Have Peace of Mind By the Water with the PupSaver from Outward Hound

Many dogs love the water and canines are typically great swimmers, but you can never be too careful. Dogs can get tired just like humans, so it’s wise to equip your pup with a life jacket whenever he is around water. Life jackets will also keep your pet safe if he’s walking near water and happens to fall in. If you select a brightly colored life jacket, like this one from Outward Hound, it will also keep your dog visible in and around the water.

The Fun Fish Life Jacket features safety orange high-visibility coloring and reflective accents to keep your dog noticeable, even in dim lighting. It also has adjustable side release buckles to allow it to fit snuggly and keep your pet safe. The back of the life jacket has two durable grab handles that can be used to pull your dog up into a boat or onto a dock. They can also be used to lower your pooch into the water if need be.

This doggy life jacket is available in 5 sizes including:

  • X-Small – for dogs weighing 5-15 pounds
  • Small – for dogs weighing 15-30 pounds
  • Medium – for dogs weighing 30-55 pounds
  • Large – for dogs weighing 55-85 pounds
  • X-Large – for dogs weighing 85-100 pounds

The Fun Fish Life Jacket has a front float support that will keep your dog’s head above the water even in an emergency situation. The buoyant body of the life jacket will keep your pet above water and make it easier for him to swim. Life jackets are great for small breeds that get tired easily, dogs that are trained for hunting water fowl and any dog that may spend a lot of time near the water.

As you can see in the very beginning of this video, this life jacket is very simple to put on your dog. You just place it on his back and secure the Velcro straps around his neck and under his abdomen. Then you can use the adjustable straps to fit it properly. You should only need to adjust it the first time your pet wears it. After that it should just take a few seconds to properly secure the jacket and get your dog in the water.

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