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Are You Ready To Take Action LikeThese Celebs?

Are You Ready To Take Action LikeThese Celebs
Photo: Dewey Nicks (ASPCA)

A new fundraiser backed by big name celebrities is a fun way for you to share your love of animals and consider adopting, fundraising or volunteering! This cool action campaign is nationwide and very interactive. Each week you have an opportunity to have a photo chosen to be posted on the website with your pet.

There are fun ways you can get involved in this 150 Days of Rescue campaign by the ASPCA. You'll be participating alongside stars like 50 Cent, Jason Schwartzman and Krysten Ritter. You can create your own fundraiser, volunteer at your local shelter or simply talk to your friends and family about animal welfare issues.

You can also share your volunteer activities or new adoptions. The goal is that people will spend 15 minutes focused on animal rescue, and there will even be $150,000 donated to a lucky animal shelter. This runs April 10 to September 7. Be sure to enter your local shelter for a chance at the grand prize!

Are You Ready To Take Action LikeThese Celebs
Photo: Dewey Nicks (ASPCA)

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This cool effort is to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the ASPCA. You could also get involved by donating to a local animal shelter or contacting the government in your area about animal rights issues. Browse the ASPCA for lots of fun ideas on ways we can all give back to the animal community which we are an integral part of.

Snazzy photos of these big stars with their loving animals are pushing this program along with heartfelt videos of them talking about their relationships with their pets. If you’re sitting there right now thinking, wow this is a pretty cool thing, why not do something about it?

Can you volunteer? Can you share this with people you know and spend time talking to them about rescuing pets? Even if you can’t have a dog where you live, chances are people you know would really benefit from having a dog.

It’s proven that people are actually healthier and live longer on average if they have dogs.

Are You Ready To Take Action LikeThese Celebs
Photo: Dewey Nicks (ASPCA)

The goal is to have 150,000 actions for animals in just 150 days. Which of your friends would hop on board with this and help? Even busy celebrities like Jennifer Coolidge have taken a stand for this awesome cause!

You can see her and her pups in the image at the top of this article. She has two dogs that she admits, sleep in bed with her and eat whatever they want. She can’t imagine life without them. She found one on the street without a collar or a home in Hollywood.

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On Instagram this is being tracked with the #ASPCA150 and there are prize packs being offered for people that raise over $150. Plus, extra giveaways from Animal Planet and Vans are available for photo contest winners! This is a fun and interactive way to connect to your global community of animal lovers and start getting people excited about pet adoption.

You could be the catalyst that brings a loving animal into someone’s life just when they really need it. So why not join the likes of Miles Brown and Edie Falco and be just as inspiring as them because you stand for something worthwhile! Become a local hero by having a cause you support.

It’s a great time to start, and you never know what nice people you will meet along the way that could become lifelong friends. Nice people tend to be animal lovers and volunteering for these organizations is also a way for people to socialize and create a greater sense of community. Don’t forget to share this story and these fancy photos with your friends and family!

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