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18 Most Dog-Friendly USA Hotels

Top 18 Best Dog-Friendly USA Hotels That Will Welcome Your Pups

As the number of pet owners grows rapidly, so does the number of dog-friendly hotel and hotel chains all across the world. In the United States in particular, more hotels are not only accepting pets, but even encourage dog owners to bring their pups with them.

Some hotels are more dog-friendly than others, however. In the below list of best USA hotels for dogs, we've listed 18 top rated chains and pet-friendly hotels you can stay with your pooch and be treated like kings and queens, regardless of the budget.

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18 Best Hotel Chains That Allow Dogs

1. Four Seasons

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Four Seasons Hotel

Dog fee: varies; starts at $40 per pet
Restrictions: varies; starts at up to 15 lbs
Perks: Pet welcome package + dog food
Locations: 94
Policy: Four Seasons Pet Policy

Maybe not in all of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts dogs are always welcome, but majority of their locations are a little pet-friendly with an abundance of restrictions. Some Four Seasons hotels charge you approximately $40 per pet, while other locations do not have a fee and you can have your dog stay at the hotel for free.

The great thing about having your dog stay with you at the Four Seasons hotel is that your pooch will receive a bed, water and food bowls and for an extra charge you can even get a pet sitting service.

Hotel's rules when having dogs over:

  • Your dog must be trained fully and kept on a leash when you are both on the hotel property, unless you're in your room.
  • You cannot leave your pet unattended. However, Four Seasons hotels do offer pet sitters for an extra fee. Just call the concierge for information and advanced notice if needed.
  • You cannot have your dog in any of their food and beverage outlets, health club and pool areas. Guide dogs are allowed in all these areas.
  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog. In addition, you must contact the housekeeping department to arrange cleaning of your room when needed, because guests with dogs require special cleaning services.

2. The Ritz-Carlton Hotels

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly The Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Dog fee: starts at $125 one-time cleaning fee
Restrictions: up to 25 lbs
Perks: Pet welcome package + pet services
Locations: 87
Policy: The Ritz-Carlton Hotels Pet Policy

The Ritz-Carlton Hotels is another chain that will pamper your pet properly, but only in certain locations. They absolutely love dogs, and will provide your dog with things like a certified canine massage therapist, aromatherapy, home-baked treats and even a loan of a Burberry raincoat.

Naturally, your dog will also be given a bunch of welcome treats: bowls, toys, tasty treats, and their own dog bed. Canine hotel services are also provided, some of those include doggy SPA treatments and special room services. However, not all Ritz-Carlton Hotels are that in love with pets, and some will not accept them, so be sure to call them up beforehand to double check.

Your dog will be restricted to a certain area and not allowed to roam freely with you anywhere in the hotel, but on the bright side, some of their hotels will offer special dog packages with pet hikes and specific treats, toys and other services.

Costs of these hotels are much higher than others if you come with a dog though. For example, you should expect to pay a non-refundable pet fee from $125 to $250 per pet.

3. Fairmont

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Fairmont Hotel

Dog fee: varies; up to $25 per pet
Restrictions: varies; usually, up to 25 lbs
Perks: P.A.W. Program
Locations: 65
Policy: Fairmont Pet Policy

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts are not consistent with their pet policies across all of their locations. You must call or email ahead of time to let them know you are booking a “dog-friendly” hotel room.

Prices range from complimentary (free) to $25 per pet to have your dog stay at the hotel, depending on location. In addition, allowed dog sizes vary from “No restrictions” to up to 25 pounds.

A few of the locations collaborate with local dog businesses like pet grooming services and pet stores to offer you 10% off those services and products. When you check into your hotel, you will most likely be offered dog bedding, water and food bowl as well as complimentary pet treats.

