A dog pulling on a harness or leash is a bigger issue than many pet owners realize. You have a problem with your dog pulling, switching to the best no pull dog harness will prevent injuries both to you and your dog. We’ve tested several dog pulling harness brands to see how they perform, and reviewed several others to pick the best dog harness for dogs that pull.

Why a no pull dog harness is better than a leash?

Surprisingly to some, picking the best no pull dog harness over a leash or even a regular harness for dogs has been scientifically proven to prevent injuries in dogs. Over the last decade, dog leash pulling as a safety hazard has raised concerns among pet owners and canine professionals alike. There’s a lot of research on this subject which we will examine below, but let’s take a look at one of the papers on the dangers for dogs’ eyes.

One study (Pauli et al. 2006) has evaluated 26 dogs pulling against a leash with a collar and then pulling against a harness. The results were not surprising: leash damaged several of dogs’ body parts and was especially dangerous to dogs with glaucoma and thin corneas. A no pull harness for dogs did not affect them in any way and was a safer option.

In this article, we will take a closer look at dog pulling problem, using dog leashes versus the best no pull harness for dogs options, and how they compare. We’ve also tried some of the best dog harnesses out there to find the highest quality brands that are the most effective yet affordable for pet owners on a budget. Here are the top best no pull dog harness brands you can find:

Best Dog Harness Brand Price Sizes
Front Range All Day Adventure HarnessFront Range All Day Adventure Harness
by Ruffwear
5 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$$ For dogs of any size
Reflective Front Range HarnessReflective Harness
by Chai’s Choice
4 half stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$ For dogs of any size
Active Dog Harness by Embark PetsActive Dog Harness
by Embark Pets
4 half stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$ For dogs of any size
Chest Plate Custom Fit HarnessChest Plate Custom Fit Harness
by EzyDog
4 half stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$ For dogs of any size
Tru-Fit Smart HarnessTru-Fit Smart Harness
by Kurgo
4 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$ For dogs of any size
Heavy Duty Durable HarnessHeavy Duty Durable Harness
4 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$ For dogs of any size
Authentic Soft HarnessAuthentic Soft Harness
by Puppia
4 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$ For dogs of any size

* Click on the best dog harness brand for more information, prices and details. Or scroll below to read dog treadmill reviews and notes.

Looking for doggy car harness? Take a look at our test video and comparison of 3 best seat belt harnesses for dogs – we’ve picked best of the best for testing, and compared them side by side.

Why you must switch to the best no pull dog harness

Dog pulling on leashBefore you pick the best no pull dog harness for your pet, it’s important to understand how these harnesses work and why you need one. If you’re already on the lookout for the best dog harness, then you’re likely concerned with injuring your dog by using a dog leash or behavioral problems have become a serious issue. In fact, studies show that this is the main reason why pet owners abandon dogs (Wells et al. 2000).

But even if there’s no chance you would ever abandon your dog, consider the following:

In one large survey (Blackwell et al. 2008), dog leash pulling was reported by 70% of dog owners as the first most undesirable behavior. Not only did this increase the chance that these pet owners may abandon their canines, but it also means serious health issues for both the dog and the owner.

For example, a recent study on leash pulling in dogs (Shabelansky et al. 2016) found that leash pulling is not simply a nuisance, but can be extremely dangerous for dogs and their owners, especially when canines are of large size.

When it comes specifically to injuries for the dog, the best no pull dog harness options were shown as the safest approach, while dog leashes resulted in increased intraocular pressure, damaged trachea and larynx in dogs (Ogburn et al. 2008).

How to put on a dog harness

How to size the best dog harness for petsDo you need help with putting a harness on your canine? Even when you get one of the best dog harness, they may be a little complicated to put on the first few times, especially if you’re pooch isn’t used to wearing a dog harness.

Please see the video below for some quick, actionable and easy to understand advice on how to put on a dog harness and let us know if you have any questions in the comments section.

