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Top Five Best Chew Resistant Dog Beds


Top Best Chew Resistant Dog Beds

Dog owners are often curious whether there really is such a thing as best chew resistant dog beds, or chew proof beds for dogs that cannot be chewed through. “My dog chews through anything!” True – some chew Picking Out the Best Chew Resistant Dog Bedsresistant dog beds will not sustain very strong chewers, particularly large breeds. But are there dog beds that will?

Since I have a strong chewer myself, which cost me a few cheap dog beds (and a dog crate) over the years of our complicated relationship, I took it upon myself to do the research in this area to find out two things:

  1. What can be labeled as actually the best chew resistant dog bed and why?
  2. Are there any chew proof dog beds for large dog breeds (as well as small and medium dogs)?

Here's what I found. Completely indestructible dog beds, especially for large dogs, are like unicorns – they're super hard to come by (actually chew proof dog beds, that is; there's plenty of fake ones out there). Luckily, a few manufacturers do invest into creating truly the best chew resistant dog beds, and these are the ones that I found to be the best options currently available to dog owners:

Indestructible Dog Bed Price Quality Rating
Orvis Deep Dish Toughchew Dog Bed $$$$ A 4.6/5
Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Bed $$ A+ 4.7/5
K9 Ballistics Orthopedic TUFF Bed $$$ A- 4.5/5
Orvis Toughchew Dog Bed With Polyester $$$ B- 4.4/5
K9 Ballistics Round TUFF Bed $$ B 4.4/5


How these best chew proof dog beds were rated?

Research of the best chew proof dog bedResearch has shown us that it's actually common for dogs to chew on everything. Beds aren't the only exclusive piece of furniture. Therefore, it's simply smart to consider all types of chew proof options for our pets to avoid getting… angry.

When doing my research to find the most indestructible dog bed for my obnoxious chewer, I considered several factors to draw a more accurate conclusion for this list. First, I created a list of “goals” that all these best chew resistant dog beds need to “accomplish.”

Second, for the actual assessment, I took it upon asking the owners, researching company's reputation and the bed's rank, took a look at what pet owners said about each chew proof dog bed (and I provide those below), considered other chew resistant dog bed reviews, and of course factored in how these best indestructible dog beds were made and using what materials.

I ranked these chew proof dog beds based on a combination of the following factors:

  • Actual resistance to medium dog's chewing
  • Materials used in the making of the bed
  • Dog bed's comfort level (no less important, but doesn't go well with chew resistance)
  • Price to value ratio
  • Reputation, opinions and reviews from other dog owners

What you see in this list of best chew resistant dog beds is what I came up with through my research. I encourage you to read those reviews of dog beds from other owners so you get a better idea of what it's about, and also do your own due diligence before buying.

Orvis Toughchew vs Kuranda Chewproof vs K9 Ballistics Dog Beds

As you can see in the list, it all comes down to three types of best chew proof dog beds:

  • K9 Ballistics Orthopedic TUFF BedPillow-like beds, because they're simply pillows from strong material and are difficult to chew, nor are dogs are attracted to chewing on them a lot (like those from K9 Ballistics);
  • Kuranda Walnut PVC Dog BedAlmost military grade actually indestructible dog beds with PVC support, which are pretty much impossible to chew through but with sacrificed comfort (like those from Kuranda);
  • Orvis Deep Dish Toughchew Dog BedAnd the best of both worlds: a dog bed with high level of comfort, chew proof, a little pillow-like but actually looks and feels like a dog bed (like that from Orvis), with the only problem – its price.

So ultimately, I would say to take at my list for reference, but in terms of which is the best chew resistant dog bed specifically for you and your dog will depend on what you're looking out of the bed. All of these are rated as highly chew proof dog beds, but some with more comfort and design and others with less of that. Consider pros and cons of each.

Are there any benefits of using dog beds?

This is one of the main questions I've had back in the day before I purchased by first dog bed. Today, we have some good quality information to answer this question. I recommend listening to Theory of Pets podcast with one of Top Dog Tips editors as the host.

TOP 004 Episode: Benefits of Using Dog Beds with Dr Sarah Wooten and Eric Shannon. The three of them – Samantha (expert on dog products), Dr Wooten (a veterinarian) and Eric (pet industry expert on dog beds) – discuss everything about dog beds, pros and cons, health benefits, dangers of certain beds and more.

Picking out the the best chew resistant dog beds

Best Chew Resistant Dog Beds for Dogs ReviewsIf you're looking at this page, then I probably don't need to tell you why you should consider finding the best chew resistant dog beds for your pets. You already know.