Hotel's rules when having dogs over:

  • You must have proof of your dog’s up-to-date vaccinations in order to stay at Fairmont hotels.
  • Your dog must be on a leash at all times when not in your room and be well behaved around other guests and areas.
  • You must pick up after your pet when in and around the hotel as well as surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Special housekeeping is needed to maintain your room when necessary. Make sure to let housekeeping know that you have a dog. You must also keep your dog in a crate or with you when your room is being cleaned.

4. Best Western

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Best Western Hotel

Dog fee: up to $20 per day
Restrictions: up to 80 lbs, 2 pets max
Perks: Pet welcome package
Locations: 1,600
Policy: Best Western Pet Policy

Largest and one of the most pet-friendly hotel chains in the USA, Best Western has over 1,600 locations where they'll be happy to accommodate your pets. Their hotels usually allow two dogs per room. Maximum size is up to 80 lbs per dog. The fees vary per location with some Best Western hotels charging $0; the maximum you'll pay is $20 per day, or a maximum payment per week would be around $100.

In addition, you may need to provide a pet damage deposit of $50 when staying with your dog at either one of Best Western hotels. It is a good idea to call them ahead of time and let them know that you will be staying with your pooch. It is always better to be on the safe side than being turned away at the reception.

As always, there are standard rules like in most other dog friendly hotels: ensure that your dog is always on the leash when both of you are out of your room, clean up after your dog and never leave your pooch unattended, be safe and responsible.

5. Hilton Hotels and Resorts

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Hilton Hotel

Dog fee: $75 per stay
Restrictions: 2 pets max, up to 75 lbs
Perks: Pet welcome package
Locations: 120
Policy: Hilton Hotels Pet Policy

World famous Hilton hotels and resorts are no less friendly to your dog. They even got well-known photographer William Wegman's famous Weimaraner dogs to become advisers, or rather “spokesdogs,” for the whole of Hilton hotels pet friendly program. Photographer Wegman himself has also designed the in-room Crypton Clean pet pillow for Hilton which your pooch will get to use.

Aside from the super original dog pillow, your Fido will also receive a mat instead of a dog bed and food/water bowls. Dog's welcome package will include great dog toys, quality dog treats, eco-friendly poop bags and even a small bottle of deodorizing disinfectant.

With over 120 pet-friendly locations, Hilton will attempt to take care of your pooch, but their policies vary depending on the hotel. It's not a bad idea to give them a call before booking a dog-friendly room, and also check their site that lists all pet friendly locations in greater detail.

6. Ace Hotels

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Ace Hotel

Dog fee: $25 per day
Restrictions: up to 25 lbs
Perks: n/a
Policy: Ace Hotels Pet Policy

Ace Hotels is not as large of a chain as some others mentioned on the list and so far, they have seven locations, all of which are dog friendly (not so much pet friendly, tho) and each location differs slightly. Normally, they charge between $25-$50 per night and only allow pets under 25 lbs and two pets per guest. Some hotels do not charge for additional pets and some do, so this will depend on each location's specific policies.

You will learn that only certain rooms will allow pets at Ace Hotels. There are pet friendly areas like the poolside and throughout the hotel but your dog will not be allowed in the pool or in the restaurants. If you will be travelling with your dog, you must call them in advance to verify availability.

In terms of choice, this is not your all-around winner of the most dog friendly hotel, but if there are no other hotels from the list around, this will probably do well if you're traveling with a dog and not any other pet.

7. Red Roof Inn

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Red Roof Inn Hotel

Dog fee: no fee
Restrictions: 1 pet max
Perks: n/a
Locations: 360
Policy: Red Roof Inn Pet Policy

Red Roof Inn is a somewhat pet friendly hotel, but only one pet per room is permitted at over 360 of their locations. The hotel encourages visitors to come prepared, and bring certain dog supplies with them, such as dog backpacks/carriers, obviously food and water, leashes and harnesses, dog chews/toys and poop bags for cleaning up after your Fido.

