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Zucchini Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Recipe: Peanut Butter Zucchini Dog Treats

Many commercial pet food products are full of artificial ingredients and fillers that provide no nutritional value. Making treats at home, like these peanut butter zucchini dog treats, allows you to have complete control over the ingredients used in the recipe and the preparation process.
Pet Matrx Supplements

Giveaway: Pet Matrx Supplements for Dogs ($130+ Value)

Every dog can benefit from adding supplements to his diet. Not matter the age, weight or breed of the dog, there are supplements that can improve his overall health and well being. These Pet Matrx dog supplements are formulated to help improve the health of virtually every dog.
Digss Enventur Travel Kennel

Review: Diggs Enventur Travel Kennel

If you travel with your dog frequently, a comfortable travel crate is a necessity. The Diggs Enventur Travel Kennel is a one-of-a-kind inflatable dog crate designed to fit well in most vehicles.
What To Do If You Find A Litter of Kittens

What To Do If You Find A Litter of Kittens?

I hope you're never in the position of dealing with a litter of abandoned kittens. However, if you've clicked on this article, you must be wondering what to do if you find a litter of kittens.
How To Stop Dogs From Humping

How To Stop Dogs From Humping?

Few things are more embarrassing than when your dog humps another dog - or worse - another person. Learning how to stop dogs from humping is more about understanding the behavior than disciplining your dog.
How Much Exercise Should My Dog Get_

How Much Exercise Should My Dog Get?

Most of us try to be conscious of our own health and well being, but do you ever consider your dog's? If you've been wondering how much exercise should my dog get, you've come to the right place!
How To Trap Feral Cats

How To Trap Feral Cats?

If you're reading this article, you must be having trouble with a feral cat. Learning how to trap feral cats is pretty simple, but it's important that you work with the correct organizations to ensure the feral cat will get the care he needs once trapped.
PetSafe Treat and Train

Review: PetSafe Treat and Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer

Having the right dog training equipment is essential to effective training. The PetSafe Treat and Train is a remote dog training aid that allows you to reward your pet from up to 30 yards away.
PetSafe Automatic Feeder

Review: PetSafe Automatic Feeder for Dogs & Cats

Most people don't need to feed their pets on a regular schedule. If your pet has certain health conditions or is trying to achieve a weight goal, you may need the PetSafe Automatic Feeder to meet his nutritional needs.
Meatballs for Dogs Recipe

Recipe: Turkey & Cranberry Meatballs for Dogs

Protein is one of the most important parts of your dog's diet. These meatballs for dogs provide plenty of protein along with other essential nutrients that your dog needs.
Easy Carob Dog Biscuits

Recipe: Easy Carob Dog Biscuits

It's true. Making homemade dog treats isn't as easy as going to the store and purchasing a few bags of your pup's favorite snacks. These carob dog biscuits are easy to make and only take about 40 minutes to make from start to finish.
Cranberry Dog Treats

Recipe: Easy Honey & Cranberry Dog Treats

Honey and cranberries are both superfoods for dogs. These easy cranberry dog treats are packed with nutrients to add a boost to your pup's overall health and well being.


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