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The pet market continues to grow, and we see more products coming out for dog owners to buy and use. Top Dog Tips publishes several videos a week where we present the most interesting, best looking, unique and unusual dog products, dog technology, or anything else related to dogs. Videos only, every single week!
Dallas Manufacturing Company 4-Stair Pet Stepsvideo

Review: Dallas Manufacturing Company 4-Stair Pet Steps

If your dog needs stairs to help him access a vehicle, bed or other furniture, the Dallas Manufacturing Company 4-Stair pet steps may be a good option. They stand 26 inches high and can support dogs weighing up to 200 pounds.

Wearable Technology Allows for Better Communication with Service Dogs

Researchers at Georgia Tech are trying to find ways to use technology to help people communicate more effectively with service dogs. They have created a...
VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller Reviewvideo

Review: VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller Pet strollers aren't a necessary product that every owner needs to care for their pet. However, they can be a great tool that allows...

Dry Your Dog Anywhere with The Doggy Bag

Whether your dog is wet from a bath or has wet, muddy paws after a walk in the rain, the Doggy Bag will dry...
Homemade Meat Muffins for Dogs Recipevideo

Recipe: Homemade Meat Muffins for Dogs

These muffins can be fed as a meal or used as treats and food toppers. They're versatile and easy to make! Not to mention, they're healthy and safe.
Mobile Dog Grooming Services Becoming Popular With Pet Ownersvideo

Ebelyn’s Self-Cleaning Dog Brush Helps With Shedding

Dog grooming brushes are a dime a dozen. Any given pet store will have numerous models to choose from, and larger chain pet stores...

Get The Perfect Fit With This Adjustable Control Harness

When you measure your dog for a harness it is crucial to get the perfect fit. A harness that is too tight can chafe...
Homemade Dog Food for Pancreatitisvideo

Recipe: Homemade Dog Food for Pancreatitis

Canine pancreatitis is an inflammation of the animal's pancreas, and it's common in dogs. Serving a homemade dog food for pancreatitis can help manage this condition.
Magic Pro Deshedding Tool for Dogs Giveawayvideo

Giveaway: Magic Pro Shedding Tool for Dog Grooming

Dealing with dog hair is something that most pet parents dread. It sticks to your furniture, carpet and clothes. It collects in the corners...
Larz Dog Products hands free leash system giveawayvideo

Giveaway: Larz Dog Products Hands Free Leash System

We're giving away a hands free dog leash system from Larz Dog Products valued at $50! It's simple and FREE to enter the giveaway.
Control Your Dog in Busy Areas With The Mongrel Dog Leash Systemvideo

Control Your Dog in Busy Areas With The Mongrel Dog Leash System

I may be biased, but my dogs have always been well behaved on a leash. We work with them from the first day we...
OzPure Dog Treats and Dog Dental Chews Reviewvideo

Review: OzPure Dog Treats and Dental Chews With a string of recent dog treat recalls a mile long, many pet parents are looking away from traditional commercial treats for pet. They...


Dog Fur Dye - What You Must Know About It

Dog Fur Dye: What You Must Know About It

There has always been a fascination among some pet owners about dressing dogs in stylish clothes, and keeping pets included in the same trends...
10 Ways to Deal with Dog Mouth Warts

10 Ways to Deal with Dog Mouth Warts

The first step that any pet owner should take if they suspect that their dog has mouth warts is take them to the vet...
Amazon Prime Day - Top Best Dog Supplies Deals

Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 Dog Supplies Deals We Could Find

It's Amazon Prime Day already, and we've checked every dog product's price history and street pricing to find the best deals with real savings....
3 Ways to Prevent and Treat Staph Infection in Dogs

3 Ways to Prevent and Treat Staph Infection in Dogs

A staph infection is a type of infection caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus. This bacteria lives freely within the environment and does not require...
Guide on How to Score the Best Dog Supplies Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Where and How to Find the Best...

It's almost here - Amazon Prime Day for 2019 begins on July 15th at 12am PT, and many online shoppers looking for bargains and...
Leaky Gut in Dogs - A Real Thing or a Myth

Leaky Gut in Dogs: Real Thing or a Myth?

The legitimacy of leaky gut syndrome in dogs (and people) has been debated as the idea of the condition is a recent development, whether...

3 Types of Dog Breathing Problems and What to Do

There are three main types of dog breathing problems that pet owners are likely to deal with, including labored breathing, rapid breathing, and panting....
How to Get Rid Of Dog Dandruff

How to Get Rid Of Dog Dandruff

Like people, dogs can suffer from dandruff, little white flakes scattered throughout their fur. Dandruff has both primary and secondary causes. Primary one is...
Dog Hair Loss - 5 Reasons Why It Happens and What To Do

Dog Hair Loss: 5 Reasons Why It Happens and What To...

It is not uncommon for a dog to suffer from alopecia, or hair thinning and loss. This condition is separate from the natural act...
What to Do If a Dog Eats Rat Poison

What to Do If a Dog Eats Rat Poison

Rat or mouse poison is a very common substance used for getting rid of rodents in homes or backyards. It is very efficient in...