Service animals are always welcome, and the rest of the rules are close or the same as your standard policies for a pet-friendly hotel:

  • You must let the hotel know that you have a dog travelling with you when you check in.
  • Your dog must be on a leash or in a carrier when you are on hotel property unless in your room and you cannot leave your dog unattended at any time.
  • It is important to respect other guests when you travel with your dog. That means keeping your dog quiet and well behaved in public areas.

8. Kimpton Hotels

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Kimpton Hotel

Dog fee: no fees
Restrictions: No limits
Perks: HosPETality
Locations: 52
Policy: Kimpton Hotels Pet Policy

Kimpton is know for welcoming all kinds of pets, and they are allowed in all of 59 Kimpton Hotels locations; there are no fees or deposits for having a pet over. There is also no limit to the amount of pets you can have at the hotel, and there is no weight limit either.

Kimpton Hotels are quite possibly the most dog friendly hotel out there. They were the first to introduce a concept of HosPETality, and some of their locations even have a Director of Pet Relations who's responsible for your dog having a good time.

They offer special packages for guests who are traveling with dogs and staying with their pets at the hotel. In addition, you'll also be offered dog bedding, special meals, pet treats and even dog walking services.

In fact, even if you're not traveling with a pet, Kimpton will go out of their way and bring a pet fish into your room if you feel like it's getting lonely.

9. La Quinta Hotels

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly La Quinta Hotel

Dog fee: no fees
Restrictions: 2 pets max
Perks: n/a
Locations: 700+
Policy: La Quinta Pet Policy

Another big chain of pet-friendly hotels, La Quinta Hotels are known to love dogs at almost all of their 830 locations across the United States (with the exception of four hotels which do not for whatever reason). Dogs are allowed up to 50 pounds, and there are no fees or deposits required.

La Quinta Hotels are open mostly to dogs and cats, but no so much other pets. Also keep in mind that outside of the regular pet-friendly hotel rules mentioned previously, at La Quinta Hotels, when you require housekeeping services for your room, you must be present in the room and you must crate your dog for everybody's safety.

Not the ultimate choice for an all-around pet friendly hotel, but if you're traveling with a dog, you will not have any problems with La Quinta Hotels. Ensure your dog is well trained and ready to be a hotel resident.

10. Drury Inn

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Drury Inn Hotel

Dog fee: $10 per day
Restrictions: 2 pets max
Perks: n/a
Locations: 130+
Policy: Drury Inn Pet Policy

Drury Inn is another large chain of pet-friendly hotels to the point where you might even think that you've booked a room in a hotel for dogs alone. They are very liberal with their policies on dogs, and will usually allow canines in most areas as long as they are well behaved and accompanied by an owner.

They charge a cleaning fee of $10+ taxes per room at their hotels. There is a limit of two pets per guest. Your dog is also allowed to stay at no charge at most of their hotels, but there will be a cleaning fee attached to your hotel stay bill.

Some of their most important pet staying policies include:

  • Dogs are not allowed in the dining rooms, lobby, pools, spa, fitness rooms and meeting rooms.
  • You have to have your dog on a leash or crated at all times when outside of your guest room.
  • You must clean up after your dog and not to leave him alone in the room for more than 30 minutes except between 10:00 pm to 8:00 am where he cannot be left alone at all, because that is hotel’s quiet time.
  • When requiring housekeeping services, you cannot leave your dog in your room unattended with the housekeeper.
  • You are responsible for any damages or noise complaints that your dog may cause. Before checking in with your dog, you are required to read and sign the hotel’s “Pet Owner Letter”.

11. Motel 6

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Motel 6 Hotel

Dog fee: no fees
Restrictions: call
Perks: n/a
Locations: 1,100+
Policy: Motel 6 Pet Policy

No list of best dog friendly hotels in the USA can go without America's original pet-friendly hotel – Motel 6. Pets can stay for free at almost all of their hotels except Studio 6. Studio 6 hotels will charge you starting from $10.00 per day to a maximum of $50.00 per day, depending on your pet situation.

