orthopedic Dog BedThe Woofmat Dog Bed is made from natural materials including Celliant. Celliant is a responsive material that has been shown to create positive changes in body function, like increased blood flow and circulation.

In fact, Celliant is the first product of its kind to be declared a medical device and general wellness product by the FDA.

The mattress filling is made of orthopedic foam that is formed into pyramidal shapes. This design allows the mattress to adapt to all animals' body shapes, while also providing a massaging effect.

As you can see in my video review above, there is also a high-quality microfiber cover over the mattress. The cover zips off for easy cleaning, and it's machine washable and dryable! The cover is also water repellent and fray resistant.

WoofmatOur dogs like to nest before lying down. We've been using the Woofmat for weeks, and even though they have scratched and scratched, it is not showing any signs of wear or damage.

The bottom of the cover is made of an anti-slip fabric, so you don't have to worry about the bed sliding out from under your dog when he lies down or tries to get up. Our dogs seem to be very comfortable sleeping on the Woofmat, as you can see from my photos.

This dog bed is only available in 2 sizes:

  • 24″L x 16″W x 2″H
  • 39″L x 27″W x 2″H

Woofmat Orthopedic Dog BedI wish it was available in a larger size for multi-pet households and extra large breeds. In my video review you can see that our Labrador just barely fits on this bed. If she stretches out, she hangs off the sides. Plus, we have 3 dogs that love snuggling and sleeping together.

It's also available in 4 colors: purple, red, blue and brown. You have to purchase the Woofmat through the company's website. The prices are listed in Euro, but it will convert to US Dollars when you make the purchase. The smaller size sells for about $100 and the larger for about $145.

While that may seem like an expensive dog bed, it is about average for a high quality orthopedic bed. I also like that this option is only about 2″ high, so it is a great option to use as a dog bed inside of a crate or to take along while traveling with your pup.

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Review of Woofmat Orthopedic Dog Bed

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