Top Hunting Dog Supplies That'll Make You A Better Hunter

Ah, hunting. The grand old pastime. It’s not for everyone, of course, but for those pet owners with gun dogs who enjoy this adventure, it is also a great way to bond with your dog.

Having a canine companion while you’re out hunting is a great bonding experience and a perfect way to really solidify your dog’s status as “man’s best friend.”

Not only that, but dogs can be a great help in finding and collecting prey. Here, we've also got a list of hunting dog supplies that will help you to enjoy this pastime that much more.

Sport hunting has evolved over the centuries, with historians believing that hunting with dogs goes back at least 20,000 years.

Anthropologists and archaeologists have found 6,000-year-old cave paintings depicting gun dog breeds, such as wolfish breeds, greyhounds, mastiffs, and pointers, hunting alongside their owners.

Unfortunately, hunters with dogs of those days didn't get a chance to improve the experience with hunting dog supplies that people of today have.

In 2015, there are thousands upon thousands of hunting dog supplies on the available market to assist you while hunting with your gun dog. Some of these gun dog products help you keep track of your dog while out in the woods, while others protect your dog while he's on the hunt.

There are products for you, products for your dog, and hunting products that will benefit you both.

Previously, we've discussed some of the essential gun dog supplies for a game hunter.

Top Hunting Dog Supplies infographics

In this article, we’ll depict some of the different types of hunting dogs, as well as the top hunting dog supplies each one needs to perform better.

Many of these dog products will allow you to be more successful while out in the field (or the woods).

Top Hunting Dog Supplies That'll Make You A Better Hunter
Top Hunting Dog Supplies That'll Make You A Better Hunter

30 Top Hunting Dog Supplies That'll Make You A Better Hunter

Finding hunting dog supplies isn't tricky. The hard part is finding good quality dog products that will be worth the money spent. We haven't actually tested any of these products, but we've gathered information from numerous consumer reviews to select the products that actual hunters find to be worthwhile in the field.

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Most consumer reviews are reliable because the person writing them isn't receiving any monetary encouragement to write positive statements. You'll find plenty of consumer reviews out there that speak negatively about a product and encourage other consumers not to waste their money. The 30 top hunting dog supplies in this article all received high reviews from numerous different sources.

A Quick Rundown

Before getting into product types, there are some things you should know about each type of hunting dog. There are hounds, dachshunds, terriers, gun dogs, and cur-type dogs. Hounds, divided into sighthounds and scent hounds, use their senses of eyesight and smell respective to locate prey. A Lurcher, which is a type of hound, is a cross between a sighthound and a working or pastoral dog. Lurchers fall into this category as well.

30 Top Hunting Dog Supplies That'll Make You A Better Hunter
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Gun dogs, including pointers, retrievers, and water dogs, are used by small game hunters. These dogs are trained to react to the sound of a shotgun. Pointers locate and indicate the direction of the quarry. Retrievers go to get the shot animal, and water dogs are used mainly for the retrieval of waterfowl. Water dogs are a subclass of retrieval dogs.

Terriers are hunting dogs used for mammals because they’re able to scurry into the den of the quarry and run out the animal inside. Curs are like terriers, except they hunt larger animals than terriers do. Feists are like terriers as well, except they are small and hunt small game only (often by chasing their prey up into a tree). Dachshunds are used to flush out and chase a myriad of animals, including foxes, badgers, and other animals that dwell primarily in burrows.

For each of the five types of dogs, we’ll give you at least six products that are essential to making them (and you) better and more efficient hunters. Let's start with hounds.

Hunting dog supplies for Hounds

You want to be able to have constant communication and the ability to identify your hound at all times. The Garmin T5 Tracking Collar, though expensive, is extremely high-quality technology that allows you to know exactly where your dog is at all times.

The collar doesn’t have stimulation prongs that can lead to smaller breeds being irritated. This Garmin collar is suitable for all the dogs listed, actually, and is reliable and dependable. You may also want to consider purchasing a Guardian Collar Light, which is water-proof and military-grade. It flashes on and off so that you’re able to see your dog very visibly, even in the dark.