Consider their rules so that you can enjoy a peaceful and dog friendly stay:

  • Your dog must be well behaved and not pose a health or safety risk.
  • You must let the hotel know that you are booking in with your dog when checking in. This is important as it lets staff know about your needs and requirements.
  • Your dog must be on a leash at all times when outside your room, and  your dog cannot be left in your room or in your vehicle unattended.
  • It is required that you have your room serviced daily when staying at Motel 6 with your dog and you need to be with your pet when your room is being cleaned.
  • With extended stays at Studio 6, your room must be serviced twice per week and your dog can be left in the room alone but in a secure crate or travel carrier when the room is being cleaned.

12. Loews Hotels

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Loews Hotel

Dog fee: $25 per stay
Restrictions: No weight limit
Perks: Pet welcome package
Locations: 17
Policy: Loews Hotels Pet Policy

Loews Hotels share your passion for travel with dogs, which would explain their liberal pet rules and even their own standardized “Loews Loves Pets” program. At Loews, they have almost no pet policy restrictions, provided your dog is well behaved and safe, so you can book a room with confidence.

Their “Loews Loves Pets” program offers services and first-class facilities to help make your trip more enjoyable for you and your Fido. The hotel offers specialized bedding for your dog and a complimentary bag of treats and even a pet toy. They will also include food and water dishes as well as menu items specifically for dogs, like grilled lamb or chicken with rice.

At Loews they will also offer their guests pet-walking and sitting services that can be arranged with the concierge for an extra fee. You can even get your pooch a doggy spa treatment. Plus if you forgot anything for your pet, any dog supplies or items, there is a good chance that the hotel management will have all that on hand: leashes, bowls, collars and similar items. Loews Hotels is easily one of the best places to stay at when you are travelling with your dog!

Here are some of the rules that actually exist:

  • They allow two pets per room.
  • They require proof of up-to-date vaccinations.
  • Housekeeping requires notice to clean your room, as they require special cleaning procedures.

13. Americas Best Value Inn

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Americas Best Value Inn Hotel

Dog fee: $20 per day
Restrictions: call
Perks: n/a
Locations: 1,000+
Policy: America's Best Value Inn Pet Policy

Americas Best Value Inn hotels is another option any traveler with a dog should consider. Primarily, the hotel chain is very pet friendly, but their actual pet policies will vary depending on location.

Usually, if you come to Americas Best Value Inn with a dog, they will charge $10 per night for your one pooch. The biggest downside of staying at this hotel is that they allow dogs in the smoking rooms only, and there's a limit of two dogs per guest. Your canine must be under 50 pounds.

Be aware that some locations of Americas Best Value Inn hotels, like the one in Assateague National Seashore in Virginia, do not allow dogs in their community whatsoever, not even in your car. It is important to be aware of things like that when travelling with your dog. 

14. Mandarin Oriental Hotels‎

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Dog fee: vary; average is $100 per stay
Restrictions: vary; usually dogs up to 25 lbs
Perks: Pet welcome package
Locations: 6
Policy: Contact the hotel

Mandarin Oriental Hotels‎ is a great choice for a passionate dog traveler. Their Asian-inspired premium quality services will extend all the way to your pets and ensure an amazing staying time not only for you but your dog as well. Note that their pet policies vary a lot depending on location, so this is just a general overview.

When you book a hotel with Mandarin Oriental and let them know you're coming a canine, your Fido will be greeted with an amazing pet welcome package that includes gilded fan shaped ID tag, all kinds of high quality dog treats, toys, and even food/water bowls and a dog bed. At Mandarin Oriental, dogs get even their own menus.

The coolest thing about Mandarin Oriental Hotels is their staff and the stellar service they are known for. For example, you might be surprised by the fact that all hotel staffers will greet not only you but your dog as well, all the time.