But just in case you're still on the fence, here's at least on reason from my personal experience on why I decided to switch my dog to a chew proof dog bed: I couldn't afford to be buying new dog beds.

Again, studies have shown that dogs are supposed to chew. It's not a bad habit or some misbehavior – it's just the way dogs act. And the reality is that our canines have been known to break their way through things like Kevlar, bricks, wood, chain link fences, and even certain metals. If your dog is an in-born chewer, there's nothing you can do to stop him. And depending how badly your dog wants to chew through some furniture, he will find a way to destruct even the most “indestructible” things.

To a certain level, at least these five best chew resistant dog beds that are chew-proof can protect themselves from your Fido's teeth, which has been tried and tested by many pet owners. The reason those indestructible dog beds are able to accomplish that is because they have been made using the best chew-proof technology and materials. Sometimes, that requires sacrificing comfort levels of the bed.

Before you buy any indestructible dog beds, always consider the company's reputation. This is important because if you buy one of these best chew resistant dog beds, you need guarantees that it will work with your pet. If not, you should get a refund.

That's why I do two things with my rankings: (1) list only companies that work directly with Amazon, because Amazon has the best return policy and they are always, always on the side of the customer (they truly care about staying the most customer-centric company in America); (2) emphasize the importance for you to take a look at the reviews of other pet owners to see what they think about the company (not just the bed itself).

Best Chew Resistant Dog Beds (2016)

1Orvis Deep Dish Toughchew Dog Bed

Orvis Deep Dish Toughchew Dog BedAs the first best chew resistant dog bed, I've picked Orvis' Toughchew bed. I'm not the only one, with many other pet owners and review websites saying the same thing: it's both a comfortable and indestructible dog bed. It's not as chew resistant as Kuranda listed below, but then again, nothing can be more resistant than their “military grade” bed.

Orvis' best indestructible pet bed comes with polyester fill and is best for dogs up to 60 lbs. So if you have a medium sized strong chewer, this could be one of the best chew resistant dog beds for both of you. Unfortunately, if you have a huge Fido, Orvis do not manufacture pet beds for large dogs, which is sad. In fact, the only decent dog bed for large dogs that I found is Big Barker bed.

AmazonThe major drawback of this chewproof dog bed is its price. At $300, it requires serious consideration before you jump the gun. Especially when you consider that Kuranda's dog bed (listed below) only costs just a little above $100. Of course, you pay for company's stellar reputation, bed's comfort and design, which is easily the best one out of the five beds on this list.

Finally, Orvis Toughchew dog bed also comes only in one size and one color. It's not a bad color and the size is perfect for most dogs, because the company picked a sweet spot there. However, it still won't fit all breeds and sizes of dogs. Nevertheless, I recommend you do more due diligence on this indestructible dog bed, because its cost begs for that.


2Kuranda Walnut PVC Dog Bed

Best Chew Resistant Dog Beds for Dogs ReviewsOne of the best chew resistant dog beds that is also very affordable – Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Beds. This pet bed sits strongly on my list as the second best choice.

Why is it second? Even though the bed itself is probably the best chew proof dog bed to ever exist (and also the cheapest one on this list!) it does sacrifice comfort and design for that. So if the style of your dog's bed is important to you, as well as how comfortable your dog will be, then you may want to consider other options.

Don't get me wrong. It's still a comfortable dog bed, and many pet owners in their reviews (link below) have also mentioned no issues with that. It's just not as stylish or comfy as other options on this list of best chew resistant dogs.

Kuranda chewproof dog beds come with a very strong PVC metal frame that will support any dog up to 130 lbs, so these are great dog beds for large dogs. To keep your canine warm or cool, as well as dry at all times, the bed's design is elevated and raised, which is another huge plus. It's extremely simple to clean (as there's not that much to clean in the first place!) and its ballistic nylon will make sure to withstand any type of damage your dog can unleash on this chew proof bed for dogs.

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsEXCELLENT pet bed (read full review): “This is my second purchase of this item because I liked it so much. The bed is very well-made and very sturdy. My dogs try their best to scratch and dig at the material, but it remains intact. They love it! I highly recommend it to…5 out of 5


3K9 Ballistics Orthopedic TUFF Bed

Best Chew Resistant Dog Beds for Dogs ReviewsThird one on this list of best chewproof dog beds is something from the famous K9 Ballistics. This company has been in the business of manufacturing beds for dogs for years now.

They are also one of the first to create a truly indestructible dog bed (which has been beaten to the first place since then, but still). K9 Ballistics' orthopedic dog bed is resistant to heavy/moderate chewers and combines certain features from the two pet beds mentioned above. It's a great looking, stylish, comfortable and durable dog bed that looks good at home.

