ROK Straps Manufactures the Ultimate Stretch Leash

This silly video was made to advertise a really cool product from ROK Straps, a company known for creating luggage and cargo tie-downs. The Stretch Dog Leash is made with the company's patented no-jolt technology to provide the best walking experience for the dog and the dog walker.

Although this leash is made with natural rubber, it won't snap back like a bungee cord. The rubber is covered with chew-resistant nylon braiding to make this leash one of the most durable on the market.

All the hardware on the leash is made with solid brass, including the metal D-ring located in the middle of the leash for dog walkers to clip car keys, water bottles, or waste bags onto. The Stretch Dog Leash also has a built in traffic lead for those times when you need to keep your dog close to you.

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