15. Candlewood Suites

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Candlewood Suites Hotel

Dog fee: up to $150 one-time fee
Restrictions: up to 80 lbs
Perks: Pet welcome package
Locations: 300+
Policy: Candlewood Suites Pet Policy

Candlewood Suites are very much open to having dogs and other pets around in all of their locations, but they have a bunch of rules that owners will have to follow. Note that your dogs should be under 80 pounds to be allowed to stay with you at the hotel. There is a non-refundable charge that you will have to pay depending on your length of stay, which is flexible and up to $150.

Here are some of their most important pet policies to keep in mind:

  • You must have your dog’s up to date health records before you check in.
  • You are responsible for any damages caused by your pet and will have the room inspected before checking out to confirm. You will be charged additional fees for repairs or any extra cleaning due to your dog.
  • You cannot leave your dog unattended in your room unless he is in a crate or carrier and when you go out with your dog, he must be on a leash at all times and to make sure he is well behaved and cleaned up after.
  • If you get more than two noise complaints, you will be asked to find other accommodation for your dog.
  • Your dog must not be in the room when your room is being serviced by housekeeping.

16. Extended Stay America

Pet Friendly Extended Stay America Hotel
Pet Friendly Extended Stay America Hotel

Dog fee: $25 per day + $20-$100 cleaning fee
Restrictions: 2 pets max
Perks: n/a
Locations: 680+
Policy: Extended Stay Pet Policy

Another decent dog friendly hotel option is Extended Stay Hotels. With this chain you are allowed up to two pets per room and they charge a non-refundable $25 fee per day per dog which should not exceed $150. All the fees have to be paid during the check-in.

The weight, size and breed restrictions may apply to your Fido, so it is important to find out at the location you will be staying at. Since they don't list any specific restrictions, it's best to give the hotel a call. You'll have to call them up anyway to tell you'll be staying with a pet, so might as well get everything else out of the way to be safe.

Outside of the few generic rules, Extended Stay Hotels do not seem to have much of a pet policy, which can either be a good or a bad sign. Please make sure to do further research into this before making a choice of staying with them.

17. W Hotels

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly W Hotel

Dog fee: $25 per day + $100 cleaning fee
Restrictions: 1 pet per room, up to 40 lbs
Perks: Pet welcome package
Locations: 29
Policy: W Hotels Pet Policy

Famous for their luxury, W Hotels have also jumped on the trend and are accepting pets with open arms. All across the United States you will not find a single W Hotel that doesn't accept your dog, but they do charge you a fair bit of extra cash, such as $25 fee per day and an additional, non-refundable $100 cleaning fee.

When you check in at any of the W Hotels, your Fido will be greeted with a W custom food bowl, and even a specially designed W Hotels dog bed. Of course, a complimentary welcome package with treats, toys, poop bags is included, and there's a cool looking W Hotels dog ID tag in there, too.

Even though the services might be on the expensive side, your dog will enjoy the stay with most of the places being very open to pets, and especially dogs up to 40 lbs. Your pooch will also be constantly treated to dog treats (upon your approval), and you'll be given a huge list of pet services in the area, that way you don't need to worry about your dog and simply relax.

18. Holiday Inn

Best USA Hotels that Allow Dogs
Pet Friendly Holiday Inn Hotel

Dog fee: varies; average $50 per stay
Restrictions: varies; 2 pets max, up to 60 lbs
Perks: n/a
Locations: 1,500+
Policy: call

Last but not least is the famous Holiday Inn hotel chain which have also been accepting pets in their USA locations for a while now. However, their pet policies are inconsistent across multiple locations in the US: some will charge between $20-$100 non-refundable fee and some are refundable.

According to some generic rules, maximum allowed weight of your dog varies from 25 lbs and under up to 80 pounds. Also, only certain rooms will allow dogs in them, and most public places of the hotel will not allow dogs. As with most other places, remember that dogs are not allowed to be left unattended.

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