Not every dog owner is blessed with a pet who will comply all the time. Some of them simply love to chew on their own beds, regardless of how many times you try to teach them not to chew on it. This is why the indestructible dog bed has been created. But how chew-proof really is the indestructible dog bed? Let's take a closer look.

One of the most popular of the best chew-resistant dog beds is the one manufactured by Kuranda, so we've picked this one as our subject for review because of its popularity.

Kuranda is a small company that was established around 1987 and are currently based in Annapolis, Maryland. They primarily specialize in good quality dog beds for a reasonable price, including the indestructible dog bed we're going to discuss below. Overall, it seems like majority of customers are pretty happy with what the company has accomplished and the products they sell.

Now, what about the indestructible dog bed?

Kuranda's indestructible dog bed is advertised as providing guarantee that your dog will not be able to chew through it, and you won't need a new one soon after. The company also provides one year full warranty, which isn't too bad (although you have to consider that Big Barker dog bed manufacturer offers 10 years warranty). As you can see in the photo, the bed itself is pretty standard and simple, which is why it works. Indestructible dog bed is available for purchase in 4 colors and 5 sizes, from small to extra-extra-large. All dog beds are manufactured exclusively in the USA.

Other than reading Top Dog Tips indestructible dog bed review, for more details, I suggest you to take a look at this bed's Amazon page, and especially customer reviews where you'll find a lot of great tips and advice on how to use the bed, which one to buy and most importantly – how did this dog bed perform for others.

Indestructible Dog Bed Review

Indestructible Dog Bed Review - Is it Chew-proof?
Indestructible Dog Bed

The key benefit of Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Bed is that it's made on a very strong PVC frame that will support the dog's weight (e.g. Kuranda's large indestructible dog bed can be bought for dogs up to 120 pounds). This frame alone is 50% of the whole sturdy concept: it's very straightforward, and basic. There's no luxury design, good looks or diamonds hanging off the bed. It's kind of a military style indestructible dog bed. There's no way your dog will be able to chew this plastic frame.

Second thing to focus on is the material used for the dog's support, which has also been picked wisely with sturdiness in mind – Cordura Nylon. Indestructible dog bed ‘s high-denier nylon is resistant to abrasions, but at the same time looks decent and even somewhat classy. It's very durable and feels like canvas, a perfect material for indoor use. Other types of Kuranda's indestructible dog bed can also be made using the ballistic nylon, which is just as durable like the cordura one, but its smooth finish will ensure no dog hair on the bed, which means cleaning will be a piece of cake. Finally, they also have an indestructible dog bed with a heavy duty 40 oz vinyl, which is the most durable of the lot. The surface of this material is very smooth, and cleaning is similar to the way you'd clean a desk – swipe and you're done.

Finally, the design of the bed is also pretty simple, similarly to the whole concept of what an indestructible dog bed should look like. Functional. The bed is elevated from the floor, which will ensure that your canine is warm in winter and cool in summer. Its orthopedic design – or at least that's how the bed is advertised – will keep your dog comfortable and healthy. If you're unsure which dog bed will fit your canine, or how to even pick the correct bed, try our concise instructions on how to choose a dog bed.

Manufacturer: “Give your dog a lift with the orthopedic support and comfort of a patented Kuranda chewproof dog bed. Our furniture grade poly resin dog bed looks beautiful in any home, yet it's built tough for outdoor use. Please note: the walnut frames are not recommended for use in direct sunlight or locations with high outdoor temps. The walnut colored frame, legs and corners blend perfectly with our wide choice of fabric colors. The UV resistant finish on our frame is guaranteed to stand up to the outdoors and repeated cleaning. All Fasteners are Stainless Steel. Each bed is covered by the Kuranda 1 year warranty. Note: Bed measurements are the outter dimensions, see product bullet points for fabric area. Weight limit on PVC beds is 125lbs, regardless of size.”

Here's what you need to know about the indestructible dog bed

How good is the bed cover?

It's pretty good. Actually, it's one of the better ones you can buy. Unlike most other dog bed covers which come with regular beds, this one is specifically designed to withstand damage and bigger dogs, so wear and tear shouldn't be a problem.

Is it really chew-proof, or will some dogs chew it anyway?

To answer this, I'll repost something that another owner for this indestructible dog bed has already said: “My dog is a powerful chewer but hasn't chewed on the bed. I'm not sure how well it would hold up if she decided to chew it. The legs are made out of pretty solid pvc and the canvas is thick. The company has excellent customer service. I was missing a piece of the bed when I unpacked it (on the weekend). I sent an e-mail to the company and heard back from them the same day and they sent the missing parts out right away.”

Talk about good experience.

Is assembly required? How difficult is it to do?

Yes, assembly is required, but all you need to do is put up the frame and stretch the cover on top of it. It's by no means very difficult and can be done by a single person; however, if you have someone to help you stretch the cover on top of the frame, then you'll be done literally in seconds. If you're alone, it might take about 5 minutes.

Is indestructible dog bed good for outdoors?

Yes, it's good for outdoors too. This is even stated on Kuranda's official website. It holds up very well, and you can even spray it with a hose to clean when outside. If you're worried about the color fading, then try to keep it out of the direct sunlight, especially the Walnut color.

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