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The pet market continues to grow, and we see more products coming out for dog owners to buy and use. Top Dog Tips publishes several videos a week where we present the most interesting, best looking, unique and unusual dog products, dog technology, or anything else related to dogs. Videos only, every single week!

Dog Supplements from Missing Link Fortify Your Pet’s Diet

It's no secret that commercial dog foods do not provide your pet with the same nutrients that they would get if they were living...

The Wigzi Gel Leash for the Owners’ Comfort

The new Gel Leash by Wigzi has a handle that is wrapped in soft gel to provide comfort on short walks around the block or...

Pillow Critters by KONG Are Great for Chewing and Snuggling

Plush squeaker toys are popular with dogs and their owners, but they tend to rip very quickly. KONG, a company known for its durable...
Chicken Jerky Homemade Dog Treats Recipevideo

Recipe: Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Making your own dog treats will save you a lot of money and you'll know that you are providing your dog with a healthy...
Paw Pod Dog Burial Pod Giveawayvideo

Review: Paw Pod Dog Burial Pod

If you've ever lost a family pet, you know the heartbreak that comes with it. Along with devastation, this event also brings an overwhelming...

Help Your Pup Sleep With These Bedtime Bones

Just like us, some dogs have a hard time winding down at night. Whether your dog has anxiety issues or he is just high...

Ancient Himalayan Recipe Makes Long Lasting Dog Treats

These luxury dog chews are made with an ancient Himalayan recipe. They are made with all-natural yak and cow milk, salt, and lime juice....

The Retractable Dual Doggie Leash Makes It Easy to Walk Two Dogs at Once

This non-tangling retractable leash from Wigzi allows you to walk two dogs simultaneously, while still maintaining individual control over each dog. The spinning action...

Jealous Dog Interrupts Kiss

This little dog doesn't want anyone kissing his mom! It's no surprise that he has a close bond with her, but it seems like...
How To Train A Dog Basic Commandsvideo

How To Train A Dog Basic Commands: A Step-By-Step Video Guide

No matter what you're trying to teach your dog, you ca't expect him to be trained over night. Learning how to train a dog...
Kululu Design Seat Cover for Dogsvideo

Review: Kululu Design Car Seat Cover for Dogs

Find out if the Kululu Design Car Seat Cover for Dogs is durable enough to protect your upholstery from dog hair, dirt and debris.

Sleepypod Dog Safety Harnesses Are Comfortable and Versatile

Keeping your dog secure in the car is important. If your pet is roaming freely around the vehicle he can distract your attention from...