Get The Perfect Fit With This Adjustable Control Harness

When you measure your dog for a harness it is crucial to get the perfect fit. A harness that is too tight can chafe against your pet and cause him discomfort and pain. A harness that is too loose won't provide the stability and control that you need. With the Holt Adjustable Control Harness from Coastal Pet Products, you won't have to worry about finding the perfect size.

Once your pet is full grown, you can select the correct harness size for him – small, medium or large. If your dog gains a little weight or goes on a diet and sheds a few pounds, you won't need to worry about buying a new harness for him. This harness looks a little intimidating at first, but as you watch the video you'll realize that it is much easier to put on your dog than it looks.

All you have to do is slide the girth loop and the neck loop over your pet's head, making sure that the chest strap is positioned in the center of his chest. Then you just slip his front legs through the girth loop and you're ready to go. To adjust it for a custom fit, simply pull the leash ring up and adjust the sliding keeper down toward the back strap until the Holt Harness fits comfortably.

The harness is made of soft braided nylon so it won't pull your dog's hair or scratch his skin. It's adjustable for the perfect fit, and when fitted to your dog it provides soft even pressure under his abdomen to prevent him from pulling on his leash. This harness won't pinch your dog or cause him any pain. When your dog notices the slight pressure across his abdomen it will be his natural instinct to stop pulling before the pressure causes him pain.

The Holt Harness is ideal for large dogs, dogs who pull, or overly boisterous dogs who can become easily excited while in public. It's also a great choice for pet owners who have a hard time controlling their canine companion while he's on a leash.

One thing I noticed in the video is that the hardware on the harness doesn't look extremely durable. The sliding keeper seems to be made of plastic and the metal connectors don't look very thick. If you decide to purchase this harness, be sure to look at the hardware and check it for durability before buying.

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