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Review: Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer for Dogs

Hydration is essential for a dog's overall health and well-being. We've all forgotten to fill our dogs' water dish and didn't realize it until he was lapping at an empty dish. Automatic dog waterers, like the Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer, hold a larger capacity than traditional dog bowls, meaning your dog will have access to fresh drinking water without you having to monitor his dish multiple times each day.

Typically, dog water fountains and automatic waterers for dogs will cost you upwards of $50. While I love the idea of having one, I know that isn't something that all dog owners can afford. That's why I wanted to give the Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer a try.

Does it hold enough water for multiple pets? Is it easy to use and easy to clean? Would my dogs be enticed to drink from it or would they prefer they traditional dog bowl?

For just a fraction of the cost of electric dog waterers, I thought this product may offer the same benefits while also being appealing to my pets. Now, I'll tell you about my findings and whether or not I would recommend this product to other pet owners.

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Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer Review


Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer is a gravity waterer. While it isn't an automatic pet drinking fountain, it does continuously supply your dog with fresh water. This waterer is available in multiple sizes. The one I feature in my video review above holds 2.5 gallons of water.

2.5 gallons of water is plenty for our two dogs, so I only need to fill this fountain once per day. Compare that to the 2-3 times per day that I was filling their traditional water bowl, and that makes me very happy! Especially because I no longer have to worry about them running out of water if I'm away from home for a long period of time.

The design is simple – as your dog drinks, gravity pulls more fresh water down into the bowl.

It's easy to clean, too. The bowl is dishwasher safe on the top rack, and you can give the storage tank a quick wash and wipe down as well. There are a few inaccessible crevices in the storage tank, but letting those areas air dry has worked fine for me.

Another great benefit to this gravity waterer is that it does not run on electricity like most other automatic waterers. Traveling with an electric waterer is not always ideal. What if you're camping or spending nights on the road during a road trip and don't have access to electricity?

A simple solution is get a product that runs of gravity instead of electricity – like the Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer. This also means you won't need to worry about this fountain stopping if the power goes out.

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Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer Review

We take this automatic waterer camping with us and on long car rides. It's great for quick stays in a hotel or to bring along when visiting family and friends. We even like to bring the Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer along with us when we go picnicking in the park.

It's lightweight and small, so it's easy to bring along with you anywhere!

Another great benefit with this fountain is that it is made in the USA. That's important to me, and if it's important to you too, this is one of very few options for an automatic waterer for dogs made in America.

Don't get too excited though. This product isn't without its flaws. Most automatic dog fountains have a replaceable filter to remove impurities in the water. The Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer is not equipped with a filter, which means that all of the drool and debris left behind by your dog is going to be mixed in with her drinking water.

While it has a few drawbacks, this is one of the best automatic dog waterers for pet parents on a budget. You can buy the 2.5-gallon Aspenpet Gravity Waterer on Amazon for about $24.

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aspen-pet-deluxe-waterer-reviewThe Aspen Pet Deluxe Waterer holds up to 2.5 gallons of water and is much more affordable than other automatic dog waterers on the market.