K9 Ballistics doggy beds also have a thick medicinal-grade levels of foam, including supportive high density dog bed foam and the layer of same high density memory foam. It has completely waterproof outer and inner dog bed covers that will prevent any accidents from taking place on the actual foam. Of course it's also water-, dirt-, tears-, odor-, hair-, stains-resistant. Great choice as an affordable, orthopedic, indestructible chew-proof bed for dogs.

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsBig dogs need our support (read full review): “I'll start off with this: Cons- Snoring dogs all night and a few times during the day. Pros- Everything else. I first bought a medium Original Tuff bed for my Heeler/Shepherd rescue who already when through a blanket and Kong bed. She loved it and…5 out of 5


4Orvis Toughchew Dog Bed With Polyester Fill

Orvis Toughchew Dog Bed With Polyester FillThis chewproof dog bed is also made by the same company, Orvis, who currently owns the first position on my list of best chew resistant dog beds. I also have to mention that it can be interchangeable with the bed in the fifth position, according to what I've researched online.

Both Orvis Toughchew and K9 Ballistics are decent dog beds for chewers. They aren't the most chew-proof on the list, nor did they receive the best ratings from other pet owners and reviewers. However, they're also cheaper than both of these companies' more expensive options, list at first and third position.

Either way, this chew-proof bed for dogs from Orvis is designed for semi heavy duty chewers. It's big, comfortable, high quality and tough. The cover is removable, and you can always wash it in the machine. Again, remember to read this chewproof dog bed reviews from other pet owners before deciding on anything.

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog ProductsExpensive but worth it (read full review): “9 month old pup chewed through it on the first night, then left it for about a month before destroying it. I called Orvis and they were very pleasant. Promised a new one in 3-5 business days. Should be arriving tomorrow. I was very impressed at their customer service and still recommend the bed. I have a little destroyer when it comes to chewing…” 4 out of 5


5 K9 Ballistics Round TUFF Bed

Best Chew Resistant Dog Beds for Dogs ReviewsLast one on my list of best chew resistant dog beds is another decent option from K9 Ballistics. The company is one of the most popular US manufacturers of chew-proof dog beds with great reputation, and this K9 Ballistics Round TUFF bed for dogs has also gained a positive feedback from owners.

While not as strong as the many other indestructible dog beds above and designed primarily for light to moderate chewing dogs, it's more stylish and better looking within your home decor, let alone being more comfortable for your pooch. The bed itself is resistant to most things: dirt, water, odor, tears, hair, etc.

The seams on the bed are double-stitched to provide extra strength, and the ballistic fibers make it a more durable and indestructible dog bed that will last for longer. If you're looking for a bed from K9 Ballistics that's more aimed towards heavy chewers, I suggest trying the bed mentioned above (however, it's more expensive).

Amazon Pet Supplies Reviews Dog Products100% Real Deal!!! (read full review): “Much like other reviewers, I found these as I was looking for tough dog beds…something my 70# Olde English Bulldogge couldn't destroy in 5 minutes or less. Gus went through other “indestructible” beds by Kong (and other “tough bed” I could find at the local Petsmart) in a short amount of time, so I was hesitant of putting up the $100 for a new bed, but so far…5 out of 5

What is the best indestructible dog bed

How are the best chew resistant dog beds built?

Surprisingly, not all dog furniture and dog beds are the same. Certain chew-proof beds for dogs are built to hinder canine's ability to actually chew through the material. For example, some chew-resistant dog beds manufacturers are using dog bed covers made out of military-grade nylon known as 1680 denier ballistic type.

Best Chew Resistant Dog Beds for Dogs ReviewsThis material is often used for body armor in the US military. Obviously, such type of material will be harder to chew through that your regular cheaper cloths used in normal, more pretty, cute and cool dog beds.

Other examples of materials used in best chew resistant dog beds are same ones as used in military flak jackets, sometimes called as ballistic fabric. A lot of chew-proof dog beds dropped using zippers in exchange for ultra-strong velcro closures which they place somewhere hidden (usually underneath) to prevent the dog from reaching them too easily.

These best chew resistant dog beds are also great for outdoors as they can survive pretty much anything. Covers are completely water-resistant and have UV protection as well. No scratches, tears, scrapes or anything can take down these indestructible dog beds.

Finally, another solution to preventing chewing of dog beds are sprays like Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray. This anti-chew spray will make the dog bed unpleasant for your pooch to chew on.

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