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Review: Arf Pets Memory Training Puzzle Dog Toy


The best dog toys provide entertainment and mental stimulation. Mental stimulation is important to enrich your dog and keep his brain sharp. It also helps to burn excessive energy and help to calm your active companion. The Arf Pets Memory Training Puzzle Toy is a 2-in-1 puzzle toy and slow feeder.

Studies have shown that increased mental activity leads to greater mental health, attention spans and learning capacity. Did you know that the messages between neurons in your dog’s brain will actually slow down if they’re not used?

Arf Pets Memory Training Puzzle ToyOnce you stimulate your dog's brain, the activity in the neuron pathways will increase. That means that it isn't too late to get your dog's brain in shape.

While some owners stimulate their pup with nose work, outdoor adventures or training sessions, most people don't have time to do these things every day. Interactive dog toys like the Art Pets Memory Training Toy provide an easy way to keep your dog's mind engaged while entertaining him at the same time. They also allow your dog to do some brain training when you're away from home and he gets bored.

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Arf Pets Memory Training Puzzle Toy Review

Arf Pets Memory Training Puzzle ToyAs our new puppy, Thor, demonstrates in my video review, this puzzle toy is quite simple to use. There is a button and a small treat/food dispenser. When your dog pushes the button, a sound clip plays and a small amount of food is dispensed.

The button can communicate with the dispenser from up to 100 feet away. At first, you place the button right next to the dispenser. This allows your dog to get an immediate reward. He'll learn pretty quickly that when he pushes the button, food is released from the dispenser.

Our puppy has also learned that to associate the sound that the button makes with the food being dispensed. He has touched the button without pushing it hard enough to activate it. Now, he realizes that if he doesn't hear the noise, the button didn't activate the feeder.

You can begin to gradually increase the distance between the button and the dispenser as Fido starts to grasp the concept of the Arf Pets Memory Training Puzzle Toy. The concept is simple, so it caters to virtually all dogs of every breed and size.

Arf Pets Puzzle ToyIt only took a few minutes to train Thor how to use this device. Our older dogs didn't pick up on it quite as quickly, but they got the hang of it after 4 or 5 short training sessions. It won't be difficult to train your pup to use it at all, as long as he is food motivated. Arf Pets even includes a short training guide to walk you through the process.

I like that this toy promotes mental stimulation while also getting my dogs physically active. By spacing the button and food dispenser further apart, our pups have to continuously walk back and forth between the two. I usually place the feeder in room and the button in another, which means they have to walk a good distance to get to their reward.

The Arf Pets Memory Training Puzzle Toy also comes with a suction cup to attach the button to a wall and a garden stake if you wish to place the button outside. You could even use this puzzle toy with a cat, if he'd be motivated enough to seek out the treats.

Arf Pets Memory Training Puzzle ToyI also like the fact that the number of treats varies each time. This keeps your dog engaged and makes the thrill of a “jackpot” even more exciting!

The only thing I don't like about this product is that requires a lot of disposable batteries. I would love to see Arf Pets make a rechargeable model in the future, but for now this puzzle feeder requires 4 C batteries and 3 AAA batteries. This will get costly over time, and it's not very eco-friendly.

You can buy the Arf Pets Memory Training Puzzle Toy on Amazon for $69.99. I know that price doesn't fit into everyone's budget, especially considering a puzzle toy isn't a necessity. But, if you're looking for an interesting toy that is easy to use and mentally engaging, I believe this product is a good choice.

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