FULL STEP BY STEP: How To Put On A Dog Harness 101 – Step-By-Step Process

What Is the Best No Pull Dog Harness?
2018’s top 7 safest and best no pull harness for dogs choices

1Front Range All Day Adventure Harness
by Ruffwear Prime FREE Shipping

Ruffwear Front Range All Day Adventure HarnessPull control rating5 stars

FULL REVIEW: Ruffwear Dog Harness Review

The first best no pull dog harness on the list is well-known for most pet owners who’ve done their research, and especially those who regularly buy high quality outdoors dog supplies. Ruffwear has been manufacturing the highest quality products for dogs since the 90s. Their anti pull dog harness is easily the most popular option among pet owners, and it comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Ruffwear Front Range Harness can be found in sizes XXS through XL. It is available in “Alpenglow Pink,” “Campfire Orange,” “Pacific Blue,” and “Twilight Gray.” (Fun fact: alpenglow is where a glowing reddish pink band appears in the sky on the horizon opposite the sun).

The dog pulling harness itself has been proven to be extremely sturdy, and after testing it ourselves and researching the many best dog harness reviews from other pet owners, it was only further confirmed. Ruffwear is available in several unique colors, and their blue dog harness is currently trending one; they are also great for visibility if you’re taking your dog out hunting or out into nature.

This first best no pull dog harness can be used daily and has four buckles that are adjustable for easy fitting. The harness is made of sturdy polyester and the V-ring for attaching the leash is made of aluminum. It attaches around your pet’s torso and midsection, with a padded chest and stomach for extra comfort and security. The padded parts balance your pet’s weight evenly and make this suitable for long term wear. There is webbing on the dog’s chest that is reinforced for durability. It’s a great vest for action-packed outdoor activities like hiking and camping with your dog.

Ruffwear Front Range All Day Adventure HarnessRuffwear has always been great at these types of dog products and their custom service is spectacular in case you need assistance or wish to return an item. Many other customers were also just as pleased with the high quality of Ruffwear Front Range Harness, especially those who did outdoor activities with their dogs and those with dogs that had a bad habit of yanking on the leash.

Dogs that were unruly or previously made it impossible to walk with them were kept at bay with Ruffwear’s best no pull dog harness which, though very comfortable, prevented any misbehaving. It also is a safe piece of equipment; the padding is resistant to any outdoor roughhousing and you don’t have to worry about your dog ripping this up. Even if your dog is a chewer, he or she won’t be able to damage this dog vest.

The aluminum V-ring that held the leash also kept intact. Another excellent aspect of this doggy vest was the size variation. Even the heaviest dogs will be able to fit in this vest. It is adjustable for even mammoth-sized animals and the padding is consistent through the sizing chart—no skimping on larger products. Be aware that this product is, as one customer said, “bulky.” If you’re looking for a thin dog harness that is made of a slim material, you’re not going to want this as it’s for more heavy duty work. It’s also more expensive than any other best dog harness on the list, just as most of Ruffwear products are. However, if you’re on the lookout for the best no pull dog harness, this is the top choice we have today.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review):“I am a professional dog trainer who specializes in positive dog training, canine fitness, and trick work. I have used all of the front attaching and dual attachment point harnesses currently on the market on a variety of…”


2Reflective Harness
by Chai’s Choice Prime FREE Shipping

Pull control rating4 half starsChai’s Choice Dog Harness

The second best no pull harness for dogs on the list comes from another well-established albeit not as popular company, Chai’s Choice. They have several choices, but their best no pull dog harness has been proven popular among pet owners and it comes in several colors and sizes. Chai’s Choice Dog Harness ranges in size from XS to XL and comes in the colors of orange, black, and green. The seller’s price is $79.99 on average. The outer layer is oxford and the material is scratch-resistant and pull-resistant.

The buckle is Duraflex and has a large loading capacity. This dog vest’s buckles have a lot of tensile strength and can hold even large, heavily-muscled dogs. The handles are ergonomic and the harness is easy to put on. The lining of the dog harness is made of flexible mesh and there is padding in the chest and stomach of the doggy vest.