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Stone Creek Zepps Lifetime Coon Squaller Train your hound to respond to a nickel-plated dog bell, which, when rang, can summon him directly to you. Zepp’s Coon Squaller, a top seller by the Stone Creek Hounds brand, emits a realistic sound when activated and has an aluminum rust-proof body. The squaller, when paired with the Coon Potion Bait by Fur Harvester’s Trading Post, provides ample enticement for your quarry.

Lastly, purchase a Tomahawk Neighborhood Animal Trap with steel-frame construction that will trap a wide range of animals, including squirrels, raccoons, bobcats, woodchucks, and more (depending on the size of the cage you buy).

Hunting dog supplies for Dachshunds

Dachshunds has its own product list as well. Take into consideration the size of the dachshund and how easy it is for them to slip out of sight. Consumers recommend a Puppia Soft Dog Harness.

That way, you’ll be able to spot your dachshund even when he seems to be buried out in the grass or wherever it is you’re hunting.

Musher's Secret Dog Paw Wax 200 g (7oz) - Moisturizing Dog Paw Balm that Creates an Invisible Barrier That Protects and Heals Dry Cracked Paws - All-Natural with Vitamin E and Food-Grade Ingredients Purchase a SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle, which emits a piercing noise that you should train your dachshund to respond to and return on your signal. Other products to consider are a Bergan Auto-Watering Bowl, which is an outdoor water bowl (dachshunds need a lot of hydration), as well as Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Wax, which will help coat your dachshund's paws and keep them from sustaining any abrasions or cuts.

Lastly, in terms of the actual hunting, Dachshunds are good with badgers, so consider getting something like a Freedom Brand Rolling Cage or a similar cage that they can use during the hunt (it’s also a good training aid).

Hunting dog supplies for Terriers

Hunting with your terrier is a rewarding experience, but you don’t want to go into it with little knowledge. A book that many consumers recommend is American Working Terriers by Patrick Burns. This book is very informative and will help you fully understand the history behind and characteristics of your terrier.

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Guardian Gear Safety Vest for Dogs, 24" XL, Orange Buy your terrier a Guardian Orange Reflective Safety Vest so that you’re always able to see him, no matter how small he is. Terriers love to dig, so you’ll also need to make sure that his paws are protected by the Four Paws Dog Paw Guard so that he isn’t at risk for cracks or abrasions on his paw pads.

Because of the holes they dig, many other terrier owners also advise that you purchase both a field shovel and a posthole digger to assist you in hunting with your terrier. Make sure to purchase a name tag—any stainless steel tags will usually do—so that your terrier, if he runs far and gets lost, will be able to be identified.

Hunting dog supplies for Curs

For your cur, which essentially is a subset of the terrier, most consumers suggest investing in some reading material. David Osborn’s book Squirrel Dog Basics is an excellent way to learn more about the type of dog you own. Also, consider purchasing a Duke Small Animal Trap to effectively place the squirrels he catches into.

National Scent Company Inc. Squirrel Breaking Scent that can be used to train your cur to hunt the animals that he is best at hunting would be useful as well. Top your purchases off with a Dog Training Dummy and a dummy launcher to prepare your car for the actual hunt.

Gun Dogs

SportDOG Brand Roy Gonia Special Whistle - Hunting Dog Whistle with Easy-to-Blow Design - For Training or Field Use - Lower-Pitched Sound Our final type, the gun dog, has a large number of possible supplies to buy. The SportDOG Orange Whistle is something that your dog should respond well to if you train him properly. This way, you can always call him back without having to worry whether or not he can hear you (it’s a very distinctive sound). Petbobi Waterproof Dog Shoes Fluorescent Orange Dog Boots are another product many consumers recommend because the gun dog is always heading out over rough terrain. A SportDOG Brand Orange Check Cord is excellent during training, and a Petflect Reflective Dog Vest ensures that you’ll always be able to see your pup. Finally, consider buying a good dog crate to give your dog a place to rest while you’re taking a break from hunting. These can also be useful in your vehicle while traveling to your hunting destination.

Before you set off into the field or the woods, you need to be sure that you're prepared and your canine companion is too. As you know, hunting is a sport that needs to be taken very seriously, and safety should be your first concern. These top hunting dog supplies will make your job easier, and help to keep both you and your dog out of harm's way.

Remember that these product suggestions are based on consumer reviews, and you should still do your own research to find the product that is right for your particular needs. With the proper planning, you'll have a great time, and hopefully, your hunt will be successful. Happy hunting!

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