Does Your Puppy Need Dog Boots
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It's quite fascinating how popular dog boots are today, but the real question here is, does your puppy need dog boots?

To answer that—yes, dogs need boots, but not always.

The trend of having Fido wear doggy boots started as a way to protect their feet from anything like cold surfaces, hot concrete, or something that your dog might hurt himself on.

Today, this industry has grown to include high-fashion dog boots, dog sandals, and even slippers for dogs.

Interesting, right?

With the pet industry expanding so rapidly, it's unsurprising to see more and more human-grade dog products appearing on the market for owners to spoil their pets.

If you've just adopted a puppy, there are many reasons why your canine should now be wearing dog boots (even if he doesn't like them).

Let's quickly break down what doggy boots actually are and what advantages they provide for you or your Fido.

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Does Your Puppy Need Dog Boots Infographic

Does Your Puppy Need Dog Boots: Reasons Why You Should Buy Them Boots

Puppy's feet protection

The main reason to buy dog boots for your puppy is to protect his paws.

You may believe that your dog's feet are very tough, and that's true—their paws can survive through a lot, studies suggest.

But there are still situations where your puppy needs more protection than what nature has given him.

Thankfully, advanced species of humans have something to offer for your pooch (a.k.a. dog boots.)

The climate you live in is the number one reason to protect your puppy’s feet.

If you live in an extremely hot area, your puppy’s feet can burn if he walks on hot concrete for a prolonged length of time.

The temperature of sidewalks and driveways can reach well over 100 degrees during the day, and it will not take long for your puppy's feet to burn.

Now even though your dog has innate protection against cold, there are limits to that as well.

If you live in a cold area, your puppy will need protection whenever he goes outside in the snow for longer periods of time.

This is especially true for climates where the temperature drops below zero on a regular basis.

Your puppy’s feet can become frostbit in a matter of minutes (if not seconds), and we all know that puppies rarely go to the bathroom quickly.

There are always too many things to sniff while outside!

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Does Your Puppy Need Dog Boots
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There are multiple other scenarios where you'd need to protect your puppy's feet with dog boots.

Let's say you love hiking.

Your puppy will always love to take long hikes with you, and if you hike in a rocky area, the dog's feet will need extra protection against those sharp rocks.

Shale can be especially dangerous. The last thing you want to do is have to take your puppy to the vet for stitches in his feet.

The same goes for many other situations, especially when you decide to spend time with your dog on more human-type travel and adventures.

Let's say you're camping, hiking, or simply leaving for a long walk, and it's raining.

You can find waterproof dog boots for your pooch, for those very rainy days, or for long, wet hikes.

How to fit your dog boots
How to fit your dog boots. Photo: Amazon / Muttluks

Your puppy's comfort

I know what you're going to say. Most dogs will not like those nasty dog boots!

And that's true, but only until they get used to wearing them.

Believe it or not, dogs can get used to things, and doggy boots are something worth experimenting with if you're in those situations where your pooch requires paws' protection and comfort.

Does Your Puppy Need Dog Boots
Photo: Amazon / PetKissy

For some canines, doggy boots become a necessity.

There are cases where no matter how uncomfortable your Fido seems to be, they simply MUST wear special boots for dogs.

For example, puppies that have inherent problems with their feet will “love” those orthopedic dog boots that can make a world of difference in their daily lives.

With the right set of puppy shoes, your pet will go from daily pain to being ready for those long, exhaustive, yet fulfilling walks.

Older dogs and those who become disabled often have trouble walking and need a little extra help.

Dog boots can give your older pooch some extra traction on slippery surfaces and give him more confidence to run and play with you, especially if he's having canine arthritis issues.

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Dogs with cuts, bruises, or injuries can also find a lot of comfort in wearing doggy boots until their wound has healed completely.

Most types of canine shoes will also prevent your dog from licking and chewing on a wound and promote faster healing.

Here is a pair that seems to work well and comfortable among canines.

If a paw wound is the reason you need dog boots, then there are some that can be purchased specifically for wound protection.

