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Review: Outward Hound Dog Toys

Most dogs love to play with toys. Some enjoy tugging and fetching, while others like to chew. Outward Hound dog toys come in various styles to meet the needs of virtually any dog.

It's essential to provide your pet with various toys to benefit his mental and physical development.

Some owners think that dog toys are just there to play with when Fido needs some exercise. On the contrary, if you purchase suitable toys for your dog, they can also be very mentally stimulating.

Just like us, our dogs crave mental stimulation. Without it, they'll get bored and begin to find things to entertain themselves.

Like a bored toddler, this will likely result in your puppy ruining something or getting into something they shouldn't be touching.

Giving your dog a variety of toys will keep him happy and healthy. He'll be able to play and have fun, which will keep him from looking for something to do independently.

Not to mention, buying a bunch of quality dog toys is bound to be cheaper than replacing furniture, shoes, clothing, and anything that your dog may ruin.

Outward Hound claims to make quality toys that are durable and affordable. I was interested in checking them out and seeing if they stood up to our two toy destroyers.

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Review Outward Hound Dog Toys

Outward Hound Dog Toys Review

Outward Hound Dog ToysOutward Hound has a toy line that includes more than 50 products. I received four of them to test out with our girls – two of which are from the same line.


The Invincibles Gecko Stuffingless Plush Dog Squeaky Toy seems to be the favorite in our house.

Our Labrador, Saddie, and our Beagle, Molly, love plush toys. Molly is also strongly attracted to toys that squeak.

Typically, plush toys don't last more than a couple of days in our house. The cheaper ones don't make it for more than a few hours.

Outward Hound Durablez Tough Plush Squeaky Dog Toy, Gecko, Green, Medium The Invincibles line from Outward Hound is made with the company's Chew Shield layer.

They also have solid binding. While they are more durable than most plush toys, they're still not designed for power chewers.

I love that these toys are stuffing-free. Our girls haven't ripped it open yet, but it's nice to know that there won't be a stuffing explosion all over the living room when they do.

Another great feature is that the squeakers still squeak after being punctured.

There are two sizes and two color choices available with these toys. In this review, both the 2-squeaker and 4-squeaker variety sell for $7.99 on Amazon.

Fire Biterz

I also received the Fire Biterz Squeaking Plush Dog Toy. My dogs enjoy this one too, but not as much as the Invincibles Gecko. I think it's because the material is not as soft.

Outward Hound Fire Biterz Dog ToyThis toy is made of the same material used to make fire hoses.

To say that it is durable is an understatement!

I will note that there are small arms attached to the sides of this toy, and my dogs ripped them off after about a week of playing with it.

The stitching is strong, and it didn't tear a hole in the toy's body, so it's no worse for the wear.

These Outward Hound dog toys are also equipped with squeakers that continue to squeak after a puncture. They are available in two sizes.

The small is about 17″ long and has two squeakers. The larger one, which is the one that I have, is 25″ long and has three squeakers.

These are a bit more expensive than the Invincibles toys, but they're also more durable. In this review, the 2-squeaker design is $8.47, and the 4-squeaker design is $15.93 on Amazon.


Outward Hound FireHose Fetch Dog Toy, Large Now comes a line of Outward Hound dog toys for power chewers. Our Saddie has powerful jaws, and these toys work well for her.

Molly has a much smaller mouth, and she's not a power chewer.

She'll play fetch with these toys and sometimes takes an interest in them if Saddie already has one first, but she's not a massive fan of them.

I don't think this is an issue with the toys, though; it's just a difference in our dogs' preference for toys.

They made the Bionic Bone and Bionic Stuffer with power chewers in mind. These aren't traditional rubber dog toys.

They are made with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material, a mix of rubber and plastic. They are BPA, lead, and phthalate-free.

These Outward Hound dog toys can be stuffed with treats to provide a long-lasting chewing experience for dogs that love to gnaw on things.

There are no sharp edges, and they don't splinter.

I'm confident in saying that these toys are very safe for even the strongest chewers.

The Bionic Bone is available in four sizes. We have a large extent for Saddie. It is weighted on both ends to create a spiral motion when thrown. It also bounces and floats in water.

Outward Hound Sillyz Cow Latex Rubber Squeaky Ball Dog Fetch Toy, Purple As I demonstrate in my video review, Saddie loves to play fetch with these toys from Outward Hound.

It has an unpredictable bounce that makes it an exciting challenge for her.

I like to stuff peanut butter or dog treats here to occupy Saddie when we're gone.

It's usually covered in food particles and drool by the time we come home, but it's top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. BONUS!

Depending on the size you choose, these Outward Hound dog toys range in price from $11.99 to 16.99 on Amazon at the time of this review.

The Bionic Stuffer has all the same features as the bone, but it has four sides instead of two and is only available in one size. At this review, the Bionic Stuffer was selling on Amazon for $15.69.

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