Additionally, it loops around your pet’s torso for a secure fit. The material of his second best no pull dog harness is reflective (if you get the orange) and there are two handle rings: an O-shaped ring and a D-shaped ring. The D-ring is located on the back of the harness and is made of a zinc alloy metal. The O-ring is also made of zinc alloy, but it is located on the chest instead. There is also a seat-belt attachment so you can strap your dog in when the two of you are riding in the car together.

Chai’s Choice Dog Harness is second one of the best dog harnesses because a few customers found that the vest required a lot of adjusting, as the sizing was not true to scale. Once all the buckles were adjusted and it was good to go, people were really pleased with the product. The mesh was soft and didn’t bother their dogs’ skin.

Best Dog Harnesses for Dogs that PullEven dogs that were major leash pullers and always running around were kept in check. A few customers with skittish dogs were pleased at how non-intimidating this dog harness was. Their dogs hopped right in and didn’t have any issue. Often, dogs feel secure when they’re wearing a harness or vest for dogs (hence why Thundershirt has been so successful), and it appears that this dog vest has the same effect on dogs as other calming materials.

If your dog is deep-chested, you might have the most trouble adjusting the dog harness, so be aware that the adjustment period may take some time for you and your dog. You might find yourself adjusting the straps frequently, which some purchasers found to be a bother. The seatbelt attachment is another positive aspect of this harness because car safety is so important for dogs and having a seatbelt-compatible harness is an excellent safety improvement. If Ruffwear is out of your budget, this cheaper best no pull dog harness will do most of the same things and for a smaller price tag.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review):“This harness is amazing! I have tried a bunch of different harnesses over the last 5 years with 2 different dogs, and this harness is my favorite. With my current dog Xylia (45lb plott hound/lab mix), most other harnesses were…”


3 Active Dog Harness
 by Embark Pets Prime FREE Shipping

Active Dog Harness  by Embark PetsPull control rating4 half stars

FULL VIDEO REVIEW: Embark Adventure Dog Harness

Here’s another great quality dog harness for active canines that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Embark’s Adventure Dog Harness is one of the best no pull dog harness options that will be affordable for most pet owners yet it maintains the comfort and quality of those more popular brands which cost twice as much.

If you’ve read my full review or watched it below, the first thing that I demonstrate is how easy this no-pull dog harness is to put on and take off of your dog. It’s an over-the-head harness, which is the only type of harness that I use with my own fur babies. The simple method is to unclip both of the chest straps, and you can slide the neck strap over your pet’s head with no issues. Then you can fasten each of the chest straps around your pooch and you’re all done. Quick and simple.

As you can see in my dog harness review video, I was pleased with its durability. Embark’s best no pull dog harness is made from strong materials and definitely feels like it is built to last. Out of all options that we’ve mentioned here, I have a feeling we’re going to be using Embark’s for years to come. This is because the pet harness is quadruple sewn with military grade thread. According to Embark, it’s a popular choice for service, therapy and rescue dogs that require reliable in their no-pull dog harnesses.

Embark Adventure Dog HarnessEmbark dog harness is also equipped with 2 strong attachment points – one on the chest and one on the back, one of them most important aspects of any best no pull dog harness because it provides better control. Another feature that I found to be unique is the name tag that is built into the harness. It includes a spot for you to write your dog’s name and your name and contact number. I would have liked to have seen this label on the outside of the harness, so it’s easily visible to anyone that finds your pet. There are a lot more features that we can discuss, but I recommend you read the full review (link above) or watch my video below to see what this pet harness offers as well as all of its pros and cons.

amazon customer reviewsMost helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review): “The Embark Active Dog Harness arrived today, and for the most part, I am pleased with it. Miss Zoey is a 6 month old Standard Poodle weighing about 40 lbs. I ordered the medium size, and…”


4Chest Plate Custom Fit Harness
by EzyDog Prime FREE Shipping

Pull control rating4 half starsEzyDog Chest Plate Harness

FULL VIDEO REVIEW: EzyDog Chest Plate Dog Harness Review

This third one of the best dog harnesses has an ergonomically designed EVA foam chest plate, which is unusual for most no pull dog harnesses. EzyDog Chest Plate Harness also features two adjustment points that allow your pooch to get a snug fit and be far more comfortable, especially if he’s pulling a lot.

