Review: FunnyFuzzy Dog Car Bed

If your dog rides in your vehicle often, you'll need some special gear to keep him safe and comfortable.

Like this one from FunnyFuzzy, a dog car bed is an easy way to protect your upholstery while ensuring your pet has a comfortable place to ride.

If your dog is constantly moving around the vehicle, he might cause an accident.

He will also become a dangerous projectile in the event of an accident. Not to mention, serious injury is imminent if your dog isn't restrained during a crash.

Travel dog beds offer the same benefits as seat covers, with an extra bonus for your pet.

The bolster sides prevent your pet from slipping off the edge of the seat and give him a good place to cuddle up and rest his head while riding.

When looking for a dog car bed, safety is important. While your dog's comfort is important, his safety is the first priority.

Be sure to choose a product that has tethers to keep him from moving around the car.

You also need to ensure that the travel bed is attached firmly to your seat so it doesn't slide around when you brake or accelerate.

The FunnyFuzzy dog car bed offers all of these features and more.

I've been using it with my 3 dogs for the past 2 months, and we've been very impressed with its quality and comfort.

FunnyFuzzy Dog Car Bed Review

dog car bed

The FunnyFuzzy Dog Car Bed is available in 3 styles:

  • Basic (no padding on the back, only the base)
  • Pro (padding on the back and the base)
  • Waterproof Pro (padding on the back and the base, made with waterproof material)

I have the Waterproof Pro style. I often take our dogs swimming and hiking, so it's important for me to have a waterproof travel dog bed or car seat cover to protect my upholstery.

The standard size is 37.4” x 16.5” x 14.6”, and the extra-large size is 47.24” x 16.5” x 14.6”.

I have the extra-large size, and it covers most of the back seat of my car.

About 6″ of uncovered space is on each side of the dog car bed.

The FunnyFuzzy dog car bed is large enough to accommodate large breeds or multiple dogs.

It even features 3 tethers to keep your pet(s) from moving around the car while you're driving or jumping out when you open the door.

It secures the car seat via your seatbelts, which I demonstrate in my video review above. It also has straps that secure around the headrests.

The non-slip bottom prevents the bed from sliding around underneath your pet when you take corners or stop suddenly.

My dogs love the 360° view! It lets them see the front, back, or side windows.

As I pointed out in my video review, the bed has a convenient storage pocket on the side.

You can bring your pet’s supplies and store them securely without worrying about them rolling around the car while driving.

The cover is removable and machine washable, making cleanup easy when your pup jumps in the car with muddy paws.

This travel dog bed from FunnyFuzzy is available in gray, yellow, blue, brown, dark green, light green, pink, black or khaki. You are sure to find one that matches your vehicle's interior.

My favorite thing about this product is that it can be used in the vehicle and then taken along when sleeping in a hotel or traveling to stay with friends or family. It's very convenient!

This product can be purchased on the company's website for $154.96. Obviously, that price is outside everyone's budget.

If this dog car bed is out of your price range, you can find a quality dog car seat cover for about $30-$40.

However, if you travel with your dog in the car often, this travel bed will ensure his comfort and safety.

It also saves your vehicle's upholstery.

It's more than just a car seat cover and a travel bed. If you'll use it often, I think it's a good value for the price.

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