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Review: MyOneLeash All-In-One Leash, Collar and Harness


Every dog owner needs to purchase dog walking supplies for their canine companion. Whether you take your Fido out for daily jaunts around town or you only keep him on a leash for trips to the vet, you'll need to have dog walking supplies on hand. The MyOneLeash is a unique product that offers a leash, collar and dog harness all in one.

Some pet parents use a collar to walk their pup, while others prefer to use a harness. Personally, I prefer to use a harness. They distribute any pull force evenly throughout your dog's chest. A collar only distributes the force around the neck, which causes pain and can damage the throat.

The MyOneLeash is designed to be a collar, harness and dog leash all in one. You can use the collar or harness while walking your dog, and the harness even acts as a no-pull harness. In fact, the MyOneLeash claims to be suitable for virtually every dog!

Did it work for our 70-pound Labrador and our 30-pound Beagle? How easy is it to switch from a collar to a harness and back again? Check out my video review above, and read all the details about this unique dog leash below.

MyOneLeash All-In-One Leash, Collar and Harness Review

MyOneLeashYou really need to watch my video review above to see how this dog leash works. It features a continuous strap with an attached adjustable collar. There are also 2 control clips that allow you to transition from a harness and back to a traditional collar/leash pair.

The leash strap has a handle, that is similar to that of any nylon lead. The collar adjusts to fit any neck size, you can adjust the position of both control clips thanks to their sliding buckle design.

In my video review you will see the two hinged D-rings that allow you to thread the leash through to create the harness. It only takes about 30-60 seconds to create the harness, or transition back to a collar.

Once the collar is tightened, it won't tighten any further. But, the harness is designed to tighten around your dog's chest if he pulls. This tightening action won't hurt your dog. It just makes him uncomfortable enough to correct his pulling behavior.

My One LeashThe leash that I have for my Labrador is a Large size. It is 1″ wide and 10′ long. It is suitable for dogs weighing more than 35 pounds. There is also a Small size available that measures 3/4″ wide and 9′ long. It is designed for dogs weighing less than 35 pounds.

As I mentioned, the MyOneLeash is versatile and adjusts to fit any size/shape dog. This is great if you have multiple pets. It's also a good choice if you have a pet with a unique build. For example, Boxers tend to have a deep chest, but a very slender waist and neck.

Boxers, and other dogs with a unique build, can be difficult to fit with a traditional dog harness. This patent pending design can be used to form:

  • a collar & leash
  • a harness with back control clip, collar & leash
  • a harness with a chest control clip, collar & leash
  • a harness & leash (no collar)
  • a slip lead
  • an adjustable length leash

You can also fashion it around your waist to make a hands-free leash! It takes a little while to get used to adjusting this product and changing from a harness to a collar, etc… But, after you do it a few times, it gets easier. I would recommend watching the video review and practicing a few times before taking your dog out wearing this collar, harness and lead combo.

MyOneLeashThe MyOneLeash is available in black or blue colors. No matter which size or color you choose, it retails for $29.95 on the company's website. They also include FREE shipping in the U.S.

For a 3-in-1 product, I would definitely say the MyOneLeash is a good value for the money. We have everyday walking harnesses and leashes for our dog, but I still find it beneficial to keep the MyOneLeash in our vehicle. It comes in very handle when we're traveling and I don't want to keep a bulky harness on our pups.

Plus, I really like that we can use this product for all of our dogs. We have even used it for visiting dogs. It's a great tool to have on hand for any pet owner.

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