As I mentioned in my original EzyDog Harness Review (link above, and video below), it has a steel O-ring so it can be used as traditional dog walking harnesses as well as many other ways, including as an effective anti pull dog harness for outdoors.

In my video review of this third best no pull dog harness I’m also demonstrating how easy it is to attach EzyDog Chest Plate Dog Harness to your vehicle’s seat belt, in case you’re using it for that purpose as a safety car feature for pets. There is a separate seat belt restraint clip on this harness and it attaches in seconds – you slide the seat belt through this attachment to secure Best Dog Harnesses for Dogs that Pullyour dog in the car.

Another great advantage is that the EzyDog no pull harness for dogs is made with high visibility reflective stitching (what we’ve talked about above, and discuss more below). This is a good feature to look for, as it greatly increases you and your pet’s visibility, especially when you’re outdoors in dim light. It’s particularly important if you usually walk your dog in the evening or early in the morning using any dog harness. Finally, this is another price drop for pet owners on a budget, since it’s cheaper than either Ruffwear or Chai’s Choice no pull dog harnesses.

amazon customer reviewsMost helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review): “EzyDog Chest Plate Harness, Size Large in Black, for a 68 pound male German Shepherd. I had read the comments of another reviewer saying her dog can now be controlled since using this…”


5Tru-Fit Smart Harness
by Kurgo Prime FREE Shipping

Pull control rating4 starsKurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness

The fifth best no pull dog harness is made by another well-known company, Kurgo, that manufactures all types of dog supplies from furniture to leashes. This pet harness for dogs comes in sizes XS to XL and is a walking harness. On the chest is a D-shaped ring that resists pulling by stubborn dogs. The large size of Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness fits dogs that weigh between fifteen and eighty pounds and have a neck between eighteen and thirty inches and a chest between 24 and 34 inches.

They have several options available, but this third best dog harness fits a wide range of differently sized dogs. The buckles are plastic and are “quick release,” so if you find yourself in a situation where you need to get the dog harness off your pet quickly, these buckles will make sure you can do that.

Kurgo’s best no pull dog harness is compatible with a car seatbelt and can also be used to restrain your dog in the car to prevent them from distracting you while you’re driving (dogs are good at distractions). The material of the dog harness itself, in fact, is actually made of seatbelt webbing and a composite of other similar fabrics. The pet harness slips over your dog’s head and locks around their torso. There are five adjustment points for your dog to make sure that you are able to obtain the perfect fit for him or her.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness is fifth one of the best dog harnesses because the buckles are not made of as sturdy a material as the others on the previously listed dog vest. Several customers complained that the buckles, made of plastic, got stuck and weren’t as heavy-duty as they would have liked.

Also, there is less padding and this anti pull dog harness in general is just thinner and made of less materials than the others listed, especially when compared to the first best no pull dog harness from Ruffwear. This is not for heavy-duty or intense activity; it’s a doggy harness for average walking and riding in the car. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can save a few dollars and go for this option.

Best Dog Harnesses for Dogs that PullFurthermore, this fifth best dog harness received positive reviews for its adjustability and adaptability. The front sits high on your dog’s chest and is great for car rides, something that many customers were enthusiastic about. Many customers advised that you size up when purchasing this dog harness, as it’s easier to tighten it than to return it and ask for a bigger size.

Kurgo’s pet harness is also well-received among dogs that generally have a problem wearing any type of fabric on them. It’s not made with a lot of materials in mind, so if your dog generally objects to harnesses or leashes, this is a good product for him or her to use because it won’t feel constraining or restraining. Overall, Kurgo is a respected brand with great customer service, so if you’re looking for the best no pull dog harness on a budget, this may be an excellent choice.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have a 190 lb English mastiff, with HUGE barrel chest. I have not found a seatbelt to fit him until now. With all the straps extended as far as they will go, it just fits around him. I bought this just to see if it would fit and was…”


6Heavy Duty Durable Harness
by ARIKON Prime FREE Shipping

Pull control rating4 starsARIKON Dog Leash Pet Harness

Sixth best no pull dog harness is from a lesser known company – Arikon – that quickly gained traction on Amazon as more pet owners found this affordable choice to be fairly effective. This anti pull dog harness from Arikon comes with a dog leash. ARIKON Dog Leash Pet Harness is sized for dogs small to medium. The smallest size is for dogs less than ten pounds, the medium for dogs 10-30 pounds, and the large for dogs that weigh over thirty pounds. The leash length is 46 inches.

