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The pet market continues to grow, and we see more products coming out for dog owners to buy and use. Top Dog Tips publishes several videos a week where we present the most interesting, best looking, unique and unusual dog products, dog technology, or anything else related to dogs. Videos only, every single week!
Cheesy Homemade Dog Biscuit Recipevideo

Cheesy Homemade Dog Biscuit Recipe

Cheese is a very healthy treat for dogs, though it should not be fed in large quantities. It's filled with essential nutrients like calcium, protein,...
How To Read Dog Food Labelsvideo

How to Read Dog Food Labels Accurately

If you want to be a responsible dog owner, it's imperative that you know how to read dog food labels. The regulations in the...
How To Choose the Right Size Dog Toyvideo

How to Choose the Right Size Dog Toys

You need to understand how to choose the right size dog toys whether you have a large breed or a small dog. The wrong...
How To Make Homemade Flea Spray for Dogsvideo

How to Make Homemade Flea Spray for Dogs (3 Recipes)

Learning how to make homemade flea spray for dogs will save you money and reduce your pet's exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins that...
How To Give A Dog Massagevideo

How to Give a Dog Massage and 3 Pet Massage Types

If I told you that you could greatly benefit your dog's health in just 10 minutes a day, would you do it? It doesn't...
How To Measure For and Choose the Right Dog Harnessvideo

How to Measure for and Choose the Right Dog Harness

We all know that dogs need exercise. Whether you do daily walks or go hiking on wooded trails in your area, there are key pieces...
How To Measure A Dog For Clothingvideo

How to Measure a Dog for Clothing

Did you know that dog clothing can be dangerous for dogs to wear if it doesn't fit properly? Items that are too loose pose a...
How To Take Great Photos of A Dogvideo

6 Tips on How to Take Great Photos of a Dog

We've all seen adorable photos of dogs in magazines, and those super cute pics that our friends post of their pups on social media....
how to check a dog's vital signsvideo

How To Check A Dog’s Vital Signs – Video Guide

The hardest part about owning a dog is knowing when and how to care for his health. Our dogs can't tell us when their...
Best Dog Clippersvideo

Best Dog Clippers Comparison: Andis vs. Wahl vs. Scaredy Cut

Grooming your dog at home will save you a lot of money in professional grooming expenses. Most owners perform simple tasks like brushing and...
How To Fit A Dog Collarvideo

How to Fit a Dog Collar Properly: A Quick Video Guide

Dog collars aren't just for making a bold fashion statement or attaching a lead. It's imperative that every dog wear a collar to hold...
Backseet Barker Dog Bed Reviewvideo

Review: Backseat Barker Dog Bed for SUVs

Big Barker is known for their incredibly comfortable orthopedic dog beds. I've previously reviewed their Big Barker large bed. Now, the company has released...