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Review: Our Pets Sushi Puzzle Dog Toy


Challenging your dog both mentally and physically is vital for his overall health and well-being. Physical challenges allow your dog to burn energy and stay physically fit. Mental challenges help him learn and keep his brain sharp. Puzzle toys, like the Our Pets Sushi Puzzle Dog Toy, are a simple way to get your pooch up off the couch and get his brain working.

All dog owners know how to meet their dogs' basic needs. Food and water, safety, shelter – we take care of all of these needs on a daily basis. But, did you know that mental stimulation is also needed everyday in order for your dog to live a healthy lifestyle?

A bored dog may become depressed, stressed or anxious. They may also develop naughty behaviors, like chewing or howling, in order to entertain themselves. If you don't provide enough mental stimulation for your pet, it may result in serious problems for both of you.

Studies have shown that playing with a toy that makes a dog think and use abilities he already has in a new way will tire him as much as a walk around the block! What would your dog say if he was talking about his ideal toy? He'd probably tell you that he wanted something fun that would peak his interest and keep him entertained while you were away, like a puzzle toy!

Our Pets Sushi Puzzle Dog Toy

Our Pets Sushi Dog Puzzle ToyThis toy gives your dog a chance to play hide-and-seek with some treats or kibble. There are small holes under each sushi piece. The pieces slide back and forth to reveal one treat at a time.

Your dog will need to use his paws and nose to move the pieces around and retrieve every snack. The toy could also be used for cats. It provides mental stimulation that will keep your pet entertained when you don't have time to play with him.
As you can see in my video review above, my Labrador loves this puzzle toy. She is extremely food motivated, so she can get all of the treats in under 5 minutes. My smaller dogs spend 10-15 minutes rooting around trying to find all of the treats.
You could even use the Our Pets Sushi Toy as a slow feeder for a small or medium breed. It won't hold much more than 1/2 cup of food at a time, so it wouldn't be a good slow feeder for larger dogs.

You can easily clean the toy with soap and warm water, which is a must for me. The puzzle gets all slobbery and drool gets inside each little cup. You can't put it in the dishwasher, but it's very easy to wash by hand.

The Our Pets Sushi Puzzle Dog Toy sells for $14.95 on Amazon. It's affordable on any budget. I believe this puzzle dog toy is a good value for the price. It would also make a great gift idea for any pup on your shopping list.

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Sushi Puzzle Dog Toy