Arikon’s best no pull dog harness is a simple two straps that cross across your dog’s chest and behind his or her forelegs. It’s more simply designed than the first two best dog harnesses I showed you. The material is made of denim and is durable and resistant to a lot of wear. The canine harness is adjustable by plastic rings.

The buckles are metal and the leash itself attaches to a metal ring at the back of the dog. The leash is extra, double-stitched so that owners don’t have to worry about wear and tear. The dog harness leash is also removable by clasp and is easy to slip on and off. The harness has an extra loop of fabric at the top that also holds the leash in place. The combination of leash and harness is around $19 on average, and comes together, not separate. The denim material is washable for easy-cleaning.

This is our sixth choice of the best no pull dog harness brands because the denim is less flexible than the other leashes we showed you. Also, ARIKON Dog Leash Pet Harness gets dirtier quicker because it is made of material that is less dirt-resistant than polyester or more resilient fabrics. The plastic rings are also more breakable, though the metal ring that this attaches to is very sturdy and easy to detach the leash from.

Best Dog Harnesses for Dogs that PullArikon’s anti pull dog harness is for activities that aren’t super-intense or that don’t require a lot of outdoor wear and tear. The fabric is resilient—denim is pretty strong—but it isn’t the Superman of fabrics (or the Wonder Woman). But for just casually taking your dog out for a stroll, this is a great piece of equipment.

The dog pulling harness provides frontal control as well, but if you have a dog that runs around and gets crazy during your walks, this might not be able to hold him or her as well because it is neither padded, nor does it have thick straps. For owners of older dogs or non-wild dogs, this leash is perfect and is easy to store and transport. You could even pair this leash with one of the foam padded ones, so that you have one leash for heavy outdoors time and one for casual strolls. Overall, this is not the best no pull dog harness out there, but it’s very cheap and affordable.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “What a beautiful leash and harness set! Blue denim on one side and red nylon on the other, it truly is stunning. It’s very easy to put on, but I will be honest and say I put it on incorrectly at first but that was my fault haha…”


7Authentic Soft Harness
by Puppia Prime FREE Shipping

Puppia Soft Dog HarnessPull control rating4 stars

The last on the list is the best no pull dog harness from Puppia, a lesser known company that is mostly popular among pet owners with small dogs. However, it’s worth mentioning that Puppia’s anti pull dog harness is the number one best-seller in Amazon’s Best Dog Harnesses category. It’s very popular because of its convenience and the comfortable quality of the material, as well as the lower price. Puppia Soft Dog Harness comes in many different colors, including bright, reflective ones.

It ranges in size from XS to XXL and it has an adjustable chest belt. The buckles are quick-release. The neck is padded and the harness is machine washable, though hand-washing and air-drying are the recommended way to clean it so as to preserve the structure of the vest. For size reference, the medium first dogs with a 15-20 inch chest and a 13 inch neck.

The dog pulling harness is made out of 100% polyester and is very soft and comfortable for your dog to put on. The buckles are plastic and the pet harness itself goes around the chest and torso of your dog, not the neck, so it’s safe for dogs that pull. This harness is often bought in conjunction with the Authentic Puppia Two-Tone Leash, which attaches to the metal ring at the front of the chest harness. Overall, this Puppia harness is for casual use and is durable for average activity level.

This seventh and last of the best dog harnesses is placed here because although it is soft and comfortable, Puppia Soft Dog Harness is not made for the wear and tear that the other top-listed dog harnesses are. It also isn’t as good at securing your dog in the car. This pet harness is more for casual usage, not for anything hardcore or intense.

