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The pet market continues to grow, and we see more products coming out for dog owners to buy and use. Top Dog Tips publishes several videos a week where we present the most interesting, best looking, unique and unusual dog products, dog technology, or anything else related to dogs. Videos only, every single week!
Beefy Dog Treat Biscuitsvideo

Recipe: Beefy Dog Treat Biscuits

Making your own dog treats is the best way to avoid harmful chemicals, fillers and artificial ingredients found in many commercial pet treat products.
Wholesome Homemade Dog Foodvideo

Recipe: Wholesome Homemade Dog Food

This wholesome homemade dog food recipe is made with some canine superfoods (like kale and quinoa) to keep your pet in top health.
Epica Dog Nail Clipper Reviewvideo

How to Cut Your Dog’s Nails Correctly

When learning how to cut dog's nails, it can be a bit intimidating. Here's our step-by-step guide with videos and photos on how to do it correctly.
Limited Ingredient Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treat Recipevideo

Recipe: Limited Ingredient Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats

I‘m excited to share this recipe with you all that was sent to me from a reader. As I always say in my video recipes, you can send in recipes anytime to my email. Thank you Brenda Simpson for sending in this easy dog treat recipe!

Get Pet Odors and Stains OUT!

If you’re housebreaking a puppy or have a dog that is prone to having accidents in the house, Stain and Odor Remover from OUT!...

Dog Vest with App Controlled LED Lights

A new product from the company Disco Dog has hit the streets; literally. This dachshund is sporting a vest which is covered in LED...

Giveaway: $40+ Doggy Prize Pack From Heads Up For Tails

Are you always looking for unique products that will allow your dog to share his personal style with the world? Heads Up For Tails can...
how to make a dog drink watervideo

How to Make a Dog Drink Water

Sometimes your dog won't want to drink water. Whether he's recovering from surgery or just not feeling well, you need to know how to make a dog drink water. Here are a few methods.
Rad Dog Release N Run Leash for Dogs Reviewvideo

Review: Rad Dog Release N Run Leash for Dogs Some dogs, like our 10-month-old chocolate lab, need to be on a leash everywhere they go. They cannot be trusted off leash. Then there...

K & H Bucket Booster Seats

Many pet owners enjoy bringing their dog for rides in the car, and most dogs enjoy it too! Just like you protect your children...
Welcome Waggin' Homemade Dog Treats Reviewvideo

Review: Welcome Waggin’ Homemade Dog Treats It seems like a new dog treat recall pops up in the news a few times every month. Between these recalls and all the...

The Bumi is the Ultimate Tug Toy for Dogs

West Paw Design has used their patented Zogoflex technology to create another incredible dog toy. Zogoflex is a proprietary plastic blend that can be...


Autoimmune Disease in Dogs

8 Common Autoimmune Diseases in Dogs

Dogs can suffer from autoimmune diseases and just like human autoimmune diseases, we don’t fully understand what causes them in dogs. Still, scientists have...
The 7 Pool Safety Tips for Cats and Dogs

7 Pool Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Summer allows for many adventures you can have with your dog. But it also means high temperatures, which can be dangerous to dogs and cats....
How to Do CPR on a Dog

How to Do CPR On a Dog

Doing CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is something we’ve all seen performed many times in movies and TV, but it's actually harder than it looks. When...
Top 35 Unique Summer Adventures to Have with Your Dog

35 Summer Adventures for Dog Owners

Summer is the perfect time to take time off work and head out for an adventure! While many dog owners don’t think to take...
20 Dog Walking and Sitting Horror Stories

20 Crazy Dog Sitting Horror Stories

Using pet sitting or dog walking services done by professionals or simply asking friends to take your pet for a few days is a...
Science-based Canine Athlete Nutrition - How to Feed Athletic Dogs

The Science-based Guide for Feeding Athletic Dogs

The aim of an appropriate nutritional plan for athletic dogs is to maximize performance and minimize the occurrence of injuries. To assess the best...
The Guide to Water Intoxication in Dogs

The Guide to Water Intoxication in Dogs

Water intoxication in dogs is what happens when your pet consumes excess water. This can be from playing in the pool or biting on...
slowest dog breeds

25 Slowest Dog Breeds

When adopting a dog that's going to be right for your personal lifestyle, the dog's athletic ability and energy levels are a very important...
The Best Fitness Tracker for Dogs

The Best Fitness Trackers for Dogs

Fitness trackers aren’t just for humans anymore. Pet technology continues to evolve, which helps dog owners to monitor their pets, take better care of...
Best Cheap Ways to Prevent Most Common Health Issues in Dogs

15 Cheap Ways to Prevent Common Health Issues in Dogs

Maintaining healthy habits is the best way to keep your dog from becoming ill. Using the below tips and doing your best to prevent...