This Puzzle Toy From Kyjen Will Challenge Any Dog

Keeping your pet’s brain healthy is just as important as keeping her body healthy. It is essential to interact with your pet and provide her with stimulating toys and games that will challenge her mind and foster her natural instincts. Puzzle toys are a great way to test your dog’s mental abilities, and this one from Kyjen (now Outward Hound) will challenge even the cleverest pup.

The Cross Slider Dog Toy consists of a plastic dome with a cross-shaped track inside. There are four openings, one on each end of the cross, and one hole in the top of the dome for your dog to stick her muzzle or paw inside. It also comes with a treat ball that can be filled with your choice of dry kibble or small dog treats. Once filled, simply put the ball into the center of the cross and watch the fun begin.

Your dog will have to nuzzle, lick, paw, bite and push to manipulate the ball through the cross. When you first purchase the puzzle toy you can leave all four openings available for the ball to come out. As your dog begins to figure out how to maneuver the ball out of the dome, you can add a cover to one of the ends. The Cross Slider comes with three covers so you can continue to make the puzzle more challenging as your pet learns how to operate it.

The dome part of the toy is made with hard plastic. It is very durable and can withstand all the scratching and biting that your pup will be doing to try to get to the rubber treat ball inside. Once she does figure out how to remove the ball, she will still have to chew on it to get the treats to come out. You won’t have to worry about your pet ruining the ball – it is made of a durable rubber. You can use this dog puzzle toy on carpeting, hardwood floors or even outdoors. It would also be a great way to keep your pet occupied while traveling.

In the beginning your dog may have a little trouble getting used to puzzle toys, but with your encouragement she will be nosing this toy around in no time. Interactive toys like these are a wonderful way to give your dog something to do while you’re out of the house or preoccupied and can’t pay attention to her.

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