Best Dog Harnesses for Dogs that PullThis last best no pull dog harness runs small as well, and a flaw a few customers noted was that the neck size was too small to put their pet’s heads through; choose a size up when you purchase it. The head opening is not adjustable, and that was a big detriment to those owners with small-bodied and large-headed dogs.

However, once you get the right size and scale past that design limitation, this anti pull dog harness worked well and was easy to use. It is also very simple to put on. There’s not a lot of adjustment or fiddling, and many pet owners who had tried other, more complicate canine harnesses were happy with how simple this one was to use and maneuver. If you’re going to be using this for anything more durable than walking, you might want to consider purchasing one of the aforementioned padded dog vests to go with it. Overall, this isn’t the best dog harness out there but the price is very affordable.

amazon customer reviewsMost Helpful review (read the full Amazon review):“This is a very well made, comfortable harness. Both my small dogs wear this Puppia model (in different sizes) and they have worked out very well, even as car safety harnesses. However: BEWARE OF THE SIZE…”

Best No Pull Dog Harnesses for Dogs That Pull


How to choose the best dog harness for dogs that pull?

As mentioned above, the main reason for using the best no pull dog harness is to keep your dog restrained, have something reflective on his harness, and prevent choking. Good quality no pull dog harnesses work well for this.

There are tons of reasons a dog might need an anti pull dog harness. Usually, most dog owners will choose to use a no pull dog harness to replace a dog leash, since it’s less harmful and more comfortable for dogs, especially for those dogs that pull a lot. A good quality dog harness is the best safety equipment for your pet to protect both yourself (if your pooch jerks a lot) and your pet.

Dog pulling harnesses are perfect not only for regular walks outside, but for almost any outdoor activities. When taking your dog hiking or hunting with you, you’ll need to keep him restrained, prevent pulling and have something reflective on your dog. One of these best dog harnesses listed above will always have reflective colors – perfect for gun dogs, hikers or any other that spends time outdoors. The importance of brightly colored materials while out hunting or hiking with dogs cannot be understated.

Above we’ve picked seven different types of no pull harness for dogs: a mix between very affordable and cheap dog harnesses, as well as premium dog harnesses in a higher price range. These have been shown to be some of the most comfortable no-pull dog harnesses based on our tests and reviews.

Switching to the best no pull dog harness

Working with dogs is popular today, and leashes don’t cut it for most of us. Furthermore, as above studies indicate, they are also dangerous. Whether you simply want to walk your dog with one of the best dog harness brands, or you have a working dog and you’re hunter, an avid hiker or camper, you must be sure that your dog is restrained and visible at all times.

Restrained dog and his visibility are one of the most important features to have in a good no-pull dog harness. We’ve seen many reports of dogs dying, getting lost or getting in trouble and injuring themselves because they break off the leash, or run off from not being restrained at all. Most of these reports had the dog either unrestrained at all, or on a poor quality dog leash. This would not happen with an anti pull dog harness.

If you pick the highest quality best dog harnesses that are brightly colored and that can serve as both a reflective piece of clothing and as a way to keep your dog securely on a leash, it’s a win-win situation. No pull harnesses for dogs go the extra step because they not only attach to a leash, but they also strap around more than just your dog’s neck—they usually go around their torso for extra security.

Another reason to use no pull harness for dogs is that they may help some dogs with canine arthritis, osteoporosis, or another disorder that causes them pain. A dog pulling harness will strap them into the proper leash and the back of the freedom no pull harness provides an easy-to-grip handle for you to grab and lift him or her wherever you need them to go.

Using a non pull dog harness provides a more structured way for you to lift your dogs up that will hurt neither you nor your dog. These are sometimes called dog weight pulling harness. Osteoporosis and other types of pain illnesses can lead to your dog having a very uncomfortable experience when being lifted and set down. In order to improve upon that, you may need to look into the dog weight pulling harness.

ULTIMATE LIST: The 50 Best Dog Harnesses for Walking Your Dogs

My personal experience with a dog harness

You alsoWhat are the best no pull dog harnesses could need the best no pull dog harness if you have a dog that needs more guidance when walking or exercising, and not just pulls on the leash. My dog, Walter, an Australian Shephard, is a complete distraction to others when it’s time for a walk. He runs everywhere and wants to investigate everything that is not on the sidewalk or the trail we’re following. Other dogs, trees, lumps of gravel; Walter has to see it all.

A simple dog leash and dog collar never quite worked for us, as Walter would just pull against that and nearly choke himself to death in his desperation to say hello to another dog. Finally, out of fear that he would self-asphyxiate and annoyance at how difficult he was making everything, we purchased one of these best dog harnesses for pulling (Ruffwear, to be specific).

Once we switched from a dog leash to an anti pull dog harness, it allowed Walter’s walkers (we sometimes hire dog walkers) to have much better control over him and he was much easier to manage. All other studies aside, in my personal opinion, for your pet’s safety, a no pull harness for dogs is often the best choice. Puppies, the wildest creatures on the planet, often can make use of a puppy harness as well for that same reason.

In the list of best dog harnesses above, we’ve tried several types of best dog harness brands to find the absolute best no pull dog harness for dogs, and compiled a selection of the top seven brands, also using help from other dog owners and product’s customer reviews out there. We’ve researched these best dog harnesses carefully and selected the most fitting ones based on pet owners’ reviews and different product features that made them optimal for the large majority of dog owners. Samantha has also tried and tested some of these, and you can see her full review in the provided links.

Need help with learning how to prevent your dog from pulling? Read the below guide or watch the video.

FULL GUIDE: How To Stop A Dog From Pulling 101 – A Step-By-Step Guide

How to choose best dog harnesses for your pulling dog

You can select the best dog harness by knowing what you need it for and the measurements of your dog. For example, if you need a dog harness because your dog is elderly and has osteoporosis, you’ll want one of these best dog harnesses that is able to secure your dog’s midsection without putting too much strain onto his or her bones and muscles.

How to pick the best dog harnesses for dogs that pullYou’ll also want an anti pull dog harness that you can easily lift without problem. The handle should be ergonomic; or at least, designed in a way that won’t hurt your hand, and it should be sturdy. No one wants the handle breaking off and then dropping your poor elderly dog. Know what the handle material is made of to make sure it holds up.

Speaking of material, pick one of the best dog harnesses that is constructed of durable nylon, polyester, or another fabric that is tough and will withstand strain. But the fabric should be easy to clean. As dog owners know, our dogs get into everything, so your dog pulling harness is bound to get a little dirty at some points. By purchasing a no pull harness for dogs made from washable material, we’ll make things way easier on ourselves.

Next, choose the type of non pull dog harness that is adjustable. Our dogs all are different sizes and even the most accurate of sizing charts has room for error. If you get one of the best dog harnesses that you can adjust, you will be able to fit your dog accurately and you won’t have to go through the returning process.

Also, an adjustable dog weight pulling harness means that you’ll be able to make sure your pet is comfortable and that the creases aren’t giving him or her a rash. If you’re taking your canine outdoors, a freedom no pull dog harness that chafes is going to be really uncomfortable and icky for him or her. The adjustability factor will go a long way in preserving your pet’s comfort.

Then, make sure that the type of freedom no-pull dog harness you choose is suited for outdoor wear, if that is what you want for your pet. If you’re out hiking or going into the wilderness, there will be a lot of wear and tear, as is to be expected of outdoor adventures. You should choose a dog pulling harness that can get muddy, wet, and all-else without breaking down or rubbing your pet the wrong way.

Pick an anti pull dog harness that can attach to a leash in a way that won’t break free. The ring should be made of stainless steel, or at least some extra-strong polymer or plastic. If your dog is a very serious puller (if they’re always straining to get off the leash), you’ll need to get a material that resists their attempts to run off; otherwise, you’re risking a runaway dog and that is fun for either of you.

The list above contains the best of the best dog harnesses, all distilled into sections for you to observe and decide on. Make sure to do your own research as well before making any buying decisions. Let us know what you pick and if it worked, and have happy trails!

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