Those are usually lightweight and allow air to move about your Fido's foot freely.

Wearing a dog shoe over a wound also provides an extra barrier against dirt and germs and offers an extra layer of protection to the tender area.

Dog boots for all-around safety

QUMY Dog Shoes for Large Dogs, Medium Dog Boots & Paw Protectors for Winter Snowy Day, Summer Hot Pavement, Waterproof in Rainy Weather, Outdoor Walking, Indoor Hardfloors Anti Slip Sole Black Size 6 Offering extra protection to your puppy's feet is a great reason alone; however, there are a few additional things you might want to consider as well.

For example, a specific set of boots for dogs can keep them safe when they're outside. 

Certain types of doggy boots can be purchased with reflective strips on them, so even when your puppy wants to walk at night, he can be easily seen by drivers and other pedestrians.

This doesn't only apply to night time though, as good shiny boots will help just as much during the day if your dog is often around fast-moving cars.

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Unfortunately, vehicles hitting dogs is a common occurrence, and more often than not, drivers simply do not spot the dog (or other road animals) quick enough to brake.

Pet parents want their fur babies to be always safe, and a pair of reflective boots can help keep your puppy safe in the dark or on gray, dreary days.

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boot in your choice of color
How to pick your puppy boots. Photo: Amazon / Ultra Paws

Puppy boots for fun and all

Image this – how much fun is it for YOU to pick out a pair of fancy, cool-looking dog boots for your puppy?

Just think how cute your dog would look in a pair of pink, glittery puppy shoes as you walk down the street!

Or how about a pair of camouflage boots for your tough hunting dog?

Not only will you be protecting your dog's feet while hunting, but these dog boots will also blend into the woods or grass around (although I'm sure there are professional hunters who can disagree with this assessment).

Furthermore, did you know that aside from doggy boots, you can also purchase dog slippers-slash-slipper socks for your puppy?

Here's a good example.

Your puppy's feet can get cold just like yours do, so why not find him a cute pair of yellow ducky dog slipper socks to keep his paws warm during those cold winter nights?

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FAQs about Wearing Dog Boots

How long can dog boots stay on?

This depends on a variety of factors, including the quality of the boots, the activity level of the dog, and the type of terrain or environment that the dog is in.

In general, most dog boots are designed to stay on for several hours as long as they are comfortable and properly fitted.

Some brands also have their own recommendation.

Pawzdogboots, for example, recommends removing the boots after an hour of use.

Why do dog boots fall off?

Dog boots can fall off for a variety of reasons, including poor fit, improper placement, low-quality materials, excessive activity, and wet or slippery surfaces.

To prevent dog boots from falling off, it's important to choose boots that are properly sized and fitted for your dog's paws and to ensure that they are placed correctly.

Also, choose boots made from high-quality materials that are durable and designed to stay on.

It's also important to monitor your dog closely while they are wearing boots and check them regularly for signs of wear or damage.

Can dog boots cause injury?

Dog boots can cause injury if they are not properly fitted or if they are worn for extended periods of time.

Risks associated with dog boots include rubbing and chafing, overheating, slipping and tripping, and reduced traction.

To prevent injury, it's important to choose boots that are properly sized and fitted for your dog's paws and to ensure that they are placed on the paws correctly.

Gradually introducing your dog to wearing boots and allowing them time to adjust to the sensation is also important.

Does Your Puppy Need Dog Boots: Before You Go…

Purchasing dog boots for your puppy may seem like a silly thing to do at first, but if you think about it, it does make sense.

Especially where pet ownership is moving nowadays—more responsibility, care, increased comfort, and safety of our pets.

Protecting your dog's tender paws from the environment where you live is very important, especially if you enjoy the time with your dog outside of your home's comfort.

Whether you live in a hot or cold area, your puppy’s feet need protection from the elements.

Buying a sturdy, comfortable, cute, and reflective pair of doggy boots will offer that protection and also make a wild fashion statement!

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