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Review: Zelda’s Song Custom Pet Themed Photojewelry


Valentine's Day is just around the corner. If you're looking for a unique gift for someone on your list, you need to check out Zelda's Song Pet Themed Photojewelry. These unique creations are completely customizable, and you can add your pet's photo to make them truly one-of-a-kind.

It's easy to create a piece of jewelry from Zelda's Song. You don't need to be technologically inclined – trust me, I am not. They can work with printed photos if you'd like to send them through the mail, or you can upload digital images to the company's website.

Zelda's Song will take your photos and add them to the piece of jewelry that you select. You can also include additional charms or a special engraved message. They have so many options to choose from including thin bracelets, thick leather cuffs and even charm bracelets. You can find something for any dog lover!

Zelda's Song Custom Pet Themed Photojewelry Review

Zelda's Song Custom Pet Themed Photojewelry Review

I received the bracelet in the photo above in exchange for my honest review. I am so pleased with this bracelet! It's comfortable, fits perfectly and of course I can show the pictures of my girls off to everyone. It's a wonderful gift that really means a lot to me.

As you can see in the photo, the pictures almost look antique – kind of like there are tiny white dots all over them. This is because the photos are sealed with a waterproof resin. You only see them when you look closely (or in this case when you zoom in with a camera).

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I chose the Molly Bracelet, but there are many different styles to choose from. I liked that this bracelet was thin – 3/8″ to be exact. I don't like cuffs or bulky bracelets hanging from my wrist. The Molly Bracelet is a thin-strapped bracelet made of leather. If you don't like the idea of wearing leather, the company also makes metal charm bracelets.

The fine Italian leather of this bracelet is complimented nicely by pewter charms. You can start with just a few charms, like I did, and then add more over time. The Molly Bracelet fits wrists from 6 to 8-inches in circumference, and many of the other bracelets available from Zelda's Song can fit people with larger wrist sizes.

As I mentioned, there are so many different options. There are feminine choices, but you can also get leather cuffs or other more masculine choices as well. There are multiple unisex options to choose from too. You can also select different colors and, of course, add different charms and photos.

Zelda's Song Custom Pet Themed Photojewelry Review
Photo: Samantha Randall

Essentially, you could customize one of these pieces of Zelda's Song Pet Themed Photojewelry to meet anyone's taste. As you can see, I chose to have my bracelet made in a raspberry color, but you can also select brown, black or eggplant in this style.

My photos are placed into round charms, but you also have the option of square charms if you like the way that looks. You can pair your photos with heart-, paw- or bone-shaped charms as well. They also have other products including keychains, leashes and collars.

No matter what product you choose and which options you select, you'll get to proof your product before it's created. One of the designers will email you a proof of your product, and if you don't like the way the finished product will look you can make changes before it is made.

As much as I love this bracelet, I know that these products are not going to fit into everyone's budget. Depending on the style, color, charms and photos that you select, the price of your bracelet will vary. Just as an estimate, Molly Bracelets start at $55 for one photo. It's about $25 for each additional and $20 for each charm you add.

Summary of Zelda's Song Custom Pet Themed Photojewelry Review

PROSStyle, durability and customization. You can design a custom bracelet for yourself or the dog lover in your life. You can add pictures of any pet to this bracelet, so it's a great gift for cat lovers too! This is a great alternative to traditional jewelry and would make a really special gift.

CONS: The price. Zelda's Song Custom Pet Themed Photojewelry is made with high quality materials and is extremely durable. It's completely customizable and unique. It's also going to cost you. One bracelet can cost upwards of $200. Of course, you are getting what you pay for – a timeless piece of jewelry that will allow you to memorialize your furry friends. It's also less expensive than traditional jewelry, but I know it won't fit into